Hisses and Purrs!

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week we run down the good, and not-so-good, in animal welfare.  

First up is Hissy Fit Jones, and boy, does he have some vicious hisses to dole out this week!

I am shocked and appalled!
I am shocked and appalled!

Hisses to Taiwan, for allowing an outbreak of rabies in the country. Rabies had been eradicated from the country 50 years ago, but disease control officials have not been diligent in ensuring it didn’t return. Now all shelter and breeder animals are required to administer vaccinations to their animals.

Hisses to Angela Russell and five of her family members who ran Crunchy’s Animal Rescue near Abingdon in the UK. The center was raided in January, 2012, and 80 animals were removed from horrific conditions. Each person involved was convicted of 16 animal welfare offenses and banned from owning animals for 10 years.

Hisses to the Durham, Connecticut, Agricultural Fair Association for bringing an elephant show to the fair. Florida-based Elephant Experience, owned by Bill Morris, will display its two elephants. Morris sees his show as educational because he talks about the difference between Indian and African elephants. Of course, I’m sure he won’t say anything about how elephants require companionship from family members and thrive on touch.

Oh Dog! I am disgusted! I think we need a dose of purrs now to calm us all down. June Buggie? Ya got any?

You make an ornery kitty smile!
You make a ornery kitty smile!

Purrs to the North Carolina legislature for not passing the ag-gag bill in that state. That means that none of the 11 ag-gag bills on state dockets this year became law. YAY!

Purrs to the country of Nepal, whose population of tigers in the wild has increased by 63% to 198 since 2009. Sadly, it’s estimated that less than 2,000 tigers remain in the wild worldwide.

Purrs to Sam Simon, co-developer of The Simpsons, who after learning he was terminally ill willed his fortune to animal welfare causes and to food banks. Simon has supported animal welfare for years, and now wants his fortune to benefit others.

And purrs to the thousands of animal-loving people of New Zealand who turned out today to protest against the Psychoactive Substances Bill. The bill, which would regulate the sale of party pills and synthetic cannabis, allows for testing of the products on animals.


That’s awesome, June Buggie!  Thanks!

Now it’s your turn. Do YOU have any hisses or purrs to share with us this week?


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34 thoughts on “Hisses and Purrs!

  1. I wish A. Russell and her gang would be banned from owning animals for lifetime. The animals were found in their own extrementitious matters without water or food. What a….

  2. Big hisses for the lady who owned Angel, a dog with cancer that was left untreated and was so bad she had to be put to sleep.

    “When an RSPCA inspector went to her home, she found Angel had a huge seeping mass on her belly area. Her ear infection also had a thick discharge.”

    A vet said she had been suffering for around four weeks and early intervention would have saved her. Purrs to the people who banned that terrible woman from keeping animals for two years.

    Also, can’t decide what to make of this story but I thought you might find it interesting. The lady’s cat, Gem, looks rather like a certain June Buggie!



  3. Purrrs to one of mom’s friends who has recently rescued two baby pigeons who suddenly showed up on her balcony and were seemed very skiny and hungry. She says that probably their mother gave up bringing them up. She feeds them and cleans her balcony twice a day for those pigeons.She says that she looks after them until they will be big enough to be independent. 🙂

  4. So happy about North Carolina! No ag-gag bills passed into law — woohoo!

    Thanks for the final vote-stumping. We love you, and appreciate your friendship and support so much! We.are.exhausted. 🙂

  5. Hisses for the new US farm bill and the King amendments to it that would remove states rights to legislate the treatment of farm animals!

  6. Those are some really bad hisses, but yay for Sam Simon in particular. And purrs to all the unsung persons who help animals every day without recognition or fanfare.

  7. Hey Rumpy… Those hisses are awful… Since the circus this is inevitable, I do hope he does explain to the audience that elephants need their own “pack”.

    Glad to hear about Simon’s decision. One more animal welfare supporter I am a big fan of is Ian Somerhalder,

  8. Jumped over here from Savannah’s. Great post. Didn’t know you did this each Tuesday. We’ll definitely check it out again. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. Pawsum blog!!! Stoopid peeple who did bad fingz n HURRAH to Sam Simon fer bein so so kind to 4 leggedz…DAT iz a real GUUD Hu’Man!!!
    Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo

  10. HISS on this! Father denying the evidence of his son getting caught on video abusing “their” cat!

  11. What a lot of news in one post. You obviously keep up on animal news around the world. Do you visit pepismartdog.com? His mom is trying to save dogs from being eaten.

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