Sweet June Buggie is Not Well….

So many things that could be said.

So many ideas rolling around inside my brain.

But I can’t think, because something’s wrong with June Buggie.

The Ranter is not ranting today.
The Ranter is not ranting today.

He didn’t try to run outdoors with the dogs like he usually does. When we came back inside, I found him still in the bedroom.

And then I saw the dried blood on his tail.

He won’t let me touch it, even to clean. I did manage to get a bit of ointment on it, but he howled when I did that much. I’m thinking an abscess that’s burst. But we won’t know until the wound’s been cleaned and examined.

Well, nothing to be done but arrange a trip to the vet.

Oh, it tears me up to see June Buggie like that.

Heal quickly, sweet boy.
Heal quickly, sweet boy.

96 thoughts on “Sweet June Buggie is Not Well….

  1. Aw… sending you warm thoughts. Hope you can get an appointment with the vet soon, and all will be well. We’ll be waiting to hear!

  2. Mick and all of his brothers and sisters say they will be purring for June Buggy.
    Mick has this theory that; as purring is known to be a self healing process for cats; if they all purr together for June Buggy; it might help make him feel better. Kind of a telepathic purr.

    I say it’s worth a try.

    I hate to see a sick baby. My dog Buddy is getting old and the steps are becoming a challenge for him. He has a disc problem in his back and I don’t know how long he will be able to function in a meaningful way; not to mention that he is in some discomfort. Not too bad but as time goes on; who knows.

    Feel better June Buggie.

  3. I would “like” this posting, but I can’t say that! I’m so sorry that June
    Buggie isn’t well. I hope that the vet can fix him up. You are in my thoughts!

  4. Ahhhh. Can’t stand it when animals aren’t well. Boo! They can’t moan and complain and “point out” where the problem is. Best of health Junie. You’re gonna purr in no time.

  5. Poor June Buggie. I’ve just gone through a similar thing with Sabre. It’s so worrying. Sending lots of positive thoughts that June Buggie will recover as well as Sabre has. He’s finally, today, off running around and enjoying the fresh air again.

  6. Oh no…..well, let’s hope even though it obviously pains him, it’s nothing serious…..we’ll send purrayers and hope to hear what the vet says SOON…..it’s ever so upsetting when one of our “kids” hurts.

    Pam (and Sam)

  7. Oh, no! June Buggie, feel better soon! We are sending all good healing vibes and prayers your way. Hugs to you and Rumpy and family. We hope you are okay and back to feeling your good self in no time!

  8. If I could send a hug to you guys via the internet it would be arriving about now. It’s so hard when the ones we love are not well. June Buggy needs lots of healing karma and his Mom needs a hug.

  9. Oh no…my dearest sweet June Buggie…..I almost cried when I read
    Today’s post…. I strongly hope that nothing is wrong with you…
    You’re the one who taught what a sweet animal cat is to me and mom….. Me and mom are crazy about you, sweet June Buggie.
    We all send lots of prayers and thousands of love.
    *hugs hugs hugs*

  10. Oh no! Poor June Buggie. We are sad and worried that you are not feeling well. We are purring and praying for you, and sending much love and healing energy, sweet friend

  11. PurrPurrPurrPurrPurrPurrPurrPurr For June Buggie — The Feline Contingent (Nurse Lilith Kitten Mahoney, Sheriff Rosco P. Catrane, & Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon) And Staff

  12. Oh dear Jenny, I hope and pray it is not a serious problem and June Buggie gets well soon, my heart with you today, angels be with you, love, nia

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