Celebrating Black Cats!

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Oh look! It's our Little Girl!
Oh look! It’s our Little Girl!

The day was dreamed up by Wayne Morrisย (yay, Wayne!) to honor his sister and her beloved black cat. The purpose of the day is to celebrate black cats and to dispel some of the stereotypes of black cats being bad luck.

Some cultures believe black cats bring good luck. The Japanese believe black cats bring good luck. Scottish culture says that if a stray black cat comes to your home, it brings with it good luck to the household. And ancient Egyptian cultures treated black cats as royalty.

Others, though, think black cats are bad luck. Gamblers believe that if a black cat crosses your path on the way to gamble, it’s a sign you should not go. And Pilgrim settlers of the US saw any old woman with a black cat as a witch, If the villagers decided she was bringing bad luck to the village, both the old woman and her cat would be burned at the stake.

Graybie Baby photographs best in front of neutral colors.
Graybie Baby photographs best in front of neutral colors.

During the Middle Ages, humans killed black cats because they saw them as evil. As a result, the rat population grew and helped to spread the bubonic plague. I don’t think that was the cats’ fault. Maybe it’s stupid humans that should be feared.

There is no statistical data that supports the adage the black cats (and dogs) are less likely to be adopted from shelters. Anecdotal evidence suggests the problem lies with the difficulty in photographing them. So the smart shelters are working with lighting and backdrops to make black cats more appealing.

Here at the Rumpydog household, we share our lives with two black cats- male Graybie Baby and female Little Girl. And while Jen may be many things, a witch she is not.

So let’s celebrate the beauty and grace of the black cat, and reassure folks that black cats are not evil…… unless you forgot to feed them at the proper time, that is.

Better nobody say MY kitty is bad luck!
Better nobody say MY kitty is bad luck!

Tell us about a special black cat in your life!


86 thoughts on “Celebrating Black Cats!

  1. Black cat or no, the Pilgrims didn’t need much of a reason for burning women, cats… and just about everything else, at the stake. In fact, the Pilgrims – just like Curley of the Three Stooges – far preferred a hot steak over a cold chop. A mind-numbingly ignorant population, it’s a miracle any of them managed to survive.

  2. M’s first kitty was all black. He lived to age 19 and never once brought them bad luck., I’m half black. Black is beautiful! Wish the general public would get over that stereotype and realize black cats are just as good as any other color of cat.

  3. I’ve had two black cats, both very different and both very special. Jake is still with me. He has a special sense that knows when something is wrong. He can purr your worries away. My girlfriend (who is highly allergic) found him as a young kitten in her yard. On the way to the shelter she stopped at my house and the rest is history. His paws were so big I didn’t know what he was going to grow into. As it turns out, he is tall and long but at 16 pounds there is no fat. He is 15 and aging. I know he has had a good life and continues to live every day to the fullest. Black cats are the coolest (but don’t tell my other cats I said that!)

  4. Happy Black Cat Day! Yes, like you mentioned, black cats are popular to have as a pet in Japan! To be honest, mom’s best friend and her colleague love black cats and they have them as a pet. There are no reputation that black cat brings a bad luck. There are many black cat products here, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Our black cat, Shadow, was loving and shy. We were lucky to have her with us, along with another cat, Bond … Jane Bond, for nine years. She is missed. Stereotyping an animal or a human based on color is just dumb. I’m heart struck that these beautiful animals are singled out based on their color.

  6. Biene was our black cat. She passed away from cancer two years ago. Mom adopted her from a cat rescue when she was about six months old. She had been abused and did not like humans. Mom spent twelve years trying to tame that poor kitty. She had her moments and she knew Mom loved her, but her life was sad as she always lived in fear. Mom did the best she could but there was no reversing what happened to her as a kitten. She had the most beautiful fur of any cat we have ever seen. Hopefully she is now free and happy!

  7. While there may be no ‘statistical data’ that supports the notion that black cats get adopted less I will say that when I had to visit our own local shelter several times when we lost our black cat, it was obvious that this is true. There were far more black cats there than any other type. I had to look into so many kennels, I left in tears every time

  8. I completely agree that black dogs and cats are difficult to photograph and to draw! When I tried to draw my black dog Sephi, it was difficult to add shading because she’s black. So I added white or gray highlights instead which make her look black and white instead of black. Tough.

  9. It is a shame that black cats (and dogs too) are so hard to adopt. It is good to know that many shelters are recognizing that simple tricks such as lighting and background colors can help assist in the adoption process by giving these animals more of a visual advantage. The bad luck thing, well, we have to keep working on debunking that myth as best we can…

  10. You mean I have to appreciate Scratchy, the black cat I live with? This is terrible! I sure hope Scratchy doesn’t read this post. I’ve got to keep him away from the computer today.

  11. Honestly, I used to be very frightened of black cats after one scratched me badly when I was little. But then when I was 11 I was at my friends house playing computer games when I felt something rub against my leg, thinking it was their dog I reached down, fussed it without looking and carried on playing. It sat on my feet, rubbing against my leg for a good ten minutes and then I happened to glance down and realised it was their black cat, Sabrina. Noticing she had my attention, she jumped up onto the armchair and cuddled up next to me. I spent the whole evening there stroking and talking to her. Sabrina passed away last year and I was as heart broken as my friend because not only was she beautiful, sweet and friendly, but she cured my fear and has helped me grow to love other black cats.

    ~ Amy

  12. What a nice post. We know that no kitty is bad luck don’t we sweet Rumpy. We love black cats. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Our staff, Meowmie Debby, says that communities in the Ozark Mountains have also considered black cats good luck, because they scare away evil spirits. Purrs, headbonks, and waggawaggas to all of you!

    Respectfully meowed,
    The Feline Contingent (Lilith Kitten Mahoney, Rosco P. Catrane, & Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon)
    & Staff (Debby Hanoka)

  14. Hi Rumpy, I have a fourteen year old indoor black kitty who loves his two doggie-sisters. He picked me out at the shelter when he was teenie-weenie, coming over to me with an outreached paw and saying, “you need a cat, and I’m it.” He is the most talkative cat I have ever known!

  15. WE have two black cats. We also have a well behaved expensive Siamese Bengal mix. Let’s just say that the two black cats make things interesting. Lucy and Vladimir. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. We LOVE black cats, and celebrate them here every day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully, there will come a day when they are seen as wonderful kitties, who just happen to be black.

  17. We have two gorgeous black cats and a black dog here in Teddy and Tottie Land and they have brought us so much love and joy. Black animals are so handsome and regal looking. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. Here’s to Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  18. You know I’ve never had a black cat before I don’t think… but I’ve met a lot of them and they seem just as nice as any other cats. Some of the oldest cats I’ve ever met were black ones.

  19. I used to be so superstitious about black cats and in fact I hated all cats… and then I fell in love with a black cat. Bubi was my ‘heart’ cat and was a most special cat. Sadly he passed away a few months ago but he gave me the gift of a lifelong love of cats and especially black cats.

  20. Our balck cat Simba was amazing..personality plus..shot and killed by someone..our second black cat MerlinMc Tavish was the sweetest smoochiest boy..he passed away from Feline aids ..we have Cleo now blakc cat and she has a beautiful nature also,smoochy,adventurous,bold…black cats are amazing!! Hugs Fozziemum xx

  21. We love black cats! Gee…I wonder if our Binx realized it was his special day???! We better go slip some extra treats to him!

  22. Our Minx is a black cat, beautiful and very good. Of course we have a black dog, Mica and Black and White Lexie. I love their color and they bring joy:-)

  23. I love my black cat diva. She loves butter, and being the queen of the house. Every morning she wakes me up by biting my fingers. She certainly controls the other animals in the house.

  24. I love this post! One our cats is black. It is extremely hard to photograph her- unless the lighting is *just right* her face looks like a giant shadow because her nose and lips are black as well. Using a flash makes her eyes glow creepily. We have found that natural light in particular or a large light in front of her as opposed to behind her allows us to see her more easily in photographs.

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