Billions of Spoiled Brats Can’t Be Wrong…. Can They?

A recent news story got me thinking.

I'm a dog with deep thoughts.
I’m a dog with deep thoughts.

It seems that some residents of Fairfax County, Virginia, are putting up a fight, complete with well-paid lawyers, against….. the Girl Scouts? Yep. The Girl Scouts want to build a storage building on camp property, and nearby residents claim the building will decrease their property value. *cue crocodile tears*

This story led me to ponder this problem of humanity. Humans seem to operate under the assumption that the world revolves around them. Oh, they don’t have anything against other living things, as long as they don’t have to be bothered with them.

Indeed, those fighting the Girl Scouts talked about how they love the Girl Scouts, They just don’t want them making a lot of noise or generating a lot of traffic.

Sound familiar? Sure.

—I love wolves, but if they come on my property and kill my cattle, I should be able to hunt them down and kill them- all of them.

—I love tigers, and if I want to own one, I should have that right. Never mind that I have no clue how to care for one, or what impact my actions have on the tiger.

—I love elephants, and that’s why I go to the circus. I believe the circus owners when they tell me the animals are not abused. But mostly I just want to see them. What’s wrong with that?

—Insects are beneficial? No way! Give me chemicals to spray the little bastards out of existence….. just make sure it doesn’t cause harm to me.

—I love my dog, but I now have a (baby, new job, apartment that doesn’t allow pets) and can’t keep him anymore.

I love ya, but only when it's convenient.
I love ya, but only when it’s convenient.

Humans have always taken the approach that the earth and its riches are ripe for the taking. They run amok, like spoiled children, wanting more! more! more! without considering the consequences of their actions. 

Somehow I feel that is the root of human angst. All living things are connected, but humans want to believe they are separated, unique, better than. And I guess that if only humans were negatively impacted, that might be OK.

But humans are a part of this big ball of existence, and their actions are a slow suicide for all living things.

So how do we convince billions of spoiled brats that their wants are not the only thing that matters?

33 thoughts on “Billions of Spoiled Brats Can’t Be Wrong…. Can They?

  1. Starts with the parents always..i taught my kids to respect everything living,even at a young age they would call me to kill a spider and I would explain their role in the world scoop them into a cup and take them outside..this is the foundation which should be backed up by teachers (and we are all teachers) society and community..i do the same with my grandson now..explain the role things play and the importance of each living creature..all creatures great and small includes the bugs the spiders the snakes yes snakes..we need to go back to basics ..all of us.

    1. As with most of my posts, I write them for me. So I guess what I was really asking was how can I convince myself that some of the things I assume are necessities…… really aren’t?

      1. True.. I have times when I stop and weigh up the same thing..we had very little when we raised the kids and we say they always had what they needed and sometimes they had what they wanted…big difference and they grew up to be wonderful caring thinking adults 🙂

  2. In my town a while ago, a tenant of an apartment sued the kennel next door saying the noise was ruining her sex life. She lost since the kennel was there long before she arrived and she knew it was there when she moved to the apartment. My dog wagged her tail when I read her the news.

  3. My sister-in-law takes care of ferral cats. One day someone poisened one of her cats. It cost her over $500 to save it’s life. Seeing what a good person she is makes me want to be like her, and I am already an animal lover. Imagine what influance she might have on others.

    You can’t change the world but you can change your little corner of it. Start by setting a good example, especially to kids.

  4. Truths of inconvenience.
    Girl/Boy Scouts under the guidance of their management here are not what they used to be: much more indoor “camping” inside hotel ballrooms, technology badges than before”to appeal to the children of today” …they are selling camps to subdivision developers to build a new camps with lovely dorms and computer rooms. As they step away from nature and our roles with animals/plants/environment, it’s going to make them less sensitive – less able to see what is being lost/harmed in the world as they become adults.
    As one commenter above said, if everyone just takes care of their own little corner of the world – and involve those nearby – there may be hope

  5. It is very sad that the human race, in general, has so little regard for the consequences of their actions. We’re destroying the world.

  6. That’s true that all living things are connected….. humans should admit it…..they are sometimes so arrogant, aren’t they?

  7. Well Rumpy, you named humans appropriately…I include myself in that…spoiled…but I hope I am still open to continuing to question my intentions of my actions and words and choices and that I make earth friendly commitments. Your recent posts regarding food choices has Mom thinking…and trying out new foods to tale in protein for her and Dad. She made pasta sauce last night with meatless meatballs…Dad liked it lots and he is the one most hooked on meat. So baby paw steps…but we still try to question ourselves…you have made a difference in this household

      1. Oh gosh Rumpy, I can’t imagine how I could do that, I am just a cat who tries to help others…and learn how to trust people again. And, Mom Linda is reading and learning…she just figured out that gluten free is not necessarily good for people…she thought gluten and wheat were synonymous MOL!!! She has lots more to learn

  8. I partially blame Christianity which teaches that God gave Man dominion over all the world, including plants and animals. Don’t forget that plants are part of the equation too. I had a friend who picked a rare orchid from the forests near our house called a Lady’s Slipper. He put it in water and it lived a couple of days. I was appalled. You are quite right. Most humans believe that they are outside the sphere of the ecosystem. They don’t understand that we are part of the ecosystem and that human actions have a real impact on it, on an individual and group basis.

  9. When I was pregnant, my vet had the best advice – he told me the cats would be afraid of the baby and about the time they lost their fear, she’d be able to grab and yank. It didn’t quite happen that way – they were creeping up on her when she sneezed at them. That took care of their curiosity for a few more months. The next time they were got too close, she did lunge and grab. By the time she started crawling, they knew enough to clear out of the room. I didn’t have to worry about them hurting her or her hurting them. People are such fear mongers.


  10. I am very thrilled to know that you love elephants! But honestly, I am sort of selfish (oh no!) I don’t like noisy neighbors who build ugly things. I try to be mindful of my doings precisely because I don’t like certain behaviors in others. I don’t want to be a bad citizen of the earth and I do my best, but a spoiled brat does lie dormant within! Don’t forget, you just admitted you love me.

  11. Yup, we agree. People think about themselves way too much!
    Too bad they could not pour all that energy and money into
    animal shelters,homeless shelters,educating women and girls in other countries,etc,etc..
    But that may require them to actually get involved with other people on this planet we “share”
    Great post 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  12. You’ve summed it up so well. We’ve lost so much community and ‘we’ from our lives, we’re forgetting how to look out for each other, not just look after ‘number one’.

  13. You win the prize for today’s most astue observation. We are the most arrogant creature on earth and the most destructive. At the Bronx Zoo (New York), in one of the “night” exhibits, the first exhibit is labeled “The most Deadly Creature on Earth” … and it’s a mirror.

  14. Our choices vary in life. And sacrifices are essential, unfortunately.
    I hate the thought of animals being killed, but we need those chicken and cow meat. Then there’s a way to save them that came out of a laboratory – yes we’re gonna be eating clone meat BUT there are people who will question the moral ethics behind this.
    We are endangering the future generation with the fuel we are using in cars now – but we love the convenience of having a car! Who wouldn’t be?

    SUper love your post!!!! Worth reading. You made me ponder alot today. 🙂 Thank you.

  15. Humans are beings that believe in disposables. Our human parents are not that way, but so many are. Our human brother has a pitbull rescue and has seen and rescued many poor pits from the living hell they were in and also those who decided that pets were only a convenience that could be tossed or left at the side of the road to die or whatever. Some were found in dumpsters and other horror stories. Humans need to learn that God placed His creatures on this earth for a reason, not as a throw-away.I, Sarge, was one of those convenience children. I have a fantastic forever home with loving parents and brothers thanks to my brother-rescue. We love your blogs and keep it going.

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