DeDe: Want to Look Beautiful? Read This!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with another tip to make you look and feel your best.

If you want to look beautiful, the work needs to be done in your head.

This week’s tip: You are beautiful.

Last night I was watching TV with Jen, and I found myself asking why the world on TV doesn’t look like the Real World? On TV there seems to be two types of dogs- Goldens and Labs. That’s certainly not the way my neighborhood looks.

The same is true with humans. In our neighborhood are people with all sorts of skin colors, many body sizes, and many hairstyles. While on TV most people are white, thin, and young-looking. And the older people on TV appear to have had some sort of cosmetic surgery.

I want you to hear this message: No matter what you look like, you are beautiful.

You don’t have to be thin to be beautiful. You don’t have to be white to be beautiful. You don’t have to be young to be beautiful.

No matter what your life is like today, you are beautiful.

Beauty is an inside job, so quit allowing people outside of you determine how you feel on the inside.

You are beautiful, my friend. So start acting like it.

photo (9)
The only thing keeping you from being beautiful is the thoughts you have about yourself.

And never leave home without this essential beauty product- A SMILE!

33 thoughts on “DeDe: Want to Look Beautiful? Read This!

  1. Life would be pretty dull for me as an artist if all the animals and people and places looked the same! Let’s smile for diversity, and the beauty in everything!

  2. This is a great tip, DeDe! That’s why your family are all beautiful! We try to act like we’re beautiful from now on!!! Thanks so much and have a good Sunday! 🙂

  3. This advice never gets old! Pablo and Fu help remind me to remember my inner-beauty, no matter how I look, smell, or feel. Bad hair. Cellulite. Acne. They don’t CARE. They just want ME, and to be with me exactly as I am for real. Thanks so much for this reminder. Please remind us again, De De. We forget too quickly.

  4. Phankz DeDe fer da guud message!!! me n Mum are not slim by any stretch n we iz happy bein ‘pluxureeuss’ as Dinnermintz frum Australlia callz it!!
    Beeuty iz all around uz if we lookz fer it!!! 😉
    Nylablue n Sherriellen…

  5. My Grandma always told me this story about a homely, overweight woman she saw on the beach one time. There were plenty of other women who looked like women in magazines but this woman looked like the most beautiful woman because she glowed from the inside.

  6. DeDe, that is so true. We need diversity in life. And frankly, I have a problem with people on TV working a part-time job in a coffee shop, yet they have a $5,000/mo apartment. Really? I stopped watching TV a couple of years ago because it’s ridiculous and unrealistic. Oh, yeah, and because…I’m a dog. Woof!

  7. I love your weekly posts on beauty. I for one, need to be reminded. Your advice made me cry. I know you are right, it’s just I don’t get it for me. I know I’m kind and generous and helpful to others and sometimes critical. I also know that since eye surgery when I was sixteen changed the look of my eye, I feel I don’t look good. Frankly, as a senior citizen, I’m not sure it matters.

    Thanks for your post.

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