Wordless Wednesday- With Rumpy Memes!

It’s time for more memes- this time starring moi!

rumpy meme 1


rumpy meme 3


rumpy meme 2


So… what do YOU think a Rumpy meme should say?


29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- With Rumpy Memes!

  1. “Where will you sleep?” you ask. You are welcome to use my dog bed on the floor over there.


    I’m waiting for the monsters to come out from under the bed so I can attach them.

  2. You will never get one over on me. I am a dog, after all. We know everything, even before it happens. Haven’t you humans grasped that, yet? And you think spelling W – A – L – K was a clever move, how long did that last… oh nevermind…

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