Why Does Saudi Arabia Earn a Purr This Week?

It’s time for another edition of Hisses and Purrs! Each week we run down the good, and not-so-good, in animal welfare.

This week we have guest hisses from Graybie Baby, and guest purrs from none other than Malachi. Are you ready Graybie?

Are you frickin’ kidding me?

Last week we hissed Jean-Claude Savoie,owner of Reptile Ocean pet store in Campbellton, New Brunswick, after learning two children were killed by an African rock python in his home. We have since learned the python was not for sale in his store, but was  kept in his apartment. He also had other reptiles that a former employee claims Environment Canada officials asked him to keep. Savoie had no permit for the python.

Kiev, Ukraine, has a problem with stray dogs. They also have a problem with people taking matters into their own hands and killing the dogs by shooting or poisoning them. A public uproar over the practice erupted prior to Euro 2012. Austrian Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) was allowed in to neuter and vaccinate the dogs, but after the football game ended, world attention was diverted elsewhere. Vier Pfoten staff were threatened and the government failed to take steps to protect them, so they left. Now the killing of the dogs continues unabated, and there is concern the poison could kill family pets or even children.

Unilever is in hot water in the UK after an advertising campaign for Marmite left a bad taste in the mouth of animal rescuers. The ad showed so-called rescue workers saving Marmite from the backs of people’s cupboards and taken to rescue centers where it could be adopted by more deserving families. Unilever has tried to stave off the negative publicity with an 18,000 pound donation to the RSPCA (you can watch the video here).

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that culling badgers is the right thing to do. He told BBC Radio 4 that the cull will go ahead to avoid the consequences of bovine tuberculosis, which is partly spread by badgers. Two pilot culls in Cloucestershire and Somerset are planned to begin this month, and will kill 5,000 badgers.

The South Newton Township of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, has an abundance of feral cats, and one of those cats bit a child. The cat had rabies. So now the township is going to pay a company to trap all the feral cats, then kill them. Town citizens are divided on the plan. You can tell the town you oppose their plan by signing the petition at Change.org.

Whoa! You’ve got my hackles up now Graybie! I think we need some good news. Can you help us out, Malachi?

Let me share some happy news with you!
Let me share some happy news with you!

India will ban the use of animals in circus shows. Wild animals have been banned from circuses for over 10 years, and now horses, camels, and dogs will also be banned from forced performance. If only the US would make such a bold move.

The Obama Administration peed on the plans of the Georgia Aquarium to buy 18 recently-captured beluga whales from Russia. NOAA Fisheries refused to approve the sale because it was unknown how the capture affected the numbers of whale population, the capture meant the animals were taken beyond what permits allow, and the age of some of the whales meant they are still nursing and therefore are not independent.

Member states of the  Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, also knows as the Gulf Cooperation Council, have developed an animal welfare system. Member states include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The system requires that animals be kept safe and in suitable accommodations to meet their needs. Animals must be checked on at least once daily. Those who violate the agreement will face a fine and have their names published in the newspaper.

Sarasota, Florida, police officer Derek Conley, with the help of some hotel visitors, scooped up approximately 100 hatchling sea turtles from the street and around a hotel and released them into the ocean. He also called two area marine rescue groups. It’s believed the turtles moved toward the hotel because they are drawn to the brightest spot.

Matt Webber and Courtney Dillard of Portland, Oregon, vacationed in Huanchaco, Peru, in 2009. While there they befriended a sweet lab with an infected leg. While trying to obtain care for the lab, they saw the problem of homeless animals in the area. They returned home, vowing to find a way to help. They formed the nonprofit Perros Project, and have raised funds to spay/neuter homeless dogs and cats. They’ve returned three times so far. You can learn more about the Perros Project at their website.


Fantastic work you guys!

Your turn. Who do YOU think warrants a hiss or a purr this week?


26 thoughts on “Why Does Saudi Arabia Earn a Purr This Week?

  1. Don’t forget to hiss at the Victorian Government in Australia {and even if you don’t live in Australia you can email the Victorian Minister for Agriculture peter.walsh@parliament.vic.gov.au} to let them know how much you object to their proposed changes to the code of practice for breeder businesses. We have until 09:00 Wednesday AEST {about 13 hours from now}. http://bumpyroadtobubba.com/2013/08/12/is-killing-these-puppies-with-a-hammer-humane/ Rumpy and Jen also blogged about it earlier this week and got amazing results. I’m pleased to say awareness around this issue has really exploded in the past 24 hours in Australia. Thank you & have a lovely day!

    1. Sent my submission yesterday,been hassling local radio,signed online petitions,emailed Peter Walsh..pffft.and been hassling The Nationals,apart froma weak response from the radio station today saying they will ‘discuss’ it with their guest vet…nothing from anyone..contacted Today Tonight but apparently the old carpark parking stories was more important!! But submission is in and yes people here are becoming aware …finally!!

  2. Usual disgusting hisses Rumpy and some really nice purrs…we are still pushing hard here for this Breeding and rearing code to be squashed..DEPI will have been inundated as the Oscars Law Facebook page is really pushing and surprisingly the RSPCA. Fingers crossed sense and humanity win out over greed.!

  3. Some good news to report about the South Newton situation in Pennsylvania. The trapper hired to capture and kill the cats has pulled out because of public pressure and the Township is under extreme pressure to give up this plan. Lots of good help is being offered by local and national TNR groups…paws crossed and very hopeful that this horrid plan is not going to happen.

  4. Hi Graybie Baby! Thanks for letting us know about those very Hisses stories….they sounds terrible, especially the one happning in Kiev and in Pennsylvania…poor dogs and cats…..it’s always humans fault why they are stray or feral and they are totally innocent….however they have to be killed….it’s unbearable….
    Wow, Malachi! You look great! Thanks for these purrrs stories. Glad to hear that In the Arab states, animal welfare system has been developed! I’m not sure what the situation of animal welfare was before in those Arab countries, but it must be a big step for animals!

  5. Oh they do it again in Kiev . I remember about the cruelty things they did for this darned soccer-thing. We boycotted this soccer-thing completely together with a lot of people.

  6. I wonder if the animal welfare law in Saudi will extend to dogs? In Islam, dogs are banned. In the UK Muslim bus and taxi drivers have been known to turn away guide dogs because they were an affront to them! There was a BIG stink about that!!

  7. All I know is that it’s a good thing you have some purrs to go with those hisses. Otherwise, I’d be totally mad and cynical about all humans. I’m off to sign the petition for those Pennsylvana feral cats.

  8. Please reconsider sending out “purrs” to the 5th mentioned M.E. country. Although the country is the richest in the world, their largest animal shelter is shutting down due to lack of assistance. Additionally, a campaign has just been launched to rid the streets of strays by sending out special teams to round them up and euthanize them. Still not convinced? Visit the FB page for the animal souq.

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