No Blunt Instrument Needed. Your Outcry Bowled Me Over.

I can’t believe what happened yesterday!

You are amazing!
You are amazing!

We had our highest number of visitors ever! I am heartened that you care, that you shared the message, and that you’re taking action.

We have a busy day today. A repairman is coming back to stop the windshield from whistling, and I have to make sure he stays on task. There’s a human to supervise while she mows and cleans. And then there’s naps to be taken.

All those visitors yesterday wore me out!
All those visitors yesterday wore me out!

What are your plans for this weekend?

42 thoughts on “No Blunt Instrument Needed. Your Outcry Bowled Me Over.

  1. Rumpy, you look very cute when you sleep that way. I’m sure yesterday’s post really angered a lot of people. It is an outrage that it would be legal in Victoria Australia to allow such brutality be inflicted on an animal. There are shelters who would take the puppies if the breeder didn’t want them.
    I hope the law gets repealed.

    I’m glad we don’t live there. Perhaps it should be off the tourist route.

  2. Yesterday’s post was one of the most important messages for animal welfare, Rumpy! (Of course, all your posts are important for us though) It is us who should say thank you for letting us know the fact what’s been happening in Victoria Australia. I hope that you will have relaxing weekend!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, sweet Rumpy you have changed up your blog…looks nice! We missed your post yesterday but we will check it out. You are looking good sweetie all laid out ready for belly rubs and a nice nap. You all ave a great weekend and enjoy all you do. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Cute as a button Rumpy..and glad people were a Victorian I am pretty sure we all are outraged..just were kept in the dark about this disgusting plan..emails,and contacted a current affair program fingers crossed we can start some trouble for this brutal man.

  5. That was a magnificent post yesterday Rumpy – that kind of cruelty needs to be known by anyone and everyone who loves animals and the outrage was palpable. Well done my friend…..oh – and get lotsa naps today because snoopervising humans can be VERY exhausting!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  6. Yesterday’s post definitely made me mad. I’ve been involved with protests here to have a man who beat his dog with a sledgehammer put in hail for the longest sentence possible. It amazes me that I am protesting what is an unusual and abhorrent crime here while in Australia they consider allowing puppy millers the opportunity to do it all of the time. WTH?

  7. It was such an impawtent post. Whee shared it everywhere whee could and Mummy told her Aunt who has told her doggy obedience group and spread it round the dog park. People are not happy about it and rightly so. Thanks for letting people know as it seems no body did!

    Hopefully this reaction will make sure this isn’t allowed. It’s just barbaric.

    Love the new blog design, very different to the other one, but still fab!

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

      1. Maybe try a different banner with all your furmily’s cute little faces? I found mine was a bit plain until I added a blended photo banner of all the piggies.


  8. Awesome, Rumpy! Your post yesterday was so important, and we are glad you touched so many readers. We’re even more glad that so many were spurred to take action, and share and speak out.

    We’re going to volunteer at PAWS today and tomorrow, clean the house, and spend some time relaxing with Moosey. πŸ™‚


  9. I guess you are tired. Rumpy, you are an indefatigable advocate for your four legged friends and it is hard work. You deserve a nice nap. Some posts we don’t like to read, but we need to. Good work as usual.

  10. I misses yesterday’s post, I guess, but I’ll do the same as you this weekend. I’m glad you have a new layout..Granny had really troubles with reading the black and white. Pawkisses for the weekend πŸ™‚

  11. Love that picture! And thanks for spreading the message about this atrocious thing in Victoria – I live in Melbourne, Victoria and I hope to god they come to their senses.

  12. I have only just caught up with yesterday’s message! I am appalled and sickened!! I am glad so many saw it and are responding! Today you need a rest for sure, Rumpy !!

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