Friday Memes Featuring Rumpy!

Oh Dog! I am so happy!

It’s Friday! YAY!

So to get you in the weekend mood, here are some memes I made especially for you! Hope you like them!!!

HR meme 2


HR meme 3


MR meme 5


HR meme 5


JR meme 4

Here’s hoping your Friday is uneventful and your weekend starts before you know it!


40 thoughts on “Friday Memes Featuring Rumpy!

  1. The four cats in this house could send you a BIG box of tray truffles! Each one lovingly made. No thank you kisses, please! Have a fabulous weekend and let’s hope Jenny is home all weekend to play.

  2. I like all those memes!!! And your face looks so cheerful and happy!!!
    Here is mine! ” You said,
    “Gimme gimme gimme!!!”

  3. What a fantastic smile Rumpy! Mom’s so creative with the Memes. The shoe one made me laugh because that actually happened to a pair of brand new boots I bought once. A friends dog ate the heal while we were visiting.

  4. i would add leather gloves. Yum. i ate the fingers of a brand new pair. Mom had not even taken the tags off. i got yelled at. Boo hiss

  5. Oh Rumpy you are such a cutie! I am sure my 2 kittens wouldn’t mind if you helped yourself to their tray truffles. I love the memes, I hope you had a great weekend!

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