I Have the Most Amazing News!!!!!

Oh my Dog! I am so excited! 

I have the bestest friends!
I have the bestest friends!

I just found out that our friends at The Creative Cat and Animal Shelter Volunteer Life are finalists in the Dogtime Petties Awards!  YAY!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your help in making that happen!

2013 Petties

Now this is important. We REALLY need to help them win! Why? Well, the recognition is nice, but so is the $1000 for a shelter of their choice!

How can you help? I’m glad you asked!

Simply click on this link: Petties.Dogtime.com. At the top right, click on VOTING. Halfway down that page you’ll see a VOTE NOW button. Click there. You’ll be asked to vote EITHER using your Facebook account OR email address. make your choice, then vote for Animal Shelter Volunteer Blogspot for Best Rescue/Cause Blog and The Creative Cat for Best Cat Blog. YAY!

Remember you can vote once per day between now and July 31st, so please commit to voting for our friends daily. And don’t worry about forgetting, because I’m going to remind you.

What? You’re still here? Get going already! Time to vote!!!!

42 thoughts on “I Have the Most Amazing News!!!!!

  1. Because of your endorsement, we nominated them multiple times, and we are pleased that they are both in the running! WE WILL VOTE AND SHARE! Thanks Rumpy!

  2. super happy for Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and voted for them, but as always, MANY of the finalists are in categories that aren’t suited to their blogs (ie Best Overall Pet Blog but I digress)….which is the reason we NEVER campaign to be in the running!

    1. I feel ya. I am not real hip on the system either. But these are two blogs I feel deserve some recognition, so I’m making the best of the situation.

  3. Hooray! Thank you, Rumpy and Jen, for your diligent and incredibly kind efforts to nominate us for Best Cause Blog. We know it’s because of you and your followers that we are finalists. 🙂

    No matter who wins, we’re glad that animals will win. Thank you for your continued friendship, which we treasure, and for believing in us.

    Big hugs to you all!

    1. Oh come on now, you were a finalist last year and would have been this year. I just hope we’re able to help you be this year’s winner!

  4. It’s great news to hear that your friends are now finalists!!! I’ve voted for them for today, so will continue it until the end of July!!! 🙂

  5. Rumpy, I nominated both of them and am now voting for them every day! (By the way, I am a finalist for Funniest Blog, for my series of Limericks. Would you vote for me, please? I would be so grateful.)
    *high paws*

  6. Rumpy, me has been voting (and will keeps doing so) Hopes yous guys has settled from the last move!

  7. I gotcher back, Rumpy–the Shelter and the Creative kitty’s too!! Hope you win…and stop by now and again, and leave a link–and I will come back and vote some more!! 🙂 You go, animules…:)

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