Monday Memes!

Oh Dog! Monday is back AGAIN!

That day is more stubborn than a grease stain on your favorite shirt! *sigh*

How about we forget about it and have a little fun with some memes, this time starring Hissy Fit Jones!


HFJ meme 1

Definitely a Monday kinda face!


HFJ meme 2

Lil’ Hiss does entertain illusions of grandeur! *rolls eyes*


HFJ meme 3

Oh brother!!!!!


HFJ meme 4

Uh oh! Guess I won’t try then!!!


Your turn. What do YOU think a Hissy Fit Jones meme should say?

As always I’ll make yours up when Jen has some time and post to my Facebook page and on Twitter.

You DO follow me on Twitter, right? And like my Facebook page? Of course you do!


40 thoughts on “Monday Memes!

  1. ” What? You don’t know who I am?
    I’m the most famous cat, Hissy Fit Hones!”

  2. I love it!!! Oh, Hissy! You’re adorable- adorably deadly, that is.

    My personal favorite is the first one. LOL

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