Say “Cheese!”

Cheese. How I love the stuff.

homemade vegan cheese
homemade vegan cheese (

When I think of cheese, I think of melted, gooey goodness of a pizza. The sharp bite of mac and cheese.

I think of the burgers of my youth- melted cheese on a fresh-grilled beef patty.

From reading your comments last week, I know I’m not the only one that loves cheese.

And let’s face it, there has been no cheese substitute that perfectly matches the look, the textures, and the tastes of cheese. But companies are now getting pretty darn close.

Let me tell you about Daiya.


Daiya’s product line includes dairy-free cheese slices, wedges, shreds, and cream cheese spread. They also have their own line of frozen pizzas.

Daiya has a flavor and texture that many find appealing, but the best part is that it melts like cheese. Food texture is a large part of the dining experience, and thanks to Daiya, vegans can enjoy a cheese substitute that pleases the senses.

If you’d like to try Daiya, I suggest starting with Amy’s vegan mac and cheeze. Amy’s has a wide variety of vegan offerings in their product line, including this dairy-free, gluten-free macaroni and cheeze entree. I find it to have a rich, cheesy taste and a texture that is gooey and just a bit chewy. 

Amy's vegan mac & cheez with rice pasta and Daiya cheese.
Amy’s vegan mac & cheez with rice pasta and Daiya cheese.

Many restaurants that offer vegan alternatives use Daiya. For example, Mellow Mushroom offers Daiya as a specialty cheese.

I’ve made my own vegan pizza using Daiya.

Vegan pizza made with Daiya shreds.
Vegan pizza made with Daiya shreds and Tofurky meatless pepperoni.

It was delicious! As you can see, the shreds really do melt, unlike many vegan cheeses. It has a cheesy flavor and texture. Just don’t go overboard on consumption or you’ll find yourself with an upset stomach.

There are other vegan cheese products on the market, but if it’s your first time trying a vegan alternative to cheese, I’d suggest you try Daiya.

Have you tried a dairy-free cheese? What brand and what did you think?

37 thoughts on “Say “Cheese!”

  1. The Amy’s Kitchen products are great (it’s because they have a great name, hehehe). My mum is coeliac and has to cut down on dairy as it causes sinus problems and these meals always taste good, look good and even smell good! Unfortunately I am just crazy on my super strong vintage cheeses, I could never give them up! Meat is one thing . . . cheese, I just can’t do it!

    ~ Amy (Cheese-a-holic)

  2. My mom says she could live on cheese alone…perhaps her most favorite food, but she tries not to eat it all the time…which is hard for her! For her it is like butter vs. margarine – if it is not the real thing she will skip it altogether.

  3. I tried the teese vegan cheese – that was not really according to my taste. Also the vegan sausage I tried was a pratfall – Morris, the cat, hates me till today because I offered him one of my special sausages :o) But I’m always open to try new things – maybe I will find MY cheese :o)

  4. *drools* Those food on the pictures look so delicious! I’ve never heard of dairy free cheese before, so looked at the wesite of “Daiya” and “Amy’s” that surprised me that their lots of dairy free products just seem to be amazingly yummy! I checked if we could have them in Japan, too but unfortunately I don’t think we could…..Amy’s has soup and wrap, too! Wow! Because we can’t live without cheese (our family love cheese!), so this is a great post! Thanks so much! 🙂

  5. That pizza you made looks amazing, please send any leftovers directly to our P.O box! In Vancouver (where I am from) it was so easy to get amazing Vegan products, I never missed the real stuff when living there. In Mexico unfortunately vegan products are non-existant. We only buy our cheese and yogurt from a small organic dairy farm where we know the animals are being raised in kindness, but would still really love to see some vegan products come our way.

  6. We don’t eat dairy in our house, and we tried Follow Your Heart Organic Vegan Gourmet cheddar cheese. We LOVE Follow Your Heart Vegannaise (tastes exactly like real mayo), so we figured their other products might be good too. BIG MISTAKE. It was horrible. Both texture and taste were horrible – I had to throw the whole thing out. We each took one taste and no one could tolerate it. Thanks for recommending Daiya, I wasn’t going to try another, but we’ll give this a shot.

  7. Yep love the cheese! I haven’t tried any dairy free cheeses before. I have eaten Amy’s frozen dinners and think they are delicious! I used to eat their enchiladas, but I don’t know that they are dairy free… It’s been awhile now.

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