Shutdown Blues? Help is on the Way!

You’re upset. You’re angry. You’re flabbergasted.

I get it.

What you need is a heaping helping of cute to lower your blood pressure.

And no one does cute like the Rumpydog gang!

Just another service we provide.


What? Not again!
What? Not again!



Dear Ceiling Cat, please send treats!



MEOW! I still got it baby!



Little Girl, you’re showing your behind again!



How about NOW? Is it cookie time NOW?

42 thoughts on “Shutdown Blues? Help is on the Way!

  1. The shutdown is a joke, inexcusable and then they wonder why people are not interested in politics and voting, they are all a bunch of idiots.

  2. Our pack is the reason we’re sooo tolerant to the tiniest things… With them, our blood pressures have already soared high… so now, it no longer does with the little things- just like coffee.LOL

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