In Victoria Australia, Killing a Dog With a Hammer is Humane?

There’s a fight brewing in Victoria, Australia, over the welfare of animals.

If a new law is passed, dog and cat breeders in Victoria Australia could legally kill me with a hammer- as long as it's away from other animals, of course.
If a new law is passed, dog and cat breeders in Victoria Australia could legally kill me with a hammer- as long as it’s away from other animals, of course.

A proposed revision of the code regulating animal breeders would allow breeders to euthanize their own animals (currently they can do so only in an emergency and if a vet is not available). The proposal would call for the breeder to use a “humane” method of euthanasia.

On August 5,Β Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh was asked in an interview on Ballarat ABC Radio about that law. He admitted that shooting an animal or using a blunt instrument, if done appropriately, could be a humane method of euthanasia under the code change.

Here’s a recording of the complete interview.


Not surprisingly, Minister Walsh is now backtracking and claiming his comments were taken out of context. But it was apparent to me, after listening to the interview, that the welfare of animals is not something he cares about.

You can read the proposed code changes here (adobe reader required).

If you live in Victoria, I encourage you to make your feelings about the issue known. The comment period is open only through Tuesday, so please act TODAY. All submissions must be in writing and must include your name, mailing address, and a contact email address.

You can send an email to:Β

Or you can post a letter to:

Breeding and Rearing Code Review
Bureau of Animal Welfare
475 Mickleham Rd
VICΒ  3049

Please step up and let your voice be heard TODAY.

And a big thanks to Bumpy Road to Bubba for making me aware of this issue.


122 thoughts on “In Victoria Australia, Killing a Dog With a Hammer is Humane?

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this story. The more people who let our government know that we won’t stand for their barbaric actions and suggestion of what is humane the better! I really appreciate you sharing it. x

      1. This is a moving story piece. I’m a crier, and this story made me cry. I don’t under the term, some people are animals. Animals kill to eat. They don’t trap or hunt their prey w/weapons. I’m happen to say that I never owned a fur or leather coat. I dislike the circus because it in humane for animals to jump through hoops, walk tightropes, dance…

    1. I truly believe that anyone who harms any one kind of God’s
      wonderful innocent animals should get the death penalty, for
      what is this person worth if they cannot love and respect God’s
      creatures that were placed on this planet to live peacefully with
      humans. Punishment to fit the crime, or death penalty to rid this
      planet of undesireables.I am a kind, humble human and I
      cannot tolerate animal abuse.

      1. I totally agree that anyone who harms any innocent animal that has been abused and especially beaten to death with a HAMMER deserves severe punishment , especially considerable jail time… This is the most barbaric behavior I have ever heard of. Peter Walsh, should be nailed and run out of town for his opinion that killing w/ a Gun and Hammer should be considered insane and locked in a cage!! I have never heard of that type of brutal disposal of an animal when they can no longer breed!! Oh my, I am physically sick thinking about this Horror!!!

    2. People never stop amazing me at how cruel of a race we are…Glad i don,t live there cause I,d never vote for this idiot..did he pass high school…hit him over the head and smash his brains out and see how HUMAINE HE FEELS..Oops, forgot ..he has know feelings..Glad theres a God that will take care of him when he,s called to the Almighty Gates…shame on you Mayor..hate to even call him that … should step downnnnn

    3. Thanks for letting everyone aware of this i live in England and it sickens me that this idea would be thought of as acceptable
      I will be emailing i promise

    4. You cannot be sure that one hit with a hammer would kill an animal, you are opening a door to legalized animal abuse

    5. My opinion in the USA might not count for anything to these barbaric human scum but if its so humane to kill a dog with a hammer, I wonder if they wouldn’t mind us doing the same thing to a human being (using the term human very loosely here) like them. No right, I didn’t think so.

      1. Exactly…all living beings treated equal, I say!! If it is illegal to do it to a human, then don’t do it to an animal, domesticated OR WILD even. Especially since, in my opinion, animals are so much better, on so many different levels, than humans anyway! This man and these lawmakers disgust me…and let’s not even say what I would like to do to the people who actually carry out this act of horror!!!

  2. As a Victorian I have heard nothing of this!! just shows the hidden agenda of The Nationals and the Puppy farm industry..Deb Tranter knows what she is talking about and animal advocates everywhere are aware that she knows her stuff! This idiot will be bombarded by me now ..bloody disgraceful …the amount of rescues Deb has done on these barbaric places and barely any arrests in relation to cruelty.
    The shelters around here were full of puppy farm rescues all in bad shape and still barely any prosecutions..I find this UN-AUSTRALIAN..he needs to be taken to one on a surprise he can see the way they operate..maybe a few sleepless nights would help him see.
    One unimpressed rural Victorian here now!

    1. I get the feeling he doesn’t really care, Fozziemum. But I’ll bet a coordinated campaign to remove him from office might get his attention.

      1. Oh he will go for sure Rumpy this party has been glued to the side of the current Government and they are going to have an epic loss in September..believ me we do a good protest in Victoria..the Oscars Law march had sooooo many people involved in the main city of Melbourne..Deb was the one who rescued Oscar and it was her who started the ball rolling,the shelter close to us is a no kill shelter that also has taken these rescues in from Deb..there are lots of covert ways to get things done here! Furious I am..submissions by the 14th well that’s handy as nothing has been in the papers here major or minor about this at all!!! how convenient..the money these Puppy farmers have is quite handy isn’t it! and no offence but as much as the RSPCA says it does I have a different view of their operations and it s not favourable!

    2. I couldn’t believe how little press it had either – which is one of the reasons I blogged about it today and have been flooding Facebook and Twitter every hour. I certainly hope you’re right about the result in September!

      1. Oh I think they are done for amount of spin will save this government..and all their cronies will be sent packing…how this was not in our local papers even amazes me..we live just out of Bendigo so we are in the North and nothing!! disgusting.

  3. I could “NEVER” imagine bringing down a hammer on “any” animal’s head. But I could make an exception for those among us who “do” .

    “NO” this act of savagery against our furry friends, touches parts of me, that even a xxxx couldn’t reach.

  4. After reading this I have just been on the phone to my Aunt in Victoria and she said she will spread the word at her doggy obedience class tomorrow. It’s awful and I shudder to think of the suffering inflicted should someone be allowed to carry out this ‘humane’ way of killing.

    Thanks for spreading the word

    ~ Amy

      1. Hopefully there will be a right stink and protest..these people have so much money and slack and inefficient laws on their side…every time I see Forrest get stressed over another dog I could wring their necks..he is a classic puppy farm example..despise them!

  5. The sooner we get rid of Denis Napthine, Peter Walsh (ag. minister) and Graeme Smith (LDH) the better. No animal is safe in Victoria while these three halfwits have any sort of power. The three of them together are evil, dangerous and corrupt. Walsh can deny it all he wants, but I heard the interview and he was NOT taken out of context! All three should be sacked, they are three miserable excuses for human beings! Together they are sending animal welfare back into the dark ages! Victorian Liberal gov. supporting BSL, puppy farms, duck hunting, jumps racing, live export and now supporting the act of murdering precious, innocent dogs by bludgeoning them to death with a hammer!!!!!

    1. Here here…Debbie disgraceful the lot of them..just finished emailing and am sure will get zero per usual..
      We live with the results of puppy farms,we had no idea until ten years ago…all I wanted to do was find out if my puppy I bought had siblings..doors slammed shut straight away..the more I investigated the more I found out..ten years on we have a beautiful boy he has issues that we have spent thousands of dollars and so much time trying to address to not much avail,he is lovely with people,our slightly older dog the cats and the sheep but if he sees another dog he stresses..we have a large property so he has heaps of enrichment and fun but the fact I can’t have him around other dogs apart from his ‘brother’ breaks my heart.and I won’t stress him at this age..all because he was ‘pulled’ from his mother too young and god knows what else since he has always been head shy..but he taught us about puppy farms and for that I thank him..ripple effects of these places is horrific..not to mention being a lab x staffy his features would be classed by BSL as a pitty and we know how that would end.

  6. Do you know what i hate the world we live in today , we are the vermin we kill everything that live’s and i think people should stand up fot the rights of these animals, we dont killed for just food anymore we kill for the sake of it , AND IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW AND ANY GROVERMENT THAT AGREE’S THE THE KILLINGS LIKE THIS TO CARRY ON NEED TO BE OUTED NOW

  7. Not only is that a terrible idea for the animal, it brutalizes the person doing it! Are we going backwards in our awareness do what the relationship between people and animals should be? Awful, stupid idea!

  8. There needs to be action taken to stop this ,also they should be getting rid of puppy mills anyway!

  9. Killing a dog with a hammer? What a lunatic action it is!!!! I can’t believe that those stupid humans still exist…..We have to stop these crazy humans doing wrong things for animals. 😦

  10. Take a look at my blog today for another travesty in the making…grrrr!! One of our local townships plans to catch and kill all loose cats for two days in September. A totally needless travesty. (All God’s Creatures)

  11. WTF??????? And we’re here thinking that there’se no CRAZY ABNORMAL persons making laws, that people we put our trust to handle safety are ok in their heads!!!! That is DISGUSTIN!! A NORNAL himan can’t think thats ok, THAT IS SICK!!!!

  12. Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh has lost his mind. Using a hammer to euthanize animals IS INHUMANE AND ANIMAL CRUELTY! When God handed out brains, Minister Walsh must have thought God said — trains instead of brains! The people in Canada need to vote this idiot out of office. Countries need to SHUTDOWN pupply mills/farms permanently. Canada needs stiffer penalities like prison and stiffer fines to convict people who commit animal abuse and animal cruelty. Only a hit on the head for Minister Walsh and his comments will he then realize what he has done, but maybe not. He sounds too OBTUSE to be the Minister in Canada.

      1. Cute name Rumpydog! I caught my mistake before I read your reply, but thanks anyway! Hopefully are comments will bring about some drastically needed changes!

    1. Ms. Lyndi thank God persons like you exist, I agreed 100% plus with your stamen and nerves to tell! The people of Canada to vote against this CRACY, INHUMAN,IVEL MAN.
      Agriculture Minister of Canada. Peter Welch should be pull out of the office at ones.


  13. Oops! I thought this problem was being done in Canada, instead it is being done in Victoria, Australia. It doesn’t matter, the same still holds true for any country — Stiffer Penalities like prison and Stiffer Fines for animal abuse and animal cruelty. Get moving with legislation Australia. Your citizens in Australia ARE NOT happy with your Minister Walsh. Sorry citizens of Canada, but if your country isn’t on track with helping animals, then you should be.

  14. Is the man mad or some one who delights in the suffering of animals, any form of euthanasia that is not done by a vet is inhumane and should only be done anyway if there is no chance of a reasonable life without suffering. This man should not be in office as he is advocating cruelty.


  16. I just feel sick reading this…Seems sometimes like every time there’s one step forward for animal welfare there’s 2 steps back

  17. This is completely outrageous,inhumane,and I cant fathom being a part of a world who accepts this behavior! That is complete savagery!

  18. What in the world is wrong with you people??? I cannot believe what I just read. Killing an animal with a hammer is “okay” . This is really mess up, it’s a savage and cruel way to kill a beautiful and defenseless creature. You have to get some sense into your heads. These creatures don’t deserve this cruel and inhuman way of dying.

  19. Reblogged this on fozzie.m and commented:

  20. I don’t believe that euthanasia should be used unless it’s to end an animal’s pain. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  21. Deeply shameful and wickedly underhand that so few people know about this proposed legislation – until now that is πŸ˜‰ Well done Rumpy for sounding the rallying cry. We’ll do what we can to share.

  22. Thanks for sharing the light on this disaster. I have just shared in Facebook and Google+. I am not in, but if you are, you can post there. They have powerful communities who fight for animal welfare.

  23. So, if according to Peter Walsh, it is human to kill by hitting over the head, then
    1) why in countries that have the death penalty, do they not kill humans by hitting them over the head with a blunt instrument?????
    2) Why do Vets not use this method?????

  24. This Peter Walsh is a danger to animals in his current position as he now encourages barbaric savage acts of cruelty to companion animals in Victoria! it is unconscionable and shocking that a Minister responsible for animal welfare could propose this sickening inhumane brutality to animals in an inherent cruel industry and remain in that position! We are certainly heading back into the dark ages in animal welfare if he stays in his position. There are enough sickening cases of animal cruelty without a Minister encouraging more of this gruesome animal cruelty in Victoria!

  25. Thank you for publicising this terrible change in the law. Please contact them even if you do not live in Victoria. Showing the Victorian government people from overseas are outraged by this will help too, as Victoria relies on tourism as an important part of the economy. Victoria is a great place to visit and the people are nice, but the ones involved in this outrage must be held to account. International attention can only help.

  26. Victoria also has sickening breed bans which have caused loving family companions being killed because they vaguely look like a banned breed. People have even had dogs seized and killed when they had pedigrees and breeder statements showing that no trace of the banned breed was in the dogs,

    Victorian dogs really need international help to save them from unfair laws that condemn innocent family members tp die when untrained animal control officers declare them as a dangerous breed. But if a fool at the other end of the leash does something to make their dog antisocial, such as train them to be aggressive, the law does nothing to protect the dog from the scumbag who ‘owns’ them.

  27. This is a most grievous state of affairs…but Mom knows that in the dog breeding world, Canada and USA, puppies born outside allowable colors are routinely killed by drowning or wringing their necks. She knew Siberian breeders in both countries who did that and they were very highly thought of in the Siberian clubs as “responsible breeders”. We doubt that this practice has changed in 25 years. White Sibs are not able to win in the show ring, nor the beautiful sable faced ones that really look like wolves, so they are always killed at birth. Just sayin….the Victoria law isn’t the only issue…that’s why Mom left the show world…amongst many other factors such as docking etc

  28. Commercial Animal breeding and rearing industry is a sickening brutal evil industry inspite of the Codes put forward by the DPI. People who buy cats and dogs for pets have no idea how cruel these breeding animals are treated and are bred repeatedly then at the end most of them are killed by shooting and dumping their bodies. How can consumers with a conscience support this sickening evil industry by buying the product of breeding animals who have such a live and death of continual suffering?

  29. Absolutely sickening & inhumane & I wish I could take a hammer to the humans who would even consider this all right!!!! Makes me ashamed to be a party of the so called ‘human’ race!!!
    Sherri-Ellen 😦

  30. Disgust & Dismay are two words that come to mind. This Country was never inhumane & barbaric before Politicians decided to get cheap votes at the cost of Animals. I WANT MY AUSTRALIA BACK, the Animal loving, Caring & Loving Australia Not this murderous unconcienable group of thugs.

  31. Pride is d greatest of sins, Pete Walsh shows his human irogance believing striking a child of God, his acts shall be returned unot him 100fold….

  32. I sent an email and pray it helps. Neither bludgeoning or shooting are categorized as euthanasia. Each risks repeated attempts and a slow painful death.

    An additional talking point..
    I did not include in my letter the question of, “What type of situation would require emergency euthanasia?”
    I sincerely feel this is a facade used by breeders who do not want to pay for the Veterinarian.

  33. Damn, I’m late on this. Damn.

    Rumpy, I wouldn’t mind if you had a follow up on this as I don’t know what has eventuated. Good on you, as ever, for highlighting the welfare of animals.

    I saw a news report on puppy farms and I was DEVASTATED. I had no idea. I can’t look at a pet shop normally now. I feel sick.

  34. Your style is very unique compared to other people I have
    read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.

  35. I can’t stand breeders, dog shows and the like. They seem like a completely useless and unpleasant arm of the human species, to me. Thanks for raising this, though of course farmers I understand routinely euthanase their dogs by shooting (I know an old man who had to do it to his dad’s farm dogs, he really didn’t enjoy it).

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