With every move comes change. Some change is planned, while others are  unexpected.

Malachi gives the dishes a last check
Malachi gives the dishes a last check

I had planned to change the way I feed the cats to address the weight gain with some of them, like Malachi. Instead of leaving a feeder out for each cat to enjoy at his or her leisure, they’re now being fed twice a day, the same as the dogs. There is a downside, though. The cats start fussing to be fed long before I’m ready to get up.  I think I may be getting up earlier for a while…. at least until they get used to the routine.

But the most pleasant, unexpected change also happened. Bubba Cat has stopped isolating himself! He had been spending all his time in my bedroom.

Bubba hanging out this morning
Bubba hanging out this morning


He is still not getting along well with Graybow, so I have work to do in that area. But at least he’s out among the rest of us. YAY!


38 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

  1. I started feeding my two kitties twice a day when I brought them home. I had three before them, one very skinny and one very fat. I left the food out all day because I was worried about the skinny guy not getting his share. Unfortunately, fat Willie died from diabetes and liver failure. It broke my heart. I swore never to overfeed my kids again. You are right – they will wake you up early for food, even when they are in the routine. Prepare for window blind rattling and face pouncing! 🙂

  2. Hooray! I’m glad to hear that Bubba started joining you!
    Hmmm…. Our kitties are fed four times a day, but we’re also thinking if we might feed them twice a day…
    Have a lovely weekend at your new house! 🙂

  3. Good luck with that feeding routine. I have four cats and one is fat. One will only eat dry and the rest get wet. It is very hard to actually see who eats what unless I stand there because they trade bowls. I was thinking of not leaving the dry out all day but the dry food cat is a skinny nibbler. And yes, I can always tell when it’s time to put out the wet stuff. There are dances that go on and chirping and stuff. Except when there is company here. They can go an extra two hours without food rather than come out if other people are here.

  4. I no longer free feed my cats either. They generally get fed three times a day (if I’m home) or twice a day if I’m out. Zelda gets fed in my bedroom because she’s the least assertive, and I don’t any of the others to steal her food. Also she was too heavy, so she no longer receives any dry food which has really helped slim her down. The rest receive half dry/half wet.

  5. Way to GO BUBBA. We have a self feeder. Hope MOM doesn’t see this and get any of her CRAZY SQUIRRLEY Ideas .

  6. Good for Bubba. I only have 1 cat, so it’s easier to adjust food amounts and routines. With the first 3 cats, I used to do free feed and never had a problem with weight. Mario came along, and he loves to eat! Now we feed him 3 times a day in measured amounts. It’s working, but again having only 1 cat is easier that trying to get several cats to adjust. Good luck. I hope it works for you.

  7. You have my sympathies on the weight control issue. We’re now feeding our two cats a weight-control diet. We put the dish of dry food down twice a day, but I do leave it out if they haven’t finished it. (We also feed them wet food – a total of a can between the two of them – half of a small can split between them in the morning, the other half at night.)

  8. I hope your kitties adapt. I had a diabetic kitty some time ago that would tap me in the face, turn on my touch lamp, and cry furiously for about an hour before it was feeding time in the morning. We had to change the schedule so I didn’t get 4:30 am paws to the face.

  9. Whee aren’t too fond of change here but sometimes whee gotta lets the hoomans do whats they wants to do. Whee always squeak for our veggies and hay hours before whee are supposed to get them. It’s our way to trying to train the hoomans!


  10. So glad that Bubba is making an appearance..changes are not liked by any of us are least we understand in a way why but the furbabies really don’t get it…yes you may be on the early shift for awhile 🙂
    Hugs Fozziemum

  11. Dearest Bubba,

    We are Purrime Ministerettes. At your service. *paws to heads*

    You like how you fooded, twice a day? It YOUR decision how you get fooded, not thems. YOU is boss, not thems. So if you has desire to get fooded 3 AM, you has right to. Thems shall learn soon to foodings you immediately when thems notice you has empty bowl. But bestest is not to even has thems notice. It very lawful to start whining when bowl empty and demand an IMMEDIATE FILL.

    You has Purrime Ministerette purrmission. XXXX

  12. Glad that Bubba is coming out of his shell. I haven’t had cats for a long time, but three Shih Tzus probably equal four cats 😛 Two have a weight problem, the third maintains her girlish figure through thick and through thin (sorry, couldn’t resist that :D).

    Because the oldest doesn’t “get up” until late morning and isn’t amenable to breakfast at that time, I had to switch the first of our two-meals-a-day routine from breakfast to lunch, and the second at supper time.

    However, fearing that lunch was too long a wait from supper the night before for the other two dogs, I gave them all a hand-fed snack in the morning…whenever they got up. It usually consists of 2-3 small raw carrots (baby-sliced size) and 5-10 kibbles fed from the hand as well. It works.

  13. That’s so great that Bubba Cat is coming out of his shell. We hope he and Graybow can figure things out soon.

    Moosey fusses when it gets to be near feeding time, too. MOL.

  14. You have such determination and nerve. RC would hunt me down and I’d soon be cowering in a corner. (I’ve managed to end the endless food bowl and have scheduled snacks…she can’t eat a lot at one sitting or she’ll bolt it down, throw it up, and come looking for me demanding more….and she gets up really early – those pounding little paws to the head hurts.)
    Nice Bubba is feeling more social!

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