Some Cute for Monday

Uh oh! It’s Monday again! And many of you are on vacation this week and are not the least bit sympathetic to my plight.

Monday snuck up on me again!
Monday snuck up on me again!

Jen is sore from all the physical labor of the weekend, and she still has to get June Buggie to take his medicine.

So for those not working today, here’s some cute to lull you into your vacation.

And for the rest of us who aren’t on holiday, a dose of cute to help you on your way.

Hey! What are you doing down there?
I’ll be right with you. First I have to check something out.


Hey! What about me? Why can't I be in this blog post?
Photo? Oh, alright, but make it quick, will ya?


Here I am ladies. Commence to drooling.
Take my photo? Don’t you already have enough photos of me?


37 thoughts on “Some Cute for Monday

  1. Awww….those pictures cheer us up alot to start nasty Monday!!! I think that Malachi’s face expression has been changed very much since he was firstly adopted. He doesn’t have any suspicious eyes anymore!!! That’s wonderful isn’t that? I hope June Buggie feels much much better soon! πŸ™‚

  2. I needed that dose of cute. It’s raining like crazy here and the flood drains overflowed into weep holes in my foundation.


    Hope your packing is going well.

  3. You are right, Rumpy — that is some cute picture of you with those eyes!! πŸ™‚ And always glad to have a serving of cuteness from the rest of the gang!!

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