Hisses and Purrs!

It’s time for another edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week we run down the good, and not-so-good, news about animal welfare around the world. First up: Hissy Fit Jones!

A pox upon your buttocks!
A pox upon your buttocks!

Hisses to the Crown Point, Indiana, police officers that shot and killed two huskys that had escaped from their fenced yard and were attacking a neighbor’s cat. Police first sprayed pepper spray at the dogs, then shot them multiple times. While I’m sorry the cat was attacked, killing the dogs is not the solution.

Hisses to Thiruvananthapuram Zoo in southern India, after ten animals have died there in the past two weeks. Officials at the zoo claim the animals died of natural causes or from diseases spread by insects during the rainy season. But two leopard cubs died from feline panleukopnia virus, a disease for which there is a vaccination.

Hisses to the landscaping crew in Hillsboro, Oregon, that sprayed insecticide containing dinotefuran into some ornamental trees to kill aphids. The result was that over 50,o00 bumblebees were killed as they sought to pollinate the blooms on the tree. Oregon has temporarily banned insecticides that contain dinotefuran. Amazingly, the aphids could have been easily removed by spraying the trees with a pressure washer.

Hisses to South American drug smuggling gangs for forcing dogs to swallow packets of drugs, transporting the dogs to Italy, then killing the dogs to retrieve the drugs. Italian police recently arrested 49 people involved in the drug smuggling.

Great job, humans!
Great job, humans!

Purrs to Officials at Kenya’s Mombasa port, who confiscated over three tons of ivory bound for Malaysia. It’s believed the ivory comes from Botswana, South Africa, Congo, Cameroon, and Mozambique, and is smuggled off the continent through Kenya. The ivory was disguised in bags labeled “peanuts” and smelled of fish to throw off the sniffer dogs. Poaching is lucrative as the demand for ivory increases in Asia.

Purrs to San Antonio, Texas, whose animal care services is a model for other communities. They implemented a program designed to reduce the number of animals the city euthanizes. Currently Their live release rate is 80%, and the rate for adoptable pets is 90%. That’s amazing!

Purrs to the country of Belgium, who is set to ban circuses that exhibit “wild”, or undomesticated, animals. Forcing animals to behave in ways that are not in their nature is cruel and abusive.


And a special purr for John, whose faithful companion Shoep crossed to the Rainbow Bridge last week. In case you don’t recognize the names, here’s the photo that introduced us to John and Shoep.

from their Facebook page
from their Facebook page

26 thoughts on “Hisses and Purrs!

  1. Those are some nasty and sad hiss stories. A bit like some of the ones I read on an animal cruelty blog. Actually ‘stop animal cruelty’ to be accurate.

    But the purrs are nice stories, at least you manage to find some, it seems there are more hiss stories than purrs 😦

    A soft haroo to John, Shoep looks rather like Pippa (or our former GSD Prince). One of our friend’s dog went to the bridge last week too, sad times. But that’s a lovely photo to remember Shoep.

    1. I find that we animal advocates are quick to run down the nasty stuff, but we need to also remind folks that lots of good things are happening in the world too. Meow!

  2. I heard about shoep, how sad. That’s a true pet guardian. I’m astonished about the bombs on the great barrier reef, they already have bleaching problems..honestly I think Australia should do something. I don’t remember if they are a part of the u.n. or not but something should be done.

  3. A note on aphids. I would make a spray of nicotine and water to kill aphids and other pesky plant bugs.

    Let a cigarette sit in a glass of water over night. If needed add water until the color is a medium brown. Spray the plant with the nicotine water. That should take care of it.

    When I needed to do that, I mooched a cigarette from a smoker. Since i didn’t smoke, the joke was, “Oh, Lynda’s spraying her plants again.”

  4. That was a touching photograph! God bless Belgium! They just celebrated the coronation of their new king! The old one stepped down (hint, hint Elizabeth Two). Thanks for the news.

  5. Wow! The program of San Antonio is great!!! And Belgium, too! I’ve always felt vey sorry for those animals who have to work for circuses because it is absolutely NOT what they want.
    I’m so sorry to hear about John’s loss…….that picture looks beautiful….Shoep’s face is so peaceful…..

  6. Oh purrs for John.
    Why the gov OKs poisons for lawn crews that are banned in other countries beats me…strong lobby.
    Bees take another hit. If strikes like this don’t stop, agriculture/food supply will be seriously damaged.
    Aphids natural enemy are ladybugs…and the aphid guys will leave eventually anyway (dish soap and water in a spray bottle works)…plants don’t always have to look “perfect”.
    Yeah for San Antonio, Belgium, and Kenya’s working dogs. And an elephant walking zone….everyone needs safe green corridors.

  7. I HATE that there have to be so many hisses! So sad 😦
    Perhaps one day man will come to understand our animal counterparts as more than just tools, slaves, and sideshow acts.
    But I do LOVE all the purrs. We can all rest assured that Shoep crossed over the rainbow bridge a happy, well-loved pooch.

  8. I never miss reading this post. I don’t always comment, but I never miss as I learn so much. I am going to learn more about San Antonio’s approach as I can’t believe my own county can’t do a better job of decreasing its killing at the county shelter. Another project for my Mom Linda s retirement years !

  9. John and Schoep sure had an amazing and inspiring friendship. So sad that Schoep had to go to the Bridge.

    Those hisses really hissed me off, too!

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