Zuckerberg Deems Rumpydog Unworthy!

My profile was deleted from Facebook.

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I am devastated.

After 5 years of maintaining a profile, Facebook has forced me to convert to a page. My profile is no more.

Facebook claims there are 83 million fake accounts on its site, and it is determined to get rid of every last one of them. So they sweep through and delete those profiles they deem unworthy.

What happens when Facebook goes on one of its little Witch Hunts? Some people fight back by creating a new account. Others fight to have their original account reinstated. Some, like me, say to hell with them, and decide instead to focus their social media presence elsewhere.

@rumpydog @junebuggierants

I was, at least, afforded the option of converting my profile to a page, so I could keep my photos. I also got to maintain my friends list. Now I can share all of my life’s special moments with you but cannot share yours with you. I can see some of your posts, but I cannot comment on them. I can’t generate conversation with you. *cries*

Not that Facebook cares about that.

So for those of you that were friends with me on Facebook, please don’t take it personally that I no longer wish you a happy birthday, send get well wishes when you’re sick, or mourn with you the loss of friends or family.

For those of you that have LIKED my old Facebook page, I’m going to ask you to LIKE my new forced-upon me page. I’m also going to remove DeDe and June Buggie’s pages. I don’t want to maintain so many pages.

And consider joining Google+. Seriously, it’s a better social media platform.

I now have a page on Google Plus!

73 thoughts on “Zuckerberg Deems Rumpydog Unworthy!

  1. Sorry to hear this, I just read about how they were going to do that. I have a separate page for my blog that I was able to join it with my personal Facebook page so I can switch back and forth and still “like” and comment on people’s pages.

      1. I will! I do very little with my personal profile, I get bored with it, but I could see how managing two active pages could get out of control! I like it so I can comment and so I don’t have to login twice!

  2. I feel very sad and so sorry that your account was deleted……you’re the one who taught me how great social media like FB is….I really appreciate of you inviting us to the social media world….you very much helped lots of animals and people on FB pages……I don’t understand why it happened…..*tears* Now, I have to reconsider what social media means….if we really should join them or not…..*tears* I continue following you on twitter and never forget reading your blog post. *pawhugs* from Kevin xxx

  3. Without you, FB will be less interesting. I added you on G+ and subscribed to your blog (now that’s the hell if i miss one of your updates BOL).
    Hugs for you across the miles and keep in mind your FB friends still love you.

    1. They’re going to lose a lot of cash, too…..the only place we spend money is on our pet account, where we order food, gifts for other pet-loving fb friends, and pet supplies by clicking through the advertising links. Someone up at the helm of fb didn’t really think this through very well!

  4. That totally snucks that they deleted you. I have liked the Rumpy T page. You may want to tell everyone that if they want to see all posts from this page, they need to change the settings to all. When I looked after liking the page it was not set to all. Isaiah is doing his part – whenever I say Facebook – he hisses!!

    Let’s see – I follow your blog, liked you page on FB, follow you on Twitter, you are in my circle on Google+, Oh my goodness – can I be considered stalking you? xoxo Joyce and Isaiah

  5. They have been deleting for some time now which is why Mom set me up as a page to start with. We can tell when they are cleaning up because all of the sudden we lose a bunch of likes. Nothing you can do, it is a shame they can’t transfer your friends over to page likes at least. Major bummer, but you are definitely not the only one it has happened to.

  6. Jack’s page was deleted by FaceBook several years ago, in their first round of anti-dog-page hysteria. So, I can relate. I’ll try and find you elsewhere in the “Socio-sphere.”

  7. That’s not fair, what a mean guy, this Mr. Z. But I agree with you, “to hell with them”! I dislike this FB-thingy very, very much and I only have an account that I can vote for some friends.

  8. This doesn’t surprise me I think you have chosen wisely to leave, I am so pleased I never Joined, and to be honest while I know FB has many good points, It also has many negative ones, and more and more people are now opening their eyes to them.
    Enjoy your weekend Hugs Sue x

  9. That’s awful! Everyone complains about Facebook, they’re just getting more and more ridiculous. I’ve heard from other people that Google+ is better also, so I hope you enjoy your new home there! 🙂

  10. Facebook confused our hoomans so much. They’ve made a page but haven’t got a clue how to do much with it. It’s kind of like yours is now where whee can’t comment or do things on other furfriends pages. Think whee will stick to twitter which Mummy absolutely loves. It’s a great community feel there!#

    Huggles on the fiendish facebook friday

    Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  11. We follow your page. We are having issues too on my profile n asked to do a Page (we did) but still have our profile (hoping FB will keep it). It’s been a rumor for the past years that FB is cleaning up non human profiles. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. We have face book but we don’t understand it.. I only got it so I could spread the word about different things.. We like our blog and we say stick it up your a@@@ FACE BOOK …Bawahwhhwhhwha xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. I heard that FB change was coming but didn’t know so soon. Titan has always been on a FB page under Pibbles & Me but I do know a lot of folks that used a profile for the babies, like you. Sux huh. I LIKED your new page under myself and under my blog. 🙂

  14. From what I have heard on reliable blogs, Suckerburg is a TROPHY HUNTER! The FBI says rich businessmen profile the same as sociopathic serial killers. It is all in how they use their skillset. Evidently, he chooses to do his serial killing to animals so he can get away with it? He has no soul and is a ruthless SOB even to his friends who helped him create fb! Fear not, I really believe when his life ends and he has to account for his bad deeds, he will find Heaven is full of our dearly departed furry friends and St. Peter will be having a day off and Suckerburg will find himself tried by St. Francis! The Devil will stick a pitchfork in his butt and say ‘He’s done for”! Wishful thinking, anyway. I know Native people who have gotten the same crap from suckerburg because their Indian name is at least partly got a wolf this or that in it. One guy, who is a wolf activist got dumped for having Timberwolf as his last name. Mostly I think suckerburg is bending over for the NSA but I think you were targeted for animal rights? This stinks!

  15. A crazy thing; but it looks like you have more ‘likes’ o your new page (maybe?) I dunno. Unfortunately, I can’t agree with you that Google+ is a better social platform. I find it completely useless, and I generally only ever click on it to do a contest entry or something. I know not one single living soul who uses it to communicate anything at all. I hate to give Zuckerberg the social media world, but the truth is that he owns it.

    Having said that Pinterest is pretty fun and instagram (owned by facebook, I know!)

  16. In a way I understand why they are deleting pages. The fault really should go to those who are abusing Facebook by making fake pages. They ruin it for everybody. It sucks that you can’t like or comment using your new page. I thought there was a way to do that, but I can’t figure it out. Facebook is getting too complicated. G+ seems to be the way to go.

  17. Zuckerberg is not FB. FB is a publicly traded entity and he is not personally responsible for everything. So, really, getting angry at him personnally or getting involved in character assassination as some posters have done is not the answer.

      1. You should not be shamed, but when we criticize a person who is a figurehead and assume he/she is responsible for all actions and attack them (one poster basically called him a psychopath) then instead of dealing with a problem we get into name calling. There is a problem: Rumpy Dog is not a pseduo page – this is an animal advocacy page and there should be a place for it. And that needs to be address, not Mark Zuckerberg. He is beside the point. Let’s keep the focus on the good work done here, not focus on Zuckerberg. Agreed?

  18. I’m sorry Rumpy, you had such an active profile and you are clearly a person. Facebook’s loss to transform your profile. You can’t make me be active on G+ though. I just don’t have the time.

  19. Sorry about that Rumpy. We checked to be sure we’re following you on Twitter. We are. Also on FB. Not sure why Google+ is better. We haven’t joined it yet since we can’t keep up with what we already have.

  20. Unfortunately, the policy at Google+ is the same regarding accounts needing to belong to real persons. They asked me to prove I was a real person or leave Google+. So I left.
    I know how annoying this is, simply because this is stupid. I’m not sure whether there are legal concerns on their sides regarding fake profiles, but if there isn’t, Facebook needs a competitor that will be pet-friendly, so we will all move there!
    I think I saw such social platform but never inquired further. Maybe we should start!

  21. I am sorry you lost your page but it’s not *personal*. Ever since FB Pages have been available, only humans have been allowed to have pages. Blogs are considered a business and thus need a page. There are still some of my pet blogger friends who didn’t get the memo or are throwing caution to the wind. There ARE many advantages to setting up to promote your blog on a personal profile. Unfortunately, you have learned first hand the big disadvantage (I don’t know anyone else this has actually happened to. I was beginning to think the warnings were a scare tactic). The reality though is that FB could shut your business page down any time it thought you were “breaking the rules” too. In the end, I know you have many adoring fans in other places so, eh, who needs Facebook anyway.

    On the Google+ thing, I took a social media management program and we learned a lot about it. It is true that there are not many people in our target market on there. It usually skews toward the young, male and tech-savvy. However, it IS very good for SEO and more and more people are flocking there. Yes, it is a lot like Facebook so some wonder why be both places. However, Google+ does not choose to only show some of your posts to your followers.

  22. Rumpy I am really upset about this. As you can tell, I pop in every day to check on you so please keep us posted and keep your blog going. I don’t have a twitter account and doubt I ever will – not my style but, who know, Google+ may be an option in the future. In the meantime, I will be popping in to check on your page and see how things are going. Do you get the messages I send because I can send messages with updates of what’s going on. Really, really miss you. As you know you were one of my favourites. Damn facebook! Fake, my a$$!!

  23. I’m sorry FB took the step it did. Rumpy has a lot to say and many fans who want to hear from him and the rest of your clan.

    About a month ago, I decided to limit my FB time. I just spent too much of it reposting cute photos and not enough time in areas that I needed/wanted to devote more of my energy.

  24. Oh, we are sorry that happened to you sweet Rumpy. We do not use FB. We are on Google+ but Mumsy does not post there. We will keep up with you on your blog like we always have. Hugs and nose kisses

  25. Well that sucks. I just got done hearing about this the other day. Was wondering if any of my anipals would be affected. Google+ does have the same rules pretty much. The profile has to be a “real” person. I knew about G+’s rules a long time ago actually. But, I haven’t heard anything about them removing anipal profiles as of yet.

  26. I’m so sorry you had to go though that! Just liked your new page! And I’m happy to hear your positive reviews about Google +. I’ve been meaning to get on the Google + bandwagon for awhile! You have given me that push I needed to finally do it!

  27. Well that just makes me HISSING MAD! HISS!!!

    My human was encouraged (by the mother of the Creature)…to make me a Facebook page…but she hasn’t done it because she doesn’t like Facebook. She wants to delete the page she hasfur herself, but the Creatures’ mother wants her to keep it (go figure)!

    She hates Facebook….sorry Rumpydog! You have changed my opinion of dogs!! I will follow you wherever I find you!!

    (kitty hugs)! Shrimp

  28. I believe the validation of accounts is all about advertising revenue, but I think it’s a very short-sighted approach – as is their algorithm that calculates how many people will see a page.

  29. i wonder if Facebook would have done this to you and your family if you had not been a canine. We really enjoy your blog and would hate to lose you, Sarge,Jacob and Joseph

  30. Hmmm but yet FB keeps the haters and child porn and … need I go on? I’ve liked your page but I’ll never join Google+. They’ll force me to have all my accounts under my human’s name or I might lose my blog. That’s not right. I’d rather risk losing my FB profile than my blog.

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