Putting a Face to the Problem

This is MJ. 

MJ is a beautiful cat that was rescued in the UK

MJ is a nine month old female cat for whom life has not exactly been easy.

At only a few months old, she was rescued from the side of a Yorkshire road, very pregnant and very thin. Her rescuer took her to a vet clinic, who provided care for her. Her pregnancy had to be terminated, and she was spayed.

MJ loves to play. She’s also great around dogs.

The vet clinic tried to find a home for this sweet kitty. After several months with no success, she was taken in by The Blue Cross For Pets.

Staff at The Blue Cross found that MJ is diabetic, and their vets are checking her health, especially her kidney function.

It’s sad to think that this sweet cat may have health problems that are too serious to overcome. Especially since she is a sweet, playful, and loving creature.

Sittin' pretty!
As long as we see animals as things to own, this story will play out over and over again.

Is her illness the result of her having such a rough start in life? It’s obvious from her loving nature that she wasn’t always homeless. Was she lost? Was she left outside to fend for herself? I don’t know.

I do know that her story isn’t unique. It’s the story of many cats around the world.

If MJ is found to be reasonably healthy, The Blue Cross will make her available for adoption. She has more of a chance than many cats do.

I pray that she is able to be adopted, and that there is a loving family in the UK that will take her in and provide her the care that she needs.

I also pray for the day that we see all living things as more than just property to be tossed out as trash. For until we change the attitudes of people regarding the worth of animals, we will continue to have our hearts broken by stories like MJ’s.


29 thoughts on “Putting a Face to the Problem

  1. What a wonderful blog post – we hope someone sees the joy MJ will bring even if they will need to help keep her diabetes under control – it’s a small thing to ask in return for all the love she will bring someone in the UK.

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Just down the road from our home is a pull over that was made by a farmer to put his tractor when not in the field. People use it for everything from lovers lane to late night drop off of animals. We can see the headlights through the trees and about ten minutes later see the animal or plural in our yard or they go the other way to the highway or to another neighbor with unfriendly animals. Sadly we see it too often. The last kitten took us three days to rescue. Luckily as we were taking it to the shelter a family came in and fell in love with our story about it. Our prayers to MJ to find a loving home.

  3. MJ is adorable and I will never figure out how people can be so disregarding of animals and their right to be treated with respect.

  4. Poor, poor baby. She sounds neglected, and like a true fighter all the same. Brave little kitty!!
    But you know, even some human beings are homeless, and treated like the proverbial dog. Nobody cares for them, nobody gives them a soft, friendly touch, a kind word. And their sight, skinny, beaten and poor, doesn’t break our hearts anymore because they are unpopular. I sometimes struggle with these things, when I myself avoid a beggar and think, “if he was a starving dog I would have taken him in”. We are so biased. Can we not face our fellow humans, because they remind us too much of our own insignificance? Can we not help others because taking a cat to a vet is an easier gratification than doing something substantial for a person? I don’t know, it just makes me wonder.

    I do wish that this beautiful, big eyed cat finds a loving and warm home, and that she is respected and receives affection there.
    P.S. your background is AWESOME.

  5. MJ is so beautiful kitty…How sad that she has to suffer from the serious health problem in her life….very unfair….I strongly hope that cute MJ will be adopted for her happy life. *paws crossed*

  6. Thank you Rumpy for helping MJ put a face to an often “undiscussable” human attitude toward companion animals. MJ’ s future hangs on a thread until her kidney function is diagnosed. I am staying in constant contact with her guardian at Harringtons. If she can be adopted, I won’t give up until she has a home and if she can’t be due to her kidneys, then I will insure her life is honored for how very brave she is and how much love she has already brought to all who have been caring for her. Paw pats, Savannah

  7. I hope MJ finds a forever home. One of my strays that I brought in years ago, was discovered later to be diabetic. He gets insulin 2x a day. He’s a beautiful, loving and now healthy cat.

  8. Purring hope.
    Reminds us of a very litter of too tiny kittens that was tossed out by a swimming pool my daughter was life guarding one summer. She managed to find home for all but one – and we took that one in until we could find a home – the problem was that the person that left them didn’t realize that fire ants swarm over new tiny babies: in their eyes, nose, mouths. My daughter washed them all off as soon as she found them. This last one had problems, but a local vet helped for free and we thought we had it fixed. He call a client who’s elderly cat had passed on and she agreed to come see the little cat. She wasn’t sure she wanted one so young with tummy issues ( the vet said the ants cause irritation, but it would probably live with care). It was the sweetest snuggling kitten with a loud purr, but it needed special treatment. Fortunately it was love at first sight and the kitten found the perfect home. Sometimes things go right. Save what you can.
    You do that Rumpy. You help more than you ever know. Thanks

  9. We hope that MJ will find a furever home very soon. We have some kitties at PAWS who were abandoned because of health problems. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating.

  10. Yow Rumpy dog what a grrrreat post ya did!!!
    Ya know when me ferst got sick da stoopid Hu’manz who kept me purrisoner tossed me out into da streetz n terned dere backz on me!! Den da me waz picked up n taken to da Shelter n me figured me waz safe but me waz taken to another place n made to have more kittz!!! By da time me waz spayed me wax BERY sick….n me waz gonna bee put to sleep…dat iz where me Mum comez into da story n she rescued me n haz taken care of me thru guud n bad n da werst!!! Like last week when me came close to goin to Da Bridge!! Mum even got da VET to come to our place to give me a magick shot dat helped me pull thru!!! Mum sayz she eatz macaroni fer da rest of her life as long as ME IZ WELL n happy!!! Why can’t all Hu’manz bee like ourz???
    We iz purrayin dat sweet Mary MJ findz a furever home soon…me nose she will!!!! She just has to!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  11. I pray for Her and those that are abandoned and lost,
    I have the most wonderful creatures each so unique and special… left at my property and I always wonder how someone can just walk away from them…
    I pray from the animals, I sometimes wish to see the karma of the ones who do j=such injustice to the innocent familiars…
    a sad post, tears will flow hopefully after I get this written..
    You are a very special Human… Take Care…You Matter…

  12. Thank you so much for sharing MJs story. We will get the results of all her tests this weekend and update people as soon as we know. Please everyone keep your paws crossed for her. She is so lovely, typist is completely smitten and knows she will make someone the most lovely pet – all she wants is to be near people and loved!

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