Wednesday Memes Starring Hissy Fit Jones!

WARNING: Proceed forward at your own risk!!!!

HFJ meme 1



hfj 4



hfj meme 2




hfj meme 3


27 thoughts on “Wednesday Memes Starring Hissy Fit Jones!

  1. We like Hissy Fit Jones’s cattitude! But our staff wants to know if he’s always that irascible.

    Purrs & Headbonks,
    The Feline Contingent (Lilith, Rosco, & Tina)
    And Staff (Debby)

  2. LOL! That face is perfect for memes. I can think of several movie quotes for it… “Go ahead punk…”, “Hasta la vista…”, “Yippee ki ya…”, “You underestimate the power of the dark side…”, “How you want it, Dawg?”

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