Battery Hens Fly First Class! Read All About It!

It’s time for another edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week we run down the good, and the not-so-good, in animal welfare. Hissy Fit Jones has been working overtime this week. When you read what he’s got to share, you’ll be hissing too.

Take it away, Hissy.

You humans try my patience!
You humans try my patience!

Hisses to the Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Co. of the Hubei province in China, for dumping ammonia in the Fuhe River. The ammonia dumping resulted in the death of many fish. Chinese officials report having cleaned up 220,000 lb of fish from the river.

Hisses to the poachers who poisoned watering holes at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and killed 41 elephants for their tusks. The poachers were apprehended and charged for their crimes, but that will not stop their actions from impacting all the animals in the region.

Hisses to the as-yet-unknown perpetrators who, on September 1st, threw a kitten from a silver Hyundai Sonata toward people gathered to peacefully protest in Charlotte, North Carolina. The people were gathered in support of Japan Dolphin Day, a day to bring awareness about the dolphin slaughter in Japan. The kitten, believed to be between 6-10 weeks old, died minutes later from internal injuries. The Animal Legal Defense League has offered a $2000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the individuals responsible.

This photo, released by law enforcement, is of the car taken just after the incident took place.
This photo, released by law enforcement, is of the car taken just after the incident took place.

What? Are you kidding me? I hear the law enforcement officers were just as upset and mad as the protesters were. This clown’s days are numbered!

June Buggie, please give us some purrs so we can all calm down again.

There is much good in the world. Let's focus on it as well.
There is much good in the world. Let’s focus on it as well.

Purrs to the people of the UK who are protesting the badger culls. Volunteers have gone out to make loud noises and shine bright lights to frighten the badgers into hiding in hopes of saving their lives.

Purrs to the Animal Liberation NSW, who purchased a hexacopter drone and fitted it with high-definition video equipment for use in investigations of commercial farming. The drone is being used to investigate livestock farms to determine if free range chickens are actually kept under free range conditions.


Purrs to Animal Place in Grass Valley, CA, who rescued 1150 chickens that a commercial egg producer planned to gas. The two-year old laying hens had never been outside of cages and had never seen sunlight. Animal Place will fly them cross-country on a private jet to New York, where they will live out their days in back yards across the northeast. And extra-special purrs to the anonymous donor that donated the money to let these flightless birds fly.

Oh June Buggie, that makes my heart happy again. There ARE lots of good people in the world!

What about you? Do YOU have any hisses or purrs to share this week?

36 thoughts on “Battery Hens Fly First Class! Read All About It!

    1. These people are uneducated and have no clue about the damage they are doing. But the people who move the ivory, and the ones that buy it, DO know. That’s why punishing the poachers will never be an effective strategy.

  1. Hisses to three zoos who are currently avoiding our hoomans phone calls and not responding to the concerns she has raised about the condition of guinea pigs there. Whee will not be giving up so they’d better get talking.

    Purrs to the charity Nowzad in Somerset who rescued a dog called Wylie, abandoned on the streets of Kabul in Afghanistan. He was being badly treated and was in a poor state, so soldiers who were serving in the country rescued him and brought him to the UK. He has been nursed back to health and made it through to compete for a place at Scruffts – a competition for cross-breed dogs.

    Whee aren’t sure if whee should hiss or purr about this story the little hoomans told us about –

    Happy Tuesday!

    Nacho, Buddy & Basil

    1. I guess we’ll have to wait and see about the turtles. There are proposals to do the same with rhino horns and elephants…. let folks kill a few to save a lot. I don’t know how I feel about that.

      1. I know. Do whee hiss or purr?!! How do they make sure people don’t take too many? Just seems wrong to us. Like saying its ok to kill one person because someone else will live.


      2. That’s a ‘can’t win’ story. If they hadn’t done what they did, it would be in the news too. Some media outlets just want to make money and they do it by riling up gullible people

      3. I’m just glad the poor little thing did get vet care. It’s the people calling it a waste of money that get on my nerves. It would be done for a dog or cat in an emergency. A guinea pig is no different. Stupid complaining person. Stupid newspaper.


  2. And here you thought chickens couldn’t fly! But… but… a hexacopter! Now, how cool is that? Definitely trading in the old Ford Escort on one of those! Great post, btw. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh no….poor kitten….. It’s unforgivable that there was heartless human who threw him/her away from the car….
    I hope the criminal would be arrested soon.

    1. Yes they are. At the same time we have to remember many people see those actions as acceptable because animals are not sentient beings, but property to possess and discard at will.

  4. So happy about the chickens! Everything deserves to see the sun and skies (cats, of course view through windows for safety)
    Gotta love that drone – hope it’s a game changer…wonder if those are being used with isolated dog fighting/cock fighting rings.

  5. All those hisses hiss me off, particularly the idiots with the kitten but that a hexacopter drone fitted it with high-definition video equipment for use in investigations of commercial farming is needed hisses me off the most… seriously… there seems to be just too many loopholes. I wonder what happens to operators who are found to transgress. Eventually a fine, probably.

  6. Excellent hisses & purrs, Rumpy. I can’t believe that throwing of the kitten, just can’t believe it. Would you throw your baby out of a car, you know – God, just can’t believe it.

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