And Monday is Back Again!

Uh oh! Monday’s back!




Monday is meaner than June Buggie on catnip.

Jen had a flat tire while on a call out yesterday, so she has to head out early to get some new ones. Ugh!

How would you describe Monday?

40 thoughts on “And Monday is Back Again!

  1. Sorry to read about Jen and the flat tyre! Oh dear!

    Monday is like trying to keep your brolly the right way up in torrential rain against some really strong wind! You and the brolly never win! LOL! take care

  2. Well Rumpy, Monday is much like any other day around my house since my parents are retired and not heading off to work and deserting me here…….we’re just hoping it’s as pretty a day as yesterday was. Make Monday a FUN day!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Sweet Rumpy we are so sorry sweet Jen has to get new tires today. Mumsy and Popsy are retired so their Mondays are pretty much like all the other days. Sometimes they don’t remember what day it is until they read the daily paper. lol Hugs and nose kisses

  4. For me, every day is about the same anymore. I actually like it that way! A new adventure every morning. I know, I know…stop being cheerful on Monday morning, right? I’m told that a lot…lol

  5. Rainy monday morning is one of the worst things in the world, we think…..because the trafic is terrible and sometimes it delays trains….*sigh* Almost everybody looks so tired and unhappy on monday morning….

  6. Sorry to hear about your tire Jen, I’m having car mishaps myself this weekend, my battery died (for about to 20th time). Mondays aren’t too worrisome for me since I’m retired, I kind of enjoy a quiet house after a busy weekend.

  7. Jenny,
    I’m sorry to hear of your flat tire situation. I’m glad that you weren’t hurt. And, while new tires can be a significant outlay of money, it’s so important to buy new ones (as opposed to plugging or patching them).
    Oh, and I highly recommend you checking the year in which the tires were made – the industry encourages that 6 year-old tires be replaced, regardless of wear. You can find the week and year each tire was made by looking at the last 4 numbers of the DOT number printed on each tire (it’s usually about 12 figures long).
    Note: the proper tire pressure is NOT the tire pressure marked on the tire; the tire only contains the MAXIMUM amount of pressure to which the tire should be inflated. (You will find the proper tire pressure for your vehicle by looking at the placard in the door jam of the driver ‘s side. Note: the pressure is denoted as “psi,” and a vehicle may have a different psi listed for the front and back tires, based on the weight distribution of your vehicle.)
    The last thing I’ll say (sorry this is so lengthy, and I apologize if you already know all this!) is that it is important to check your tire pressure once a month. The industry agrees that tires may loose approximately 1 psi per month. So, if you don’t check them for a year, your tire could be 12 psi below the recommended pressure (and driving on chronically under- inflated tires is one of the reasons that tires fail).
    Oh. Last thing, I promise… It’s very important to check your tires to make sure that they are wearing evenly; all tires feature “wear bars,” which allow you to check for even wear across the tire, in addition to serving as an indicator for when your tires should be replaced – that’s when your tire’s tread is flush with all 3 wear bars (the outer, middle and inner bars).
    Hope you’re happy with your new tires!

  8. This Monday has been particularly evil… Boomer and Dottie misbehaved horribly on their walk and then when I came home to go to the gym I had a flat tire! The sad thing is that I don’t know how to change one so I have to wait for the hubby to come home and put the spare on.

    Stupid Monday…

  9. We’re not too keen on Mondays, either, Rumpy. We sure hope Jen got the tire thing all taken care of. When all is said and done, we hope you end up being surprised by *this* Monday being at least a little better than you dared to imagine…


  10. This Monday is a happy one. Mom drove her car for the first time since her surgery! We went to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee and then to the PARK to drink it. Road Trip Monday! Awesome.

    Love and licks,

  11. Funny, I had a flat tire this weekend too. I had to walk my bike two miles on the railroad tracks. But it was much easier than pushing a car. 🙂

    I’d like to learn how to bring a weekend feeling to every day. I haven’t gotten there yet, though. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

  12. This past Monday was sad. On that day, we ended a brief visit with my brother in Vegas and returned home. I hate good-byes. Other Mondays mean a return to reality – the working life. 🙂

  13. Mondays are the busiest days ever. Had to accompany my sister and make lots and lots of calls to other people.

    Glad to know it’s already a Wednesday.

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