June Buggie Wants a Change in the Law!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say!

7-31-11 003
I’m asking for a little of your time.

I’m tired of hearing the same story over and over again.

Joseph the dog remained chained to a tree for four years. He was barely fed or given water. The dog’s owner, Jeremy Temple, reportedly told law enforcement that it’s “just a dog.”

Joseph is being cared for by PAWS of Ohio

And now you are all upset and appalled that the most that Mr. Temple can be sentenced to for animal cruelty is 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine.

Excuse me, but if you don’t think the law is severe enough, why haven’t YOU done something to change it?

Do you even know what the laws are regarding animal cruelty in your community? Do you know how your local political leaders stand on animal cruelty?

Don’t you DARE tell me there’s nothing you can do. You can do plenty, and it takes relatively little time.

Call your local law enforcement office or district attorney’s office and ask what’s the punishment for animal cruelty. Then if you’re not satisfied, take some action. Talk to your neighbors when you walk your dogs or hang out at the dog park. Discuss it with your family and your co-workers. Write a letter to the editor. Make some phone calls to your local elected officials.

Start the conversation, and encourage others to talk as well. Sure, there will be those such as Temple, who will try to browbeat you into shutting up by saying, “it’s just a dog.” Some will even throw religious scripture up in your face. Don’t let them stop you.

We can’t speak for ourselves, so we must depend on you to speak for us.

You can't all be as fabulous as me, but you can still be a trend setter!
You can’t all be as fabulous as me, but you can still be a trend setter!

You always did want to be a trend setter, so set the trend in your community to promote responsible care of animals.


26 thoughts on “June Buggie Wants a Change in the Law!

    1. Hello June Buggie. Meet Brutus, a yellow lab/ bulldog mix with sprinklings of a little of that dog and a little of another dog thrown in. Brutus and me, The me of the threesome is LizabethJoy, the one doing the writing. Just three weeks ago Brutus and me made our little family of two into a family of three. Hunter, seven in January, a black lab, bull mastiff half and half, had lived the last four years of his life at the end of a chain that was hooked to a tree, alone, lonely and so called trained through the use corporal punishment. Check out Hunter
      in his new digs http://wp.me/p3xa3C-iA

  1. We always act, when we notice a case of animal cruelty. And we fight for more rights for animals. Maybe sometimes animals aren’t only “properties” or “things”, that would be great. Sadly most politicians say that’s not a topic where they can win more votes.

  2. Very true. I know some but not all the laws in my area. The frustrating thing is I wish I had know the things I do now when I was younger, or been a bit braver. There is a case of an animal that I think was suffering which haunts me to this day. It was a neighbours dog, and I was 12. I told my parents but they said it was none of our business. Two years later the dog was put down with a reason I know must be a lie. I am literally shaking with anger thinking about it.

    Now I know I could never ignore an animal suffering. If there is something I can do, I will do it

    ~ Amy

  3. Hi June Buggie! *waving paws* I’ve missed your rants so much and now here you are!
    You’re right, we know that how much people has to pay for the crime of animal cruelty here but we don’t know more details, so we should ask our community and has to change it much severe ones if it’s not enough!

  4. We read that story and were so totally disgusted by poor Joseph’s treatment we were speechless…..there should be huge penalties for that kind of horror. The photo of his poor pitiful starving body was so sad and knowing he’d just survived BARELY at the end of a chain for four years – no exercise – no love – not enough food. It’s heartbreaking.


  5. Love this!
    As being a part of a campaign advocating for a change in law, one of the most frustrating things to hear from people who don’t want to support it is “well why aren’t you also pushing for x, y, and z too!?’ Pardon me, but I am working on what is important to me. If you want to see other changes, it’s in your power to make it happen!

  6. Well, June Buggie your timing is perfect. On Sunday mom was talking to people in the park about dogs fighting. It turns out that if two dogs are fighting and one gets hurt, the police can’t do anything about it. AND, if you try to break up the fight and get bitten, there is nothing that they can’ do about that. No laws have been broken.

    Mom said she is going to publicize that and see we can do something about it.

  7. You tell ’em June Buggie. if you don’t do anything to take action, then shut your yap. Excellent point to make. Actually, about 15 years ago, a neighbor had a dog in similar circumstances. My roommate and I called animal protection, SPCA, various groups…nothing. they’d visit, warn the guy, nothing. Finally, I guess something just snapped in my roomie. the dog disappeared. I had my thoughts but said nothing. A few months later, we went to visit her boyfriend on his farm. amazingiy, he had acquired a new dog – a sleek happy dog full of love. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do, taking law into their own hands, but one the other, they saved an animal full of love from dying a miserable death.

    We need to make the changes, we need to act. Getting all teary eyed and saying, how sad, just doesn’t do it. the process is slow, but we still need to act and never give up.

  8. Right on June Buggie!!! mum iz a BERY vocal advocate fer 4 leggedz here n she haz dun her share of reeportin n callin da By-Law officerz (who are me Hu’Man ‘Aunti n Unckle”). Mum haz guud furnedz in high placez, MOL!!
    Phankz fer a grrrreat bloggie!
    Lub Nylablue xo

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