Hisses and Purrs!!!!

Oh Dog! Time for another installment of our segment, Hisses and Purrs. Each week Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie run down the good, and the not-so-good, in the world of animal welfare.

First off, here’s Hissy Fit Jones to dole out some fearsome hisses!

They're lucky this is ALL they get from me!
They’re lucky this is ALL they get from me!

Hisses to India for working to bring greyhound racing to the country. The first track is in the works for Punjab.  Shameful!

Hisses to Pamplona for its annual Running of the Bulls, which began July 7th. Each year 48 bulls are tortured and killed to encourage tourists to come to the area. So here’s an extra-special HISSSSSSSS!!! for every one of those tourists that attends the Festival of Sanfermines, ensuring this horrid behavior will continue.

Hisses to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for granting an inspection permit to a horse slaughter plant operator in New Mexico. They may also soon approve slaughter plants in Iowa and Missouri. This means horse slaughter will soon be happening in the US. When that happens, you can rest assured you’ll be feeding your dogs and cats horse meat.

Hisses to the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa. Lauren Fagen, 18, of Montreal, volunteered at the center and was mauled by a lion named Duma. The tiger reached through the bars and dragged her legs into the cage while Lauren was kissing its fur.  The center is being hissed because this seems to be a theme repeated in wild cat sanctuaries around the world. For Cats’ Sake, you gotta be more responsible in vetting these volunteers. Foolish young girls who are “in love” with untamed creatures but have no clue about their true nature have no business being left alone for any length of time anywhere near one of these animals. Even though it’s usually the human’s fault, it’s the animal that pays the consequences.

And still more hisses to South Africa! Environment minister Edna Molewa announced that South Africa will seek to sell part of its stockpile of rhino horn. The plan is to flood the market and sabotage the black marketeers. It would actually create a larger demand, which will ensure the demise of the rhinoceros.

Ugh! Makes me want to eat some grass and puke on all of them.

I think we need to hear some good news now. Ya got any, June Buggie?

Time for a little good news in the animal welfare arena!
Time for a little good news in the animal welfare arena!

Purrs to President Obama for signing an Executive Order to provide funds for nations that are fighting poaching. The order also creates a task force that will coordinate anti-poaching efforts and track criminals who profit from the illegal ivory trade.

Purrs to India for enacting a ban on testing cosmetics on animals. Now about that greyhound racing…..

Purrs to Russia for approving legislative amendments that offer stricter punishments for poaching and trafficking endangered species. The law was submitted by President Putin. The new fine for such activities will be the US equivalent of $35,000.

Purrs to New South Wales for disbanding the Game Council and banning hunting on public lands for the next two months. The action was taken by the state government after the council’s acting chief executive, Greg McFarland, and a volunteer were charged with illegal hunting and trespass.

And purrs to British evolutionary biologist Simon Watt, the creator of The Ugly Animals Preservation Society. This group promotes the preservation of the animals that don’t get the attention of cute mammals, but are still at risk of extinction.



Your turn. Who do YOU believe deserves a hiss or a purr this week?

36 thoughts on “Hisses and Purrs!!!!

  1. Sadly for New South Wales one of the politicians named Barry O’Farrell loves nothing more than to hunt Elephants in Africa..legally because it makes him feel great when the creature dies in front of you..yes a complete human failure of a man..have written and complained to parliament but apparently because he is part of a Gun lobby and independant the rest of the sitting members can’t or won’t do anything about him….oh and it’s not just elephants check out his facebook..proud of the piece of dirt that he is..google him you will be disgusted as I am many many others are…as an Member of Parliament they should keep well clear of this …….well I won’t say what I think he is!

  2. You know I love the PURRS …………………mister June Buggie
    will you be in the new animal vid for aug 1 > xxxx i would love to have YOU XXXX purr me on my latest post xxx I LOVE YOU XO

  3. Love the Ugly Animal Preservation hoomans. It’s funny and clever!

    Whee want to send purrs to efurryone at Mead Road Vets in Kent who gave great advice over the phone and took amazing care of Nibbles in his final minutes. They made a terrible time more bearable.

    Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    1. I think it’s good to know what’s really going on out there in the rest of the world. We too often only see what’s in front of us.

  4. How sad to hear about what happened at the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa…..I feel very sad for both the human and the lion…. 😦

  5. Plenty of hairballs this week.
    Hate dog racing. There are pits of dead dogs didn’t run fast enough – the rescue league tries to grab them first – and takes the ones just abandoned and left. Do not believe “the dog owners really love their dogs and want to take good care of them.”
    The meat packing plant still has to be inspected before opening – and there’s no money for inspector at this time…so tiny delay – not much of one. I’ve had talks with legislators and vets over this one. Mustangs on federal lands at at risk, too. They point to the current practice of jamming horses into too small trucks and hauling them (without food/water) across deserts and in extreme heat to Mexico where the plants are less than humane and regulated. I’ve seen those trucks, too. People deal with your old horses yourself. Do not get a horse if you cannot commit to 25-35+ years of care. (sounds just like feral cat and dog concerns) Horses are not accessories, they are alive.
    It’s nice the administration wants to help other countries, but there are so many animal needs in this country. Cock and dog fighting enforcement needs funding. Exotic animal restrictions enforced? Endangered animals’ support in this country. How about some assistance for managing birth control for feral horses, dogs, and cats? Wildlife management in national parks…
    oh, restore funding to national parks – and open the White House to tours
    So many needs. The cobbler’s child goes without shoes. Animals cry in desperation, fear, and hopelessness.

  6. Big big purrs to Obama! From a foreign point of view it seems like he’s not just concerned with politics and international relations, he looks so much more humane than that. Great with all the influence he has..

  7. You two look so much a like and you have completely different personalities. In a way I’m glad. We get to hear both sides.

    1/4 purrs to Obama. Giving money to other countries sounds good. After all he is a politician. Why is it the US is always willing to help other countries and ignore the US. We could use that money to address many of the issues and conditions animals face in OUR country. But no, that doesn’t make headlines and promote him.

    Hissy your right about the volunteer situation. These animals are very cute and I would like to pet them and hug them too. AND, they are not for cuddling. They are wild animals and attack other animals for food. They consider people food.

  8. hisses to the man in tampa who brutally killed and butchered his dog. hisses also to the woman in Spring Hill who tried to avoid a failing inspect by trying to hide 50 pets in a uhaul truck in a Publix parking lot, the pets were found, but unfortunately they had not been properly cared for and 39 cats were put down. She will be facing 50 counts of animal abuse & animal abandonment. Thank goodness Florida made the law that each abuse case is separate.

    Purrs to you Rumpy & family for finding another place to live. Here’s to many happier days ahead.

  9. We join you in hissing at those thoughtless countries. And we purr for all the volunteers who so selflessly give to the less fortunate every day and people who adopt those animals too.

  10. I have no idea how you guys compile all this data but I luv reading this post every time! It gives me focus for things I can send emails to protest or praise. Paw pats, Savannah. PeeEss…hisses to the entire city in So Carolina where the despicable trail or park hooman rats live and who are torturing and killing the poor feral cats who live there…a feral colony created by those same evil rat people cuz when they got tired of their kittens they just tossed them out with their garbage.

  11. It is good of you, Rumpy and Jen, to help take the blinders off with these reports (on both sides). However, as Savannah’s Paw Tracks points out, this is somewhat preaching at the choir, since the vast majority who read this blog are committed to animal welfare, even if some are only committed for their own pets. If only there were some way to get the uncommitted to read these reports, and some way to publicly tag the offenders. Any ideas?

  12. Yow it seemz fer every guud deed dun fer animalz dere iz a bad one dun!!! As fer horse meat…me NOT gonna eat dat!!! Mum sayz we go veggie befur she feed me a horse!! Me agreez!!!
    Phankz HissyFit Jonez n Junebug fer yer informative blog!!!
    Nylablue n SherriEllen

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