Beauty From the Inside Out!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with another beauty tip to make you look and feel your best!

Beauty is an inside job!
Beauty is an inside job!

Todays tip: What you truly value determines your enjoyment of life. 

We live in a world with millions of humans, many of whom are slaves to their desires.

There are people in rich countries that are slaves to fashion, buying cheap clothes they may only wear once, and never considering the impact their desires have on the people in poorer countries that make them.

There are people who are obsessed with youth and beauty, and buy every product promising a youthful look, without once thinking of the plight of the animals used to test those products.

There are people who are slaves to their desire for safety and security, and so they stockpile weapons and food and other belongings, and they shut themselves off from the rest of the world, which in turn feeds their biases toward others.

And of course there are plenty of humans who worship the god of money, and go through life stealing from Mother Earth and Her creations so they can hoard more of the stuff than they will ever need.

To be sure, there are many in this world who would convince us that a life well lived includes beauty, wealth, and possessions. But do those things ever make you happy? And if they do, then why do people race around their entire lives looking for More! More! More! To me they’re no different than a drug addict looking for his next fix.

Here’s a secret that every dog knows: If you’re not happy with what you have now, you will never be happy.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with wanting a newer car, a faster computer, or a better-paying job. But if you are a slave to your desires, you are not happy. And people who are not happy, no matter how physically appealing they may be, are not beautiful. They are like a hollow Easter egg- the outside is appetizing, but there’s nothing there to provide nourishment.

If you want true beauty, start from the inside and work your way out.

photo (9)

And never leave home with that most essential beauty product- a smile! 


38 thoughts on “Beauty From the Inside Out!

  1. Hi DeDe! Your Sunday post always reminds us that having smile on our face makes us much happier! We sometimes forget it especially when we feel tired and get down, but thanks for the reminder! Have a happy Sunday! 🙂

  2. I agree DeDe – you can’t buy happiness and satisfaction. If you are unhappy – no make up or nip&tuck can give you the “happy Look” (like Victoria B.). The monk Martin Luther said:A happy fart never comes from a miserable ass. – rude but correct.

  3. DeDe you are ever so wise AND beautiful – a most rare combination. Beauty truly does start deep below the surface and true hearts shine right through. Happy Sunday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. You are SO right, DeDe! All the money and possessions in the world will not bring lasting happiness, especially for those who aren’t “okay” with themselves.

    Thank you for your wise, wise words, sweet friend.

    Hugs to you all!

  5. DeDe, you are wise beyond your years! If you carry happiness within you, you will be happy. If you carry unhappiness or seeds of discontent, then that’s what you’ll be, no matter how rich or how many things you have.

  6. Yow DeDe ya barked sum grreat advice fer shure!!! me Mum alwayz smilez n makez peeple laff even when she not her best!!
    N she iz bery poochie like in her finkin ’cause she sayz she iz happy wif everyfing she haz ‘cludin me!!!!
    Smart hu”mum 😉
    Lub Nylablue ❤

  7. Oh Dede, you are one wise dog. I feel contented with what I have, but sometimes I feel that I don’t dream enough.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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