Words on Wednesday- We have Amazing Friends!

We got packages!

Thanks BJ Pup!

Actually they came last week, but Jen wasn’t able to get to the post box until this week. BJ Pup sent DeDe a bottle of the joint support supplement he uses. I can’t wait until it works its magic and makes DeDe feel better!  Thank you so much BJ!!!

And our friend Kevin Watanabe sent a package with something for each of us!

Thanks Kevin!
Thanks Kevin!

Kevin sent me cookies! And doggie cheese! Oh I love them! Yes, Kevin, I do share!

And he sent treats for the kitties! And look what he sent to Jen!

Isn't this towel just adorable?
Isn’t this towel just adorable?

I have such amazing friends!


Speaking of amazing friends, I’m asking you to nominate two of my amazing blogging friends for a Petties AwardThe Creative Cat is my choice for Best Cat Blog. Animal Shelter Volunteer is my choice for Best Cause Blog. Will you consider nominating them as well? Thank you!

27 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday- We have Amazing Friends!

  1. Hi Jen, Rumpy and your furry friends – thanks to you I have discovered the wonderful blog that is The Creative Cat. It is amazing and I have nominated it for the Petties Award. Thanks so much for directing me there. Aren’t your friends so lovely – you all thoroughly deserve your presents – I hope DeDe is feeling better – such a sweet dog!

  2. Woo woo!!! It is our great pleasure to have great friends like you, Rumpy! We’re glad that Jen likes the towel! My mom has the same one, too! How nice that you got the joint support supplement for your DeDe! We hope that it works! 🙂

  3. DOGGIE ONLY CHEESE….. you mean that you won’t have to share it with the peeps or anything? WOW… THAT is a super pressie package fur SURE.

  4. It feels nice to have you thinking of me as your friend. I was happy to send supplements to DeDe. We have to help one another. I hope they work for her; they worked for me.

    I think of you, DeDe, June Buggie and her brood, and Jen as my friends.

    Hugs and Licks, BJ

    1. You will have to nominate them. The blogs that are listed are from last year. Click on the nomination button and type that blog in for Best Cat Blog. The writer is Bernadette Kazmarski.

  5. You really DO have great friends, Rumpy! We were honored to meet BJ Pup’s Mom, Lynda, at BlogPaws. She is delightful, and we bet she helped BJ Pup send those supplements for DeDe. We’re with you … we sure hope they work some magic! 🙂

    And how nice and thoughtful of Kevin Watanabe to send you all those terrific presents. He’s a great guy! We really like that towel, too, by the way.

    Thank you again for asking your friends to nominate us for the Petties. If we are a finalists, it will be because of your efforts and thoughtfulness.

    Big hugs to you all, dear pals.

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