Telling the Emperor About His New Clothes…..

I don’t play nice on Pinterest.

Everything is beautiful on Pinterest!
Everything is beautiful on Pinterest!

When I go there, I see something akin to a fantasy land. There are pictures of beautiful people, beautiful clothes, delicious food, fantastic houses, and, of course, animals.

But some of the photos are too over the top for me to keep quiet about.

Take this picture, for example.

photo (2)

Awwwww….. how cute, right?

Wrong. Who in their right mind thinks that taking a baby away from its mama and dressing it like a human is cute? Someone who is thinking of their own wants, and not of the needs of this animal.

And yet social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+ are filled with photos just like this one.

Or how about this photo that I saw yesterday on Google+?

Do people really think they can do this with a tiger?
Do people really think they can do this with a tiger?

This is a photo taken at Tiger Temple in Thailand. Isn’t it grand to be up-close with a big cat? Well no, not when you realize the monks drug the tigers in order for them to act docile around humans.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to just ignore the photos anymore. When I see them, I’m going to tell the truth about what is happening to the animals.

As it was, some others beat me to the punch on the tiger photo. But I also added my voice to those who spoke up and said that this is not normal tiger behavior.

I understand my comments will not be welcome. No one wants to be around when the Emperor is told his new outfit is really his birthday suit.

But someone has to give these animals a voice. Otherwise, people will think this is OK. It is absolutely NOT OK to treat animals in this way.

Will you also be a voice for animals?


39 thoughts on “Telling the Emperor About His New Clothes…..

  1. I love the fact that every day I read your blog I learn something new. I never knew about this tiger “treat” in Thailand and that’s just plain awful.

    Rumpy – I’m very happy your Mom is so smart!

  2. Well said Rumpy!! Those tigers are not only drugged they are chained up too for goodness knows how long for – what kind of life is that for a tiger!?!? And that poor monkey…! 😦 Take care

  3. Ruff on Rumpy. I’m with ya!!! Pinterest is pretty “pretty”. Too pretty. Silly. Stupid. I can’t believe I’m pinning fashion. I should stick a pin in ME! 😉

  4. Today’s post reminds me that once I saw a picture on twitter that Shiba inu wears suspenders which looks like it but the reality was he was cut his fur like the pattern of suspenders….some people must have thought that he looked cute and funny with it, but some didn’t agree what he was done. I was the latter because the Shiba Inu looked so miserable without some fur…..besides it didn’t look natural at all….
    Yes, like you said we need a brave voice for innocent animals.

  5. I would like to watch this little monkey in his normal habitat and without this silly clothes. That’s an animal and no clown or doll. Same for the tiger. I feel only sorry for all this animals. Thanks for this post Rumpy, I will speak for all this animals – even when some people wouldn’t like to hear what I say.

  6. It’s great that you’re pointing out what is wrong with these photos. But how do you keep from making the photos more popular when you share them? The more these photos are being shared, the more popular they become. And not everyone will get your message.

    1. If you state your case in the title section, that info usually does go with the pic. You’re right that I risk making matters worse. But that’s a risk I think these animals deserve for me to take.

      1. That’s good to know. I’ve also heard of something you can do with html called a no-follow that keeps an image from being counted as a share. It doesn’t work on pinterest, but if you use it when you post an unpleasant image on your blog… Wish I knew more.

    1. Even if it is Photoshopped, it sends the wrong message to naive web browsers that needs to be addressed.

      But I suspect it’s legit. When we lived in Tennessee, we knew of a woman who owned a baby chimp that she dressed like a baby and took with her everywhere she went.

  7. I always wonder about those type of photos too! I had no idea that the drug the tigers, but figured it had to be something. Too sad! I hate animal cruelty!!! It is just WRONG! 😦

  8. Well, I’m pretty sure in some cases the pics are posted with the people really being ignorant of the animal’s condition (especially the second one for example) so information can be welcome too!
    Just my kitty’s two cents in 😉

  9. Everyone’s out for attention…even if it means displaying bad judgement.
    No audience – no performance.
    Good plan – besides tigers and other tired animals do strike back eventually ( and then it’s all THEIR, the animal’s, fault?)
    Tail wags

  10. similar to the concerns mentioned here — a recent Denver Post article discussed how all elephants in “zoo”s should, instead, be put in a very very large open outdoor area to get back to the social and unconstrained life that they should be living.

  11. well put, Rumpy! I can’t believe that #1, someone would drug a tiger just so that someone could scratch its tummy, (i’m guessing that made some big ass donation to be able to do this) and #2, some people are so dumb that they might just think it was okay to get up close and personal to some big cat and then they are in little pieces on the front page. sheesh. How dumb can a person be?

  12. Awh, that’s so true, we need to stick up for the animals. Though they are cute and sometimes funny, maybe we ought to question everything we see that is not their natural behavior. Drugging tigers is outrageous.

  13. Rumpy, as true caretakers of God’s creatures er humans must speak the truth, illuminate the wrong and seek justice for those without words. Please help us mere humans by leading the way. And, please ask Jen to give you a cookie for me!

  14. About a year ago, a story ran on NPR about Lucy, a chimpanzee raised by humans. Eventually, a decision was made to return her to the wild. But the outcome was so incredibly sad and tragic. I thought of that story when I looked at the photo you posted above.

  15. Thank goodness you wrote this – it drives me MAD to see these “cute” animal photos…because once you get past the ‘cute’ and think about it, you wonder what it took to get that picture. You won’t be popular with your comments on pinterest, but who cares, it’s about time we spoke up.

  16. I didn’t know that about the tigers being drugged and couldn’t work out how the guy had got that close.
    Please do keep spreading the truth Rumpy, its important that we all know what’s really going on and the affect it has on these poor animals

  17. Yes. I think you should start a hisses & purrs blog hop every Tuesday so people can blog about their local experiences that deserve hisses and purrs. I would love to participate.

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