It’s Finally Friday!!!!!

Thank Dog it’s Friday!  I thought that day would NEVER get here!

What will you do this weekend? We’ll be busy packing for our upcoming move!      

Malachi is ready to get his grub on!
Malachi is an early riser; he likes to get his grub on!
Hissy Fit Jones wants to just relax and groom himself.
Hissy Fit Jones wants to just relax and groom himself.
I'm gonna look pitiful and beg for cookies!
I’m gonna look pitiful and beg for cookies!

By the way, House Farm Bill HR 1947 was defeated yesterday! Hooray! Thanks to that handful of Republican conservatives that voted against the bill! You may not have MEANT to help animals, but you sure did!

And the moral of that story is, the enemy of your enemy is your friend…. when it’s time to vote!

36 thoughts on “It’s Finally Friday!!!!!

  1. Malachi looks great!!! Of course Hissy and you do, too Rumpy!
    Good lucks on the packing! 🙂

  2. Love the pics, but the hidden gem is that Farm Bill piece. Good news for the animals – and their supporters. Now, if we can just fix the rest of this broken country.

  3. I will put some cookies in the cd drive and type in “to Rumpy” – hope you will get them :o) I’m glad the bill is declined – I hope we can change some things in the agribusiness here too – it’s time .

  4. Oh boy oh boy Rumpy! Do you know about your new home yet? Will you have lotsa room to run and play? Have you started packing your stuff yet??? Very exciting….. 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  5. Intense morning looks. Gathering calm before for all that packing.
    (and temporarily cheered over that bill’s loss…but don’t trust them at all – so much wrong with that bit of legislature…but for now YEA)

  6. You have the best photos!…
    I have had Friday 2 days in a row…I still haven’t had Thursday for some reason…

    Have a great Weekend…!
    Take Care…

  7. Sounds like a busy weekend! Hope the move goes well and that there is happiness in the new accommodations. Finding the right place to live really can take trial and error 🙂

      1. She did. Things have been crazy busy here and I had to take some time to do some catching up. She’s eager, I just need to sit down with her and type as she dictates, lol.

  8. Yeah! Defeated HR Bill 1947! Because of Rumpydog I emailed my Rep and expressed my opinion. You made it so easy with the link to the politicians I felt I HAD to be a good citizen and let them know what I think. Thank you so much for making this responsibility so easy.

  9. Okay guys. The move will benefit all of you, so you all need to pitch in. Jen can’t do it all by herself. The only one who can get a by is DeDe because she can’t stress her bones.

    Malachi – since you get up early, you can eat and get started before the rest of them have turned over.

    Hissy Fit – if you don’t help you will have no right to complain and have a hissy fit over anything. Do you want that? Can you keep quiet?

    Rumpy – you need to work for your cookies. Mom is not rehoming you so you need to help her. She loves you you have to give back.

    DeDe – you get a pass on this one. Of course you can be an Armchair General and just supervise. That might drive Rumpy nuts.

    Jen, don’t let these guys take advantage of you. You’re too nice a person for that. Good luck.

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