Bad! Bad! Bad!

I am a bad dog owner.

I have considered the unthinkable.

I have thought of trying to rehome Rumpy.


I know. I just made everyone’s list of bad animal caretakers.

And you’re probably thinking things like, if she didn’t think she could take care of him his entire life, she never should have brought him into her home. She shouldn’t have so many animals anyway. What’s wrong with her? I’ve said the same things to myself time and time again.

Rumpy is not getting the enrichment a sled dog needs. He’s not expending nearly enough energy. And my time and money is going to care for DeDe. I do give up an hour of sleep to write a blog post each day.

I know there are those who think that dogs are like kids, and once you have them, they’re yours for life. But I’ve learned in my job that a parent can choose to let someone else care for their child, as long as that caretaker ensures the child’s needs are met, and that’s perfectly legal. Why would we expect more of an animal caretaker?

Instead of rehoming him, I’m looking to move to an area where there will be options for daycare and dog walkers. I’ll have a 45 minute commute to and from work each day, which will stink, but I know many people do that. And I will consider supplemental income opportunities to help offset the cost of daycare. Anybody want to buy a June Buggie T-shirt?

Many people find themselves in such predicament. People lose income sources, or homes, or the ability to care for themselves. Animals require care they are no longer able to provide. When life happens, decisions must be made on what to do for their beloved companion animals. Sometimes that best choice is not the option any of us would want.

So judge me if you will, and judge others who make decisions about animals that you don’t agree with. But for those of us who are faced with making decisions about the welfare of our companion animals as well as ourselves, I say don’t judge until you’ve been there.

88 thoughts on “Bad! Bad! Bad!

  1. Wow, we are shocked, but everyone has to make the best decision for their own situation. We hope it works out for you and Rumpy. If we lived nearby mom would love to run with him but it is a bit far to go to MN just for a run.

  2. I care for you, Jen, because of your BIG conscience. That’s a great thing to have, and you’re a good person, but please, give yourself some rest. I won’t judge you and you shouldn’t ask to be judged! Take care of yourself too!
    And yes, I want a June Buggie shirt!

  3. Oh honey, you’re not bad. You love your pooch. I would take Rumpy in a heartbeat, but I can’t have dogs. Where are you anyway?

    I think my “calling” may be calling a little louder. I’ve encountered some other friends via social network who spend money on rescuing dachshunds (specifically) and place them in temp homes, then they are adopted.

    Anyway, at the moment i don’t have a place where I can have dogs, and I’m not married, so i won’t be moving in with my boyfriend, where Rumpy probably wouldn’t get enough exercise (at all) except on the weekends (when I visit).

    The dream: A place for rescue animals, and others. The KEY! Enough money to make sure I can handle all the animals who need homes, or need rescuing.

    Rumpy just needs a good home: He’s had one. Who’s dede? Are you ok? xoxo mel

  4. As much as we all hate the idea of giving up a pet, you have to balance what’s best for them. It sounds like you’ve come up with a good compromise. Many of my friends go to doggy daycare and love it. I probably would too if daddy didn’t work an early shift. I hope it all works out xxx

  5. Also, I agree with the others here! Don’t ask to be judged. As D would say, “people judge all the time anyway”. I know that sounds bad, but what I TAKE IT to mean is, RELIEF! Regardless of your guilt people will do what they will. AND fuck-em if they can’t deal. XO

  6. I know there are those who would hate you for even thinking the word re-home. But you know what is best for you. There comes a time when we have to put our pets needs ahead of ours. I am really glad you have the option of moving to give Rumpy a better life. Not everyone can do that. Once upon a time, I had 23 birds. I got sick. The cause of my illness? One of 2 things…so the doctor said…23 birds in one room where I spent my entire day or the mold in the heating ducts. I re-homed 20 of my birds and had the heating ducts cleaned out. It broke my heart to get rid of the majority of my babies. I found good homes for everyone of them. I know the 3 birds I have could very well out live me. And there may be a time, I can’t care for them any longer. I will have to put their needs a head of mine. A very hard decision…and I certainly don’t want hear the haters. Until they have walked a mile in my shoes…SHUT UP.

  7. Oh Jen, no one is judging you, you just have Rumpy’s best interest at heart.. Situations change and you have had a rough time lately. If I lived near, I would come take him for runs with Mollie.. What ever you decide, we are all behind you xx0xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. What a shame you don’t have dog walkers where you live now! No judgement here – you are thinking about what’s best for the dog.

  9. I think the fact that you’re putting Rumpy’s needs ahead of your own speaks volumes for the thoughtful, kind-hearted person you are. This is one of the hardest decisions a pet-owner can make, but just the fact that you’re recognizing the unmet needs of your dog and actually doing something about it is a wonderful thing. The only bad thing a pet owner can do when they recognize their animal isn’t getting what they need is to shrug it off because having that pet around is what THEY want and they don’t care if the animal suffers because of it. What you’re doing is strong, caring, and truly admirable. To consider moving, incurring extra expenses and increasing commute time is a rare thing, as is rehoming Rumpy with a family that I know you’ll be checking out every which way, who can give Rumpy the exercise and stimulation he needs. Everyone knows this is a heart-wrenching decision, but you’re willing to do it for the sake of your pet. So there’s my judgment (if you can call it that!) – I admire your strength, heart, and wisdom. xoxo

  10. As much as it surprised us to read it, I don’t judge you at all. At one point when I had a very sick guinea pig that needed nursing and meds every two hours, even through the night, I thought about rehoming my piggies. I was giving all my time to one and it just wasn’t fair that the others were suffering. I was pretty down and really struggling, especially as I was only 16.

    I sat down and had a long talk with my Mum and little brothers and we made some changes which mean I am now finding things easier. Now if a piggy is sick or I am sick the others are not neglected. They still get cuddles and run time and their usual routine.

    It’s all about making adjustments where you can and doing what is right for the animals and yourself, which to be honest I don’t think you ever do anything but! You can see in every photo and article how much they mean to you and I know you will always make the best choice for them.


    Remember we are all a mouse click away if you need someone to talk to or vent to.


  11. Huskies need a lot of exercise or a job to do. They’re bred for pulling, so have you tried skijourning in winter (if you get snow) and roller blades rest of the year? The dog wears a harness and pulls you on the skijourning skis or roller blades. I’ve heard several Husky owners do this and it really expends the dog’s energy. Maybe that would help Rumpy Dog?

  12. A bad dog owner would not care about the welfare of their one can judge as none of us would want to be in the same boat.A happy dog is the most important thing. Sacrifice is the middle name of all people who love animals,it’s that love that makes us find these sort of decisions so hard, if you can find a compromise that works fantastic,if you have to re home Rumpy then you will find that perfect home for him,different dogs have different needs,working dogs do need to work they need that drive they have to be met otherwise they can’t be the dogs they want to be.
    I can’t imagine what you are going through, but take heart in knowing that it is your love for him that makes this hard,not your lack of care or concern.Wishing you the best and sending our thoughts and hugs.

  13. I don’t think you’re a bad pet parent – I think you’re a good one. You aren’t thinking about rehoming Rumpy because because you’ve grown tired of him or just don’t want to be bothered with caring for him anymore. You’re concerned that you aren’t giving him enough exercise and enrichment. I hope you’re able to find a dog walker or doggy day care, but if you do rehome him, I know you will find the best possible situation.

  14. Jen – I agree with the other comments here. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Also in blogland, be careful to leave yourself open to criticism. There are those who would love to slam you – don’t give them an invitation to do so. Make your decision, explain why, and tell people to get lost if they want to criticize you for it.


  15. I’m trying to see the negative in the post but don’t. You’re basically saying you love Rumpy and know he isn’t getting enough exercise so you’ve decided to put his needs ahead of yours and make your life a little harder so Rumpy is happy.

    That’s what Moms do, both furry and furless. I applaud your selflessness to move farther away so Rumpy can be exercised more.

    He’s very lucky to have a Mom like you and I’m sure he knows it!

  16. Oh Dear you must know the very fact that you are considering other options for yourself and for Rumpy makes you a golden heart. You are thinking of rehoming Rumpy cos you love him and it will break you to see him neglected…Some times however it kills us we have to take some decisions which will be good for our loved ones..
    Do what you have to Jen cos until someone is in your place they have no right what so ever to judge or criticize you
    Sending love n hugs your way ♥ ♥ ♥

  17. I would understand. I feel like an irresponsible owner for not being able to afford all the pack’s medical needs.

    I am dead worried right now… because China is sick. He was confined this morning and the vet just called us tonight to tell us to prepare our minds for the worst. I pray that this is not the case. Please send us some POTP for China’s sake.

  18. Life as a pet owner is full of grey areas. You have to think through all options. Doing what is best for the animals doesn’t always feel good but a great animal lover always does the right thing by their pets.

  19. That’s not bad of you! There are times when you need to do what’s best for the animal, and to hell with what other people think. I can sympathise because we recently gave our adopted cockatoo, Bobo, to a rescue/sanctuary. He was too dangerous to live with people, and now gets to just BE a bird. Not a pet. We could have kept him, but he’d miss out on aviary life with other cockatoos – in the sun. People will judge, but in the end our Bo is safe and happy.

    Hope the dog-walker works out for you, though!

  20. There really are people who discard their animals by various inhumane means, but there are also people are realistic about what they can do for an animal at a certain point in their life or the animal’s life. Peoples’ lives change and animals’ needs change.

    On the one end, there are children, on the other, our parents. People loudly criticized me a decade ago when I moved my mother to personal care instead of moving in with her or having her move in with me, but I knew the end result if she was with me was that she would sleep in front of the TV every day and her health would deteriorate, as it was when I took care of her in her home. In a small personal care home, she actually recovered far more than anyone thought she could, became social and stayed alert for six extra years.

    Responsibility means tough decisions sometimes. I never condemn the owners of an animal who they placed in a shelter, or the children of a person placed in personal care. We are not living their life.

  21. Oh God my heart goes out to you, BIG TIME. I was sitting here doing our checkbook and realized we have about $32 til my husband’s pension check comes on the 25th. I am a nervous wreck. Thankfully, Cody and Dakota have their food but if something major were to happen this week, we are screwed. I am unemployed, we live on a fixed income. I often feel guilty that Dakota DOES NOT LIKE WALKS…he is a high energy dog who does not have a proper yard to play in (we just have a courtyard at our condo/apt building). I am praying that you keep Rumpy, and my heart just breaks for you. I DO know how it is to be financially strapped and I pray that things turn around for BOTH of us soon!!

  22. We have a neighbor who has an Alaskan Malamute, looks a lot like Rumpy and he’s 13. We’ve known him since he was a pup. He just gets a couple of walks a day and remains just the sweetest. We once had a mix that we had to RUN him twice a day or else he would go bonkers. Seriously thought of a treadmill but opted for the Springer and hooked him up to my bike. Saved us all!
    I guess what I’m saying is, maybe Rumpy just needs a treadmill and you could put him on it while he writes his blog posts. You’d multi task and he’d get to be with you…because I know mostly those dogs just want to be with a person…
    Best wishes!

  23. Jen Jen Jen! You are way to hard on yourself!! You were considering rehoming because of what he needs not because you ‘outgrew’ him or he “grew up”. You are a good good pet owner!! Considering what was best for your child!

  24. Sounds like you are being a very responsible and considerate pet owner, Jen. I know you’ll do the right thing.

    Just a random thought, does your area have a local running club? You could ask if anyone lives near enough to consider Running With Rumpy (hey, that’s catchy…!) or even a local college with animal science dpt or a track team or something? Or a gym? Rumpydog is a well-developed “brand” which opens lots of out of the box options out there for you.

    Give pets to all your babies for me, Christy

  25. We do not think you are bad! You must do what’s in the best interest for Rumpy! We pray you all stay together and it all works out! Wuv toooyoooowooowooooo! Ku, Nalle, and Mama

  26. It hurts me that you are being so hard on yourself. Please don’t be. You are doing so much good out there. We all are living doing the best that we can….hugs.

  27. A bad dog owner would take him to the pound. We know you love Rumpy. Giving up a pet is a gut wrenching thing to do. I wish I lived closer. I would take Rumpy in a heartbeat, and I am a cat person 100%.

  28. We own Peachy who belonged to a family for 6 yrs. till they had to go overseas and they could not get her paperwork in order in time to take her with them. They called the shelter to find out that we had her and the shelter sent them the pictures I had submitted to them. Sometimes life works in strange ways. Perhaps your next place will have a big fenced in yard where Rumpy can get lots of running time. Just pray about it and put it in God’s hands. 🙂

  29. I hope that both you and Rumpy will have a happy life. I’m sending lts of hugs to you, Jen and Rumpy. June Buggie T-shirt sounds wonderful!

  30. Saw the third line and did a double take to the title. They don’t go together. You are NOT bad. You are considering the situation sensibly and being responsible – and doing what’s best for all involved.
    Long commutes, extra costs. Exhaustion.
    That’s how we ended up with the German – leaving her here was a very difficult decision for Person – be the German was not doing well with stressed person. We kept her until situations changed. Finally she stabilized and calmed down. Person got to a better location – and one the German is perfectly contented with. Only the rare occasion of spending the night with other dogs.
    Molly Malamute also has a lot of energy – and was nervous/wild due to her former life. She’s smoothing out – but still requires running in a field with others atleast twice a week – the dogs do need a way to expend energy. She loves company and friends
    If you get to the point where you need a foster home – let me know.
    Like on airplanes, put your own oxygen mask on first – then help others.
    Hugs! And paw waves…(RC always glares like that)

  31. SELFISH SELF CENTERED PARENTS DO NOT do EVERYTHING necessary for their children or pets… they type that just let them suffer in the wrong situation… or just DUMP them along a road. GOOD PARENTS will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE… even thinking of a more suitable home for their beloved children or pets. YOU are a GOOD PARENT.
    You are a true LOVING PARENT… who does not put YOURSELF first… a real TREASURE!
    Paws Crossed for a solution that is RIGHT for All.

  32. I thought about giving the cats in an animal shelter last year, when it looked as if I had to move temporarily to a family with someome who is allergic. But I definitely couldn’t even think about the second option the Germans gave me, to move with only one cat and no dogs at all. Life can do things like that to us. If I move to Germany now I might have to leave Bach behind. He can live in the Provence with other dogs at another castle, but I know he would miss me and cry for quite some time. I might cry as well. I know it’s my fault, I spoiled him. I knew all his life I couldn’t keep him forever. He doesn’t belong to me, he’s a guard dog and belongs to the owners of the castle. The owners sometimes threaten me to take him away from me, to keep me docile. And I got to admit that works quite well.

    In my opinion you were in a better situation with your old job, because Rumpy had daycare there. Btw you don’t need to write one post per day. At least not for me. We’d still love you if you write one per week. I’d take a June Buggy shirt but will have to sell everything I own if I go back to Germany and therefore it’s not the right time to buy t-shirts for me. Maybe later.

  33. I think enough folks said it but I’ll repeat it. You’re a wonderful parent to even consider what doing something that you’d hate for the betterment of Rumpy, Jen. Please ask the vet, pet food place and trust friends for folks in your area that would be willing to take Rumpy running/walking/playing. Many folks will step up to fill a need if they know about it. Let them know!

  34. Jen all of us who know you KNOW you wouldn’t even think of things like this unless you were doing it for the animals you love so much. Moving to a place where Rumpy can run to his hearts’ content or have access to dog walkers or agility courses or WHATEVER is a very KIND and loving thing to do. Not something to feel that you’ll be judged on. Some animals need a lot more stimulation than others….I’m sure you will do whatever you need to do for everyone’s sake. Big Hugs……from me and Sammy!


  35. Oh, Jen. I was so surprised to read about rehoming Rumpy. From your blog I know how much you love Rumpy, and I know how difficult it must have been to just think about rehoming him. It’s because you love him so much and want the best for him that you are thinking about giving him up. Life happens and at times gets in the way of our doing what we had planned.

    Dont’ judge yourself. And as for people judging you, until someone walks in your shoes, one can’t judge others. You need to take care of yourself or you’ll be of no use to your other pets.

    I would welcome into my home if we can figure out how to get the Rump to NYC. Perhaps a shelter near you participates in the transport volunteer effort. I have a car. Central Park is a great dog run and he would have BJ to play with.

    If you want to consider it, please get in tough with me.

    Hugs and Licks, BJ Pup and Lynda his Mom. I’ll give you the hugs just not the licks.

  36. I agree – don’t judge until you’ve been there… it would be sad and we’d all miss Rumpy, but sometimes you do what you have to do or feel is the best option. I’ve considered the same before but I honestly do not believe that my dog could ever be rehomed… unless it was with my mother or brother because she knows them. She’s here to stay, of course 🙂

  37. It took a lot of courage to write this post, Jen. I applaud you. I, too, have made some tough decisions and wrestled with my ideals regarding the welfare of my animals. Here in the humane community, I do think sometimes it’s hard to see past our ideals. The answer isn’t always black and white. (Even though Rumpydog is.) I wish you the best of luck. You have this blogger’s support whatever you decide.

  38. I am at the moment unable to walk my dog as my wheelchair batteries have worn out and I must wait on approval from medicare to get new ones. So, if my grandson can’t take him out, I just have to let him out to run. We live a relatively safe neighborhood and he is used to taking care of himself but I don’t like doing it but needs must. I hope to get my new batteries soon and than can keep him safe in the house. Do what you have to do for the benefit of Rumpy.

  39. Dear Jen, I would never judge you, from what I have seen you love and care for all the animals in your care. You have nothing to worry about you love and care well for your animals! xxxxxx

  40. Oh Jen, my heart goes out to you. I happen to think you are a good pet parent actually. You are wanting to make sure Rumpy’s needs are met, and yes, I agree, he probably does need more exercise than you have the time for. I hope something works out for you – a better job, different area, and maybe a daycare for Rumpy – at least some of the time. Sweetie, you do what you have to do and we’ll know that it’s done with the best intentions and looking out for your dear pets. Hugs and Prayers,

  41. It is like euthanasia, it isn’t something that is easy, but because of love and wanting to be the best friend your pet deserves, things have to be done. You love Rumpy or you wouldn’t care. it would be nice if you could find someone who would give him all that he deserves and you wish you could give him, who lives close so you could visit. Rehoming is not an easy decision to even think about, much less do. You are not bad. you are a responsible, loving pet owner. Be easy on yourself. Rumpy would tell you the same thing.

  42. Jen, I know you will do what is best for Rumpy. No one should judge you until they have walked a mile in your shoes.

    I commute about 40 minutes each way to work daily. I do this because trying to move to the area I work is not easy. I do not want a house, just an apartment. Trying to find one that allows pets is not easy up here, so I stay where I am for Isaiah.

    Let me know when the June Buggie shirts are ready – I will take a couple in a extra extra large size – I will use it for a nightshirt.

    Joyce and Isaiah

  43. Something I’ve always said to people that I thought I would share with you, “Sometimes being a responsible pet owner is knowing when you have to say no that you can’t take on anymore or that you need to change a current situation.” I do hope that you can keep Rumpy with you but if not I know you are doing what’s best for him. There’s no judgement here!

  44. No judgement. Be there done that. Cried my eyes and my heart out trying to work out the best options and considering the worst. What you are thinking and doing is responsible. No-one can map every thing that will happen in the future from when a dog or cat comes into their life. You just have to go with the flow. I didn’t rehome my furry-ones. I moved, and yes commuted, and we worked it out, all of us, for 17 years. Would I do it again. No. Not until I can provide a stable base for them. Am I sorry I did it then. No. We had the best, if not perfect life, together. I still miss them.

  45. Sweet Jen we know you love Rumpy and want what is best for him. Sometimes love just plain ole hurts but we still want to do what is best and we do it. You are a wonderful pet parent with a heart of gold we have no doubt of that. You have tough decisions to make so we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers that all will work out in a way best for Rumpy, DeDe and you. Lots of hugs and nose kisses for you all! Mumsy and Crew

  46. No juding here. Reading ur posts its clear u care deeply for Rumpy and the others. Ur putting his best interests first which I think is completely unselfish. I cant imagine how hard this is for you. Im glad ur looking into other options, and I hope things work out.

  47. Jen, you are NOT a bad dog owner. A bad dog owner would not be so concerned with the welfare and happiness of his/her dog. A bad dog owner would so miserable when considering the difficult decisions you are facing. We know you love Rumpy with all of your heart, and that you will make the very best decision, with RUMPY’s best interests in mind. We love you all.

  48. Yep. Being a pet parent is tough and making the decisions you have are even tougher. We send you strength!

  49. Sometimes, doing the right thing is the hardest thing you will ever do. I, too, had to rehome a dog because he just wasn’t getting what he needed with me. It turned out wonderfully for him. He was a herding dog and needed tons of exercise and I couldn’t do it. At his new home he had an actual herding job and was totally at ease and happy. No more getting into trouble for him and the lady that took him in loved him.

  50. Not sure I can add anything to the fantastic words from people who’s already posted. There is no judgement, just support and awareness that when you care for a pet this much you are always thinking about its best interests. I seriously thought about giving Ruby up between when she was 12-18 months old as her hunting/eating habits were really affecting my mental health! – I dreaded walks and hated her. I got a dog walker to relieve the two days a day deal and gradually over time I’ve come to accept her and love her. She has also ‘settled’ slightly with age. Blogging has certainly helped this too. Maybe try something on a temporary basis first – that’s all I can suggest. Have a ‘holiday’ and see how it goes. Hold on tightly, let go lightly.

  51. I’m sorry to hear your situation has taken this turn Jen. We all know you’re the most caring pet owner around. Is there anyone who would be willing to foster Rumpy for a period of time, I fear you might regret giving up such a big part of your family. Good luck.

  52. You’re not a bad dog owner and people who judge you have clearly never been in that difficult spot. We do the best we can do for our animals – and that’s good enough. The fact that you’re tormenting yourself over this decision just goes to show what a great, responsible dog owner you are. Take courage and hope it all works out 🙂

  53. The best possible pet caretakers have one thing in common, and that is they will do what is best for their pet. It is out of love. Pure and simple, but often heart breaking. You are one of those people.

  54. Taking care of an animal is a huge committment, of that I’m sure we all can agree. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we thought or even planned and all we can do when that happens is to make the necessary adjustments to do right by our pets, ensuring that their quality of life isn’t diminshed by our circumstances. You are a responsible pet owner, doing all you can to cater to your pets different needs, even considering moving. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are a lot of people willing to criticize pet owners but I wonder how many are actuelly willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their pets well-being. Kudos to you for being honest and for putting the needs of yor pets first!! =)

  55. {{{{{ Jen, Rumpy, DeDe, June Buggie, Graybie, Malachi, Bubba, Hissy Fit Jones }}}}} Sometimes life is very, very hard indeed. You are a wonderful, kind and caring woman. We all admire and love you. RainbowCatsx8 and OurPeople

  56. P.S. A June Buggie tee is a great idea. How about a Rumpkin one? That happy face at the top of the page would be adorable and OurPeople have friends who would buy them, too. ❤

  57. You are a caring caretaker! I had to adopt out my beloved Quacky because his mommy died (my wife of blessed memory). It was the best thing I could do. I couldn’t drag 3 cats across the country. He found a good home with 2 other cats, just like in his last home. My mother was willing to take in only 2 of my cats. It was time for Quacky to transition. Sometimes letting go is the best thing that you can do. Don’t beat yourself up! Much love, Russell

  58. It is a heartbreaking decision to have to make. Onlly someone who truly loved him would consider such a sacrifice. Good luck making your deicsion. You need to do what you feel is best for you and your furry family.

  59. I completely understand why you would want to do that. When we moved, we had to put our dog to sleep.

    I feel bad for your probable 45 minute commute. I hope it goes well. My Dad is a pilot, so he has 9 hour 30 minute commute :). Good Luck!

  60. Been there done that. Still living with the guilt it brings. But Jen, people need to take a reality check! Nobody knows what lies round the next corner in life. Things can change in a moment, and nobody, yet nobody has the right to piously and self righteously judge anyone else on their actions the way you’re suggesting might be. As genuine dog lovers we will condemn ourselves far more than any self righteous and selfish individual living in their cosy little world, ever could. It’s all well and good when they are comfortable and secure and probably will never face such issues, but a true dog lover would understand totally that whilst we take our animals with the heartfelt belief that it should be for life come wind, rain or shine, sometimes it is just not possible. Not everything in life is within our control and sometimes the most heartbreaking decisions are the best and bravest, and most selfless of all. Do what you have to do. To hell with anyone who stands in judgement of you. I hope you can work something out for you and Rumpy…but I know how hard it can be and with all the best will in the world sometimes we have no choice but to concede defeat and le them go… Good luck and stay strong…Wolfie hugs 🙂

  61. So shocked! I hope you can find a home with daycare that is better suited for him. 😦 And I agree, you have to do what you have to do. I need to take my own advice. I am now on Social Security with limited income (I am single). It is getting hard to care for Storm and my mom constantly reminds me that I don’t have money to take care of her. She is the only thing I have left though. I don’t have health (I have Lupus), I don’t have a job, I don’t have money (I get an amount but wayyyyyy below poverty line). Oh and I have no where to live (our city’s housing list is a 4 year wait). Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed that you can find a solution without giving him away!!

  62. I have rehomed many dogs for many different reasons over more than 40 years. Some very difficult dogs I would never rehome — no matter how much of a problem they were — because I did not believe they would survive the trauma. But many others, I have given to others who I felt could better give them what they needed.

    Last year, we became new parents of an old dog — a 10 year old Norwich terrier. She’s 11 now. I think she’s happier than she has ever been in her life. I only wish we had gotten her sooner so we would have more years to enjoy her. IF you think it’s the best thing and IF you can find the right home, do it quickly. Sooner is better. I have rehomed big, active dogs — an Afghan hound, an English Setter, and a German Shorthaired Pointer — because they all needed much more exercise and attention than I could give them. The thing I learned was to be very careful about what dogs I bring into my life, to know my limitations. I learned the hard way, but I was able to find really amazing homes for all of them.

    Good luck. It’s a very hard decision, but it can have a happy ending.

  63. Ah, Jen, how hard this must be for you. My first thought wasn’t to judge you, but to wonder with a lot of concern what had happened in your life to force you into such a painful decision. I know, however, if you asked Rumpy, he would say he could do without the other stuff, even though it might be hard, but he couldn’t do without you.

    I admire your decision and deplore the hardship it will put you to. So, guys, how about people hugs and doggie hugs all around. LingLing, Oreo, and Tilly want to hug too 🙂

  64. It’s hard not to judge. But no one can ever really understand until they are in such a situation. I was in such a situation years ago after a divorce. Even though our four dogs were mostly mine, there was no way I could keep them all when I didn’t even have my home any longer. Sadly, I had to leave three of them with my ex and his new girlfriend with the hopes that he would do the right thing and care for them until I was in a position to get them back. He didn’t care for them. He told me he gave them away to a good home, but I have no way of knowing if he really did. Terrible. The guilt eats at me to this day.

  65. I have been negligent in not keeping up with you Jen, Rumpy, DeDe, Hissy, June B, Malachi, Gray Baby…I did not know about how bad DeDe’s arthritis is, did not know about your thoughts to rehome Rumpy. Mom Linda speaking now…Jen, forgive me for not keeping up on your blog and so many others. I think Rumpy is one of the first Savannah followed. And we have tried to make you our first to read. Lost that effort, obviously. We had 3 Sibes, showed them etc. Sled breeds require exercise and I know how much you love every furr member of your family. After our Sibes went OTRB, I started volunteering to walk a neighbor’s Portuguese Water Dog because he clearly did not get enough exercise. Before you let Rumpers go, you might look for someone who is retired and wants to interact with a dog, but not actually be the primary caretaker. I did the dog walking for my own exercise and because I would never own another dog and missed being with one. Warm regards, Mom Linda

  66. It sounds like you’ve hit on a sensible plan to keep your furry family intact, Jen. Siberian Huskies do need a lot of walkies, so hiring someone to give Rumpy the exercise he needs AND keep him with his family is a great idea. Best wishes to all.

  67. I do not think that you are a bad parent at all. The difference here is that you aren’t driving Rumpy to the local shelter & simply dropping him off. You are looking at all your options to care for him the best you can & you are looking out for the best interest for Rumpy.

  68. For some reason I’m not getting your posts in my reader. (grump) However, I want to chime in here.

    Rumpy is a sled dog and sled dogs need what they need. I lived in Alaska and had a sled dog and had to rehome her after my daughter ended up in a wheelchair and got hurt (more than once) by a loving but way too enthusiastic dog.

    There are life changes (such as DeDe’s needs, my kid ending up in a wheelchair, etc.) that change the playing field. No one can predict what will happen. After my May injuries I can’t be around Duke – he will end up causing me harm through his attempt to be loving, only I’m the one being rehomed.

    We do the best we can. Even if you do have to rehome Rumpy, that doesn’t mean he’ll be unhappy and it doesn’t stop visits. We forget that our dogs have the capacity to love more than one person, to adapt, and to flourish.

    My daughter adored her dog, lost her during the the worst times of the divorce when she moved to a no pets place, and then after McKinley became a service dog she got her back. The ex was NOT an ideal owner (he hated the dog) but ‘Kinley made it and now she’s living in a home where she’s adored by six people. And because dogs don’t know how to hate, she’s always happy to see the ex who actually hates her.

    Do the best you can. That is all any of us can do.

  69. That is the most intelligent, compassionate approach I can imagine. Sometimes the best choice is not obvious, and often it’s not exactly what all parties would love best to make, but it’s important that we all try to find the very best and kindest ways to help and love those who depend upon us. Bless you and Rumpy, no matter what!

  70. Oh my Rumpy’s Mum I am so sorry to read about your dilemna. I can relate as I had to rehome my Mallie/Husky/Shepherd BOGART SAM back in 1978 when my husband left me & I had to give up the house as we were bankrupt. Finding BOGART SAM a new home was one of the hardest things I had to do; even harder than going thru the divorce!!! Thankfully a family stepped up who were perfect for my doggie & he got to live a great life!!! I cried myself to sleep mmany a night however I knew I did the right thing for BOGART SAM!!! His needs were most important & I could not provide for him at that time….
    I have also had to rehome quite a few of my cats over the years & some of my friends would tear strips off me but they did not attempt to help me! Ironic wasn’t it???
    I hope you can either find a place where Rumpy can get doggie day care or a home where his needs are met…..whatever you decide I support you.
    Being a pet parent is just as difficult as raising a child!!!
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen xo

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