Wordless Wednesday and Random Nonsense

Happy Wednesday! It’s also 4th of July Eve here in the US, also known as the day to rush to the grocery to buy all you need for your holiday celebration!

Relaxing in the Great Outdoors
Relaxing in the Great Outdoors

We are under a Flood Watch here in the Florida Panhandle. We’re to have heavy rains today and more rain tomorrow. Ugh!

What? Of COURSE I'm not looking for cat treats in here.
What? Of COURSE I’m not looking for cat treats in here.

Bear with us as we’re focused more on moving right now than on posting. I promise to get back into the regular routine soon. For now, make do with some cute pics from this silly gang.

Monkey stayed in bed
Monkey found his way into Jen’s bed

31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday and Random Nonsense

  1. Hehe hope the celebrations are a quiet affair Rumpy…and do try and relax more hahahaha and cat shoplifters..the unspoken crime..or is it monkey business 😉 xx

  2. Same old rain stuff here too Rumpy! Rain, rain and more rain…..I think we’re all going to float away soon. Dad’s working on the ark down in our basement.

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  3. Rumpyyy I love how you go relax end enjoy everywhere hehe. Fluffball. 😀 Though you scared me with the thumbnail in Bloglovin’, I thought AAAAAA A DEAD HUSKY! D: Happy 4th of July! Wish I lived in the USA right now. ^_^

  4. Happy 4th – Buster my orange “dog” also says Hi, from under my desk – his hidding spot for the 4th. He is terrified of fireworks, so he tends to stay under my desk for the next couple of days, and I have already moved his litter box (sorry his dog box) and put food and water down for him so he can be happy in my office untill he is ready to leave it. Hopefully other pet owners will remember that pets and fireworks are a bad mix, and if their pets are sensitive to loud pops and bags, and want to hid, be sure to still give them some attention.

  5. It is NOT raining today (yay). No fireworks. The town is broke and can’t afford them. So it’s quiet. Dogs are sleeping. We are just hanging out in the air conditioning. But yesterday we partied, so it’s all good.

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