Can You Put an Elephant in the Oven in Alabama?

Greetings from the US, where we all agree on one thing- that we can’t agree on anything! 

If only politicians got along as well as cats and dogs.
If only people got along as well as cats and dogs.

Why is that? We are a diverse people with many beliefs, and as such, we’re bound to disagree on some issues.

Another reason is that many of us take the word of people who are in positions of authority as truth without checking it out. I mean, if a news reporter, or a politician, or a talking head on TV says it, it MUST be so. Right?

For instance, there’s a web site called Stupid Laws. It runs down laws across the country that are silly, or funny, or ridiculous.

According to Stupid Laws, it’s against the law in the State of Alabama to put an elephant in an electric oven.

I don't think my oven is big enough to hold an elephant, so they're safe at my house.
I don’t think my oven is big enough to hold an elephant, so they’re safe at my house.

I’m sure you can trust a source like Stupid Laws, even though they didn’t link to the law or explain where they got their info. But…….

I was born and raised in Alabama, and I have never heard of this law. So I did some checking. First, I went to Alabama state law online. Reading law isn’t as daunting as you might think. Online sites have a search option. I looked through the section of law dealing with animals.

Nope, no elephants will fit in my toaster oven either.
Nope, no elephants will fit in my toaster oven either.

And since I’m not a lawyer or politician, I also contacted the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library, and asked them if they knew of any such law.

The verdict? There may be a law on the books in a county or town, or some court in the state may have ruled that some law unrelated to animals had an impact on elephants being put in electric ovens, but it is not against Alabama state law to put your elephant in an electric oven.

Though I would hope you’d never do that to an elephant.

Superb Wallpaper (posted on Blogginghabit)
Superb Wallpaper (posted on Blogginghabit)


The moral of this story? Do your homework. That’s the only way you’re going to find out if the teacher is right or wrong. 



24 thoughts on “Can You Put an Elephant in the Oven in Alabama?

  1. There are a lot of things that are circulated by email and Facebook that are made up, usually to tug at emotions, and most people believe them and don’t bother to check.

  2. Best advice ever, Rumpy.
    These days far too many are perfectly willing to make up stuff. Not sure if those people are trying to be cute/funny as in “haha” funny not “Funny as odd”. Odd some would promote untruths.
    People should be more like dogs: always honest, always faithful, always forgiving, only barking when there’s need.

  3. What a truly fascinating thought Rumpy! Putting an elephant in an electric oven….totally disgusting of course but fascinating in it’s notion of trying to fit one in there in the first place!
    I haven’t been getting updates for you btw…they’ve all been in the “chocolate” folder….also known as the “late” folder of my account….that’s the “deleted” folder to the rest of us but it has renamed itself it would seem!! Very strange and bizzarre and just as inexplicable as cooking an elephant in an electric oven!!

  4. I have seen examples of similar weird and wonderful laws Rumpy and often wondered if they were real. I always believe in checking at least 3 sources before posting any ‘facts’.:)

  5. Oh goodie! Not against the law to put your elephant in the oven!!
    Now I can finally have that baked elephant I’ve always heard about!” (just kidding)!

    What kind of moron would even think of such a thing!?

    Sounds like fun reading. I’ll have to check it our!!


  6. Good one! I’d laugh if it wasn’t pathetic that some of these stupid laws are still being followed, such is the recent instance of a woman who was rapped and it was only illegal if done by her husband. (paraphrasing) It was all over the news recently but really? Come one!!! I repeat myself: Rumpy for President! Have a good weekend ya’ll.

  7. Thank you for the example on why you should use reliable sources to check out information. 🙂

    As far as checking the internet, I told my students last year about an endangered tree octopus (it’s fake, but it is on the internet). Also, about a subway in Merritt Island (also non-existent. We don’t even have cellars here because the land’s so flat.) 🙂

  8. We would have been shocked if you had found this to actually be a law. Best to check out anything on the internet before accepting it as truth people post anything. Hugs

  9. I see that in politics all the time. Never believe anything you read on the internet about a political candidate (they are usually much worse). I have a friend that believes everything related to his political leanings and disbelieves everything from the other side. I try to get him to do research before forwarding all that crap but to no avail.

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