A Public Service Announcement…..

Oh Dog! I am so excited! My friend Bob over at Your Brain on Pandas invited me over to give an editorial on fireworks and pets. Here’s a recap for your viewing pleasure.

057 the pandy kindy celebrates the 4th of July 100 res (1).

It started out good anyway. Those darn kindergarteners have no problem finding trouble. 

Remember peeps, fireworks are not fun for animals. Keep your animal companions indoors, occupied, and comfortable….. like SOMEONE shouldda done for those little pandas!

26 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement…..

  1. That was an important tip, Rumpy. I hope all people will be careful with this fire-thingies and I hope all anipals have a safe place till the boom-boom is over.

      1. I know and it’s so sad to read and hear about kids who lost bodyparts or an eye – they have to bear this for their lifetime – just because of some minutes of thrill and “fun”.

  2. I know someone who has a terrible burn scar across his face from a firework when he was little. It is so sad. There was a puppy saved in our local park last year after soon horrible drunk men tried to attach it to fireworks.

    You can’t stop the evil or stupid people but you can keep your pets safe.


  3. Love that cartoon. Luckily, Mom is not into fireworks and from where we live we can see them from out house so we never have to go anywhere if we want to see them.

  4. I always dread the firework season,usually for us it’s new years eve..mid summer,fire risk and the amount of dogs that would end up at our shelter..some cut from jumping through windows!
    We never go out New years we stay home with all the animals inside tv or radio on and talk as if nothing is different,people forget how sensitive their ears are..this includes our poor sheep who had the living daylights scared by an idiot neighbour where we lived before….so we got up realllll early ..when we knew they would be hungover and blared classical music into the yard hahahha 😉
    Pretty sure they got the message

  5. I hate fireworks. They make me growl … mum too! There were some last night cos of Canada Day and then there will be more on the 4th and we don’t live in either of those countries!!!

  6. We love those Pandas! (Not as much as you, don’t worry)
    The German was totally panicked by fireworks and we had to barricade her in an interior room and hold her – just more than she can take now. We’ve check on her and arrangements are being made.
    With our dry weather, I wish they ban them again this year. 4 fires yesterday. Wish it would go back to fireworks being very rare and done by professionals .
    Timely post!

  7. Thankfully Eko has what I like to call “knucklehead syndrome” where he always wants to go towards the sound of fireworks, thunder or any other strange, loud sounds.

  8. Great way for catching one’s attention. Rin hates those fireworks. Good thing we have Chooey’s old dog house for her to hide in. Believe it or not, she’s as big as you and she fits just fine inside the Shih Tzu dwelling.

  9. My dog was only 13 months old when I took him to a fireworks show; he just barked at the loud booms and made everyone around us laugh. But, I see your point. Animals have extra-accute hearing, so in most cases, loud noises drive them crazy.

  10. I like the cartoon that you and the panda look very cute! Yes it’s really true about fireworks that the sound always makes me feel scared.
    I hope that humans pay much more attention to fireworks not to harm or not to scare their animals.

  11. Thanks for sharing our cartoon, Rumpy! We may joke about it but it is a really serious thing. Mehitabel always wants to hide under the bed all week even when the panda kindergarten isn’t after her. Then to top it off we are having hot dry weather that makes fire a real danger ( even mire than our usual wet june and july) Thanks for coming over to The Panda Chronicles and sharing this message! be the bear ( but not the oanda kindergarten)

  12. We have them in the uk in November. I hate them! Always have. I feel that they should not be allowed on general sale to the public, but reserved for the proper organised displays. I make sure me and my animals are in by dark on bonfire night, although even keeping my cats indoors stresses them out. The bonfires that accompany our fireworks are also responsible for killing wildlife, particularly hedgehogs, who shelter in unlit bonfires. You can imagine what happens to the poor things when the fire starts 😦

    Enjoy your 4th July celebrations, and enjoy your fireworks responsibly – if you must have them!

  13. I always get a little stressed when there are events with fireworks like New Year’s Eve – I worry about all the dogs out there who are getting scared. It’s good to get the message out.

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