Hisses and Purrs!

Oh Dog! Time again for another edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie share some good, and not so good, news in animal welfare. 

OK Hiss, time to start things rolling!

For shame! For shame!
You done had a bad day if you’re on the Hiss List!


Hisses to Shuanghui International for the purchase of Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the US. Just as groups like HSUS were working with pork producers to make conditions more humane for pigs raised for meat, now they must negotiate with a company cited in China for feeding pigs an illegal substance that made the pig meat more lean. 

Hisses to Angola, whose government is devising a seal culling program to combat what it calls the seals’ excessive consumption of fish. Activists claim the real reason for the cull is to sell products made from seal skin.


And now, for the good stuff!

Way to go, you guys!
Way to go, you guys!

Purrs to the Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International, Animals Asia and Soi Dog Foundation for joining forces as  the Asia Canine Protection Alliance. ACPA is working to end the dog meat trade, and is focusing its efforts in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Purrs to Singapore for working on an Animal Welfare Code that could be in place as early as next year. The law will set standards of care for companion animals. Hooray!

Purrs to Canada for working to ban the use of gestation crates with pigs. What’s more 84% of Canadians support phasing out their use! You have much to teach us in the US, Canada!

And purrs to Dr. Maria Renee Selaya, HSI consultant veterinarian in Bolivia. When she learned a government official in Viacha had ordered that stray dogs be poisoned, she met with the official and developed alternatives to controlling the homeless animal population. She provides spay/neuter services for the dogs as well as humane euthanasia for the animals that are sick or seriously injured.


Do YOU have any hisses or purrs to add this week?

23 thoughts on “Hisses and Purrs!

  1. Purrs to docs at UC Davis for performing surgery on Kabang, a dog from the Phillipines who lost her snout last year saving two girls, to the Buffalo nurse who raised money for Kabang’s transport, and to Kabang herself for pulling through like the hero and champ she is! She’ll be returning home on Thursday!


    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Yes June Buggie, me too, purrrrs for Dr selaya for helping those poor dogs!
    Today we hear TV news that mentioned in Japan, the numbers of abandoned turtles now increase because people who buy small turtles at the local festival or from some places don’t think that ting the turtles grow up so big, so when those turtles become much bigger than they expected, they decided to throw them away…..How irresponsible they are!
    So now I hiss at those irresponsible humans!

  3. Hisses to the people in charge of a Badger cull here in Britain starting this week. Whee are very cross about it.

    It does sound small but Purrs to the six year old living down our road who got help for a severely dehydrated hedgehog she found in the garden that her parents refused to help. She got to the phone and called our hoomans who went and collected it to take to a wildlife sanctuary where it is expected to make a full recovery. Well done Darcy!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

      1. She is very clever. Because her mum is epileptic she knows how to use the phone and knows our number for emergencies and said the hedgepiggy was an emergency because it wasn’t moving like her Mummy does. So sweet and so brave.

  4. Thanks for the update. Glad there were some good purrs to share. I saw the news report yesterday about the dogs crated up to be slaughtered and used in restaurants in Viet Nam. How upsetting.

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