DOG TREK: The First Generation

What? Star Trek is on?
What? Star Trek is on?
Come on, let's play!
Come on, let’s play!
I LOVE Star Trek!
I LOVE Star Trek! Geordi is my favorite character. DeDe likes to be Dr. Crusher.
Look at me! I'm Captain Picard!
Look at me! I’m Captain Picard! And here comes June Buggie- he’s Lt. Worf.



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51 thoughts on “DOG TREK: The First Generation

  1. We haven’t seen Star Trek, so we don’t know anything about the story but we knew you are big fan of it! You look so happy to play it, Rumpy! We have to watch it to play with you!!! πŸ™‚

  2. OHHHH Rumpyyyyy that’s a great picture πŸ˜€ blèèèèè happy dog!! I miss having a dog when I see playfuk pics like that… ^_^ saw a lost Dalmatian this week, but he was so giant I couldn’t keep up with him when he ran off. Police didn’t do much either, they came to check for a minute.. and drove off. He was so skinny bah.. wish I was faster. I would’ve taken him in. The owner doesn’t look like much, i’ve seen him walking past my building..

  3. thank you for the like on my blog, nice to say hello to you, laughing at your photo can just imagine your house when star trek is on and your cute dog singing along to the theme hahaha, have a lovely wednesday πŸ™‚

  4. Hehe, we like Star Trek as well. Phex could be Spock, Bach Worf, Rudi Scottie, Brad Kirk, Miniputz would be Tasha Yar, SchlafmΓΌtz and Farbexplosion would both want to be data’s cats and I’d be Christine Chapel or rather Lwaxana Troi. Muhaha. Thinking about it, if the rest of the sheep join us, we’d get a full crew. πŸ˜‰

  5. My pawrents used Netflix to view the entire original Star Trek Series over the winter. Each evening as they sat eyes glazed we got away with anything we wanted. Fun times… Too bad the series had to end… bawaaaaaaaaaah


  6. Um, you have too much fur for Picard. Maybe you should be Worf. Maybe. I’ll be Dr. Crusher, since my hair is red. Let DeDe be Troy.

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