June Buggie Rants About Hot Cars

MEOW! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say.

MEOW! I'm gonna talk and you're gonna listen!
MEOW! I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna listen!

Everywhere I look on the Internet are reminders to not leave pets in hot cars.

There are posts on Facebook and Twitter.

There are posters on Pinterest.

There are a gazillion blog posts.

What I want to know is: Which of you idiots out there haven’t figured out yet that leaving any living thing in a hot car is a bad idea? 

Apparently there are lots of you, because thousands of dogs die each year in a hot car, including K-9 officers and beloved family pets.

Look, the temperature inside a car rises quickly, even on what seems to be a comfortable day. In as little as 15 minutes, a dog can die of heat stroke.

So grandpa comes out and his precious baby is dead. Or the fashionista that takes her dog “everywhere” no longer has her dog. A police department loses a team member and a valuable investment.

The excuses start immediately:

  • But I wasn’t gone that long!
  • I didn’t think it was that hot!
  • But I parked in the shade!

Tell it to a judge, human. Actually, in some states you will, because it’s against the law to leave an animal in a hot car.

What can you do to help a dog left in a hot car?

  1. Call law enforcement. Granted, dogs in cars are going to be of lower priority than some other crimes, so don’t assume they’re going to rush over to save the dog.
  2. Send someone into nearby stores to find the owner. Or go yourself if there’s someone who will agree to stand by the car and keep an eye on the dog.
  3. Have a witness, then free the dog. With smart phones all over the place, should be easy enough to get someone to video the event. Break a window and get the dog out of the car and cooled down. Yes, you may be arrested, but when you get your day in court, I doubt many judges are going to find you guilty of doing the right thing. Just make sure it truly was necessary to break the window.

One other thing: anytime a human talks to you about taking their dog everywhere, remind them to not leave the dog in the car!

No, I don’t care how quick you’ll be. Don’t do it. Don’t be one of the thousands of idiots that leaves a dog alone in a hot car.






42 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants About Hot Cars

  1. When it is too hot outside, I have to stay at home. That’s boring but better safe than sorry. Such a car is like a bbq-grill for animals and kids too within minutes.

  2. I hear ya. There are educational messages everywhere – TV, internet, radio, I’ve even seen that some stores have agreed to put those dogs in oven signs from mydogiscool in their window. But people still do it!!! I just don’t get it.

  3. Our Police Department and fire department respond FAST when there is a pet (or child) locked in a car. As you know, here in Florida those temps go up super fast. Why anyone thinks they need to take their pet with them when they go to Publix or any other store is beyond us.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. They have been doing reminders on the 3 Columbus TV channels for DAYS now… beclaws it is gettin hot here and CRAZY PEEPS just gotta be told the same thingy over and over and over.

  5. I have already called the police this year because a dog was left in the car and I was surprised that they arrived in a matter of minutes. Lucky that the owner came out when they did because the police were going to bust the window. The police actually gave him a ticket. I certainly hope that person has learned a lesson. I just do not understand some people.

  6. I can’t believe people still do this. What infuriates me the most is when I see dogs in the car outside sit-down restaurants. Why the hell did you bring your dog out to a dinner that will take at least an hour?! I’ve yet to see this in the summer, but I see it all the time in the cooler months with just a cracked window.

    I just don’t understand why people think their dog is happier to sit in a hot, stuffy car instead of sit alone at home.

  7. Thanks for this – I used to think that surely no-one would be dumb enough to continue to leave their dogs in hot cars , but you’ll be amazed at how often I see it, in Australian summer heat!!! It drives me mad. Usually the owner returns soon so I havent’ had to do anything yet other than give them a piece of my mind.

  8. I am in total agreement and get so frustrated with people who think it’s better to take their dogs with them and leave them in the hot car. Even when it’s not real hot outside, the inside of the car heats up fast. I know someone who took their lab to work, forget he was in the back, and when a friend told him, it was too late. His beautiful lab had died because it was during a heat wave. That’s a little different because he forgot the dog was there, but still…very sad story. My dog, Copper, is happy to be in his backyard with room to run and watch for squirrels and he loves chewing on his nylabones or sunbathing. Thanks for this post to make others aware, June Buggie. xx

  9. You’re very right June Buggie! In Japan, not only pets but also small children left in the car have similar accidents because of heat stroke in Summer. Adult humans should be more responsible for their human children and fur family…. This post is one of the greatest ideas to remind them how dangerous inside of the car is!
    Have a happy Saturday, dear June Buggie!

  10. It is pretty awful. Every time whee see these things whee roll our eyes. It’s the same with people leaving guinea pigs in their gardens in direct sunlight with no shade. You say “what sort of idiot does that?!” and then read a story about happening. Its ridiculous. Last year whee read of 12 cases of guinea pigs suffering heatstroke and dying. People put them outside, sat out for a bit. When it got too hot they went in to cool down and left the piggies out there. Drives us nuts. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to temperature changes and whee have just realised whee have gone off on a bit of a rant. Lol

    What whee are saying is, whee agree with you and some people are so stupid they shouldn’t have pets!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  11. Right on June Buggie, If I see any living thing, animal, child, even an aged person (yes I’ve seen this too) sitting in a hot vehicle, I become an extreme activist (I have no tolerance for stupidity) and will call 911, go into the store and raise a fuss and if it does indeed look like it needs to be done take the living being out of the vehicle with no hesitation whatsoever (at that point I don’t care if I’m breaking any laws). I used to live in Florida and too frequently saw this happening! Thank you an excellent post! 🙂 xx

  12. Great post. The only time we get to go in the car here where it is so hot is if we are going inside when we get there. But there are a lot of really dumb peeps out there.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. If one of us has to go to the vet or somewhere else, we try to schedule in the morning to we’re not in a hot car with a/c. If something happened and the car broke down, we’d be OK.

  13. I once got into a shooting match (big time) with a JERK who left his dog in his car. I was soooo mad, and ready to actually break the window, when he arrived. He started swearing at me…but I didn’t back down, I let him have it!!!

    Maybe I gave him something to think about, I hope so. How stupid can people be, just so sad that pets have to put up with them. 😦

  14. I recall being at a dog show some time ago now…the whole class was held up waiting for some idiot woman who had left her “beloved” show dogs locked in the car on a hot summer’s day. I am pleased to say when the idiot finally did return the dog had survived it’s experience but it did NOT get placed in the class at all. I suspect the judge was unimpressed by such hopelessly irresponsible behaviour too. Dogs are not commodities that can just be left lying around like that until they are required for prize winning purposes!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

  15. june Buggies no matter how many times you tell some people, no matter how many times it’s announced on TV and radio, the are fundamentally stupid people in the world.

    It’s all over the news, people have left babies in a hot car and the babies have died. And still people don’t learn. Stupidity abounds.

    You’re right, call the poilce and do everything else you said. Just don’t think some people will change.

    Hugs and licks, BJ Pup

  16. I think the people that still do this are “older” and just not reading this sort of stuff… that’s why it’s important to get the message out there June Buggie! I’ve seen my Grandpa do it before when I was in high school and he still took his dog everywhere. I’ve also seen a doctor I worked with do it. Yikes I know! I know she wouldn’t do it on a super hot day, but it’s still kind of weird in my opinion.

  17. Very well said, June Buggie. You probably read of the horrific incident in the UK where a police dog handler left two German Shepherds in his car and they perished in the heat. It’s beyond belief and there are no words to describe people like that!!

  18. We don’t understand why this happens to doggies, kitties and human little ones. What are people thinking….don’t they know heat kills? Sure they know so what are they thinking or are they thinking??? Breaks my heart when I read that a pet or child has died of heat from being left in a vehicle. Hugs and nose kisses

  19. Kid you not, here in the Phoenix area the news stations have to tell people – and I’m not making this up – to leave something important, like a cell phone, in the back seat with their children so they don’t forget to remove the children from the car… Personally, when I am transporting my fur kids, I consider them more important than my cell phone, ergo while I may leave my phone in the hot truck from time to time, I never forget my fur kids!

  20. How sickening. When we’re driving in my car with the AC at full blast, and it’s freezing cold in there, I’ll turn it off for 5 seconds and it already begins to get hot. I would never DREAM of leaving Ash or Honey in that heat box for that period of time, even with the windows cracked.

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