DeDe: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with another beauty tip! My goal is to make you look and feel your best.

Laughter is good for the soul!
Laughter is good for the soul!

This week’s tip: Laugh out loud!

Nothing feels better than to share a laugh with a friend, right? Why is that?

When you laugh, you’re stretching muscles throughout your body. Your pulse and blood pressure rises too. More oxygen moves through your body.

Sounds like exercise, doesn’t it?

And you get the same benefit. A researcher by the name of William Fye found that you get your heart rate up faster through laughter than through strenuous exercise. Another researcher by the name of Maciej Buchowski  found that 15 minutes of hearty laughter burned 50 calories!

Laughter is also attractive. Victor Borge said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” And it’s true! Everyone wants to know what’s so funny.

Laughter is the easiest way to feel good and look good!

Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of enjoying laughter at the expense of others. That is harmful to them, and it most certainly does NOT make you look attractive.

So make a point to enjoy some laughter every day. It’s one the best ways to use that essential beauty product- a smile!

Have a great week!

41 thoughts on “DeDe: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

  1. Great post – yes, I need to laugh more. I spend a lot of my time being irritated and grrring at my new fursis at the moment. Mum says she can’t help being little and I was annoying when I was small. I shall try and laugh instead of grrr.

  2. You’re SOOOO right DeDe……we all like smiley faces more than frownies that’s for sure and I’m lucky because my parents love to have fun so there’s lots of smiles and happy sounds ’round my house!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. We SO agree with you. We LOVE to laugh and THAT is why we LOVE Blogging and BLOGVILLE. There is always at least 87 laughs to be found here.

  4. We love laughing out loud, too!!! It is really good to your health and you’ll get much longer life if you laugh out loud every day at least once!!! You always have a lovely smiling face on, DeDe! Yes, I agree that sharing laughter makes people much happier! Have a lovely Sunday, DeDe! 🙂

  5. Us old folks here laugh a lot at ourselves and the silly things we do…so we stay in good shape. Laughter makes a body feel good for sure. Chancy keeps us laughing too, he is a funny little dog. Great post! Hugs and nose kisses

  6. I love this message! It’s so very true. Especially the last part about not laughing at the expense of others. One thing that I follow are the four agreements and one is ‘be impeccable with your word’ – any action must fall inline with this and I never feed badly. I love laughing. I love laughing at myself. I love being happy.

  7. Yow me n Mum iz alwayz laffin…we watch ALOT of British comedy so dere iz alot of laffin here!! Plus Mum lovez to act goofy n make peeple laff n she can tell a story dat makez peeple cry wif lafftur!!
    Ya haz da sweetest smile DeDe…n dat makez us smile too!!!!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

  8. Laughing is one of the reasons I watch Jay Leno’s opening monologue. I always get a few laughs before I go to sleep. I watch a little longer if his first guest is a comedian.

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