Monday Again *sigh*

Monday is here again. *sigh*

Monday already???
Monday already???

It seems like only yesterday it was Friday. Where did the weekend go?

Now it’s time for humans to trudge their way back to those things they call jobs. And it’s time for us to start counting down the hours until the next weekend.

Five more days until the weekend!
Five more days until the weekend!

Hurry up Friday! Dogs and cats everywhere are eagerly awaiting your next appearance!


The good news is you have until midnight Central Daylight Time to enter our No Pet Store Puppies Giveaway! So get a move on!

24 thoughts on “Monday Again *sigh*

  1. Since my mom has to work sometimes on the weekend, Mondays just kind of blend in and all seven days are similar…makes Mondays easier to deal with.

  2. I know what you mean Rumpy… Mom says she could swear someone is sneaking an extra Monday into every week – at least it FEELS like that!! Have a good day ANYWAY…..

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  3. We have monday much earlier than you have it there, Rumpy…*sigh*
    But we also have friday much ealier than you have it there!
    Hmmm….which is better….I wonder…..*sigh*

  4. I wish I was home with my babies today! I had to be without them last night because I’m house sitting, and I was so lonely without their wet noses! I made my mom send me pictures of them.

  5. Mom’s retired so Monday’s are okay. Sometimes we get mixed up and forget it’s Monday..

    Mom leaves for jury duty on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I don’t like those days.

  6. D’awwww those squinty eyes. That made monday better. 😀 Although I would really like to be a cat every single time monday comes around. Relaaaax.. hang ooout…

  7. Our kidz are too used to having us around all the time. When, a couple of times a year we go away without them, they get very bent out of shape, even though they never have to leave home … the kids take care of all of them. But they want us right there, with them. Not TOO spoiled!

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