Rumpydog: Secrets Revealed!!!!

Roving Reporter June Buggie here with News You Can’t Use….. but you want just the same.


Everybody wants to know the deep, intimate secrets of heartthrob Rumpydog, so today I have an exclusive scoop on a secret that will knock your socks off!!!!!

Who? Me????
Who? Me????

Everyone thinks Rumpy looks like a big ole’ teddy bear and imagine him snuggled up next to them while they sleep.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

*audible gasps*

It’s true. Rumpy loves to lick Jen’s face…. and her hands when they have something tasty on them…… but he does NOT like to be hugged and he does NOT cuddle. If Jen lies beside him on the bed, Rumpydog MOVES AWAY!!!!

I KNEW it!
I KNEW it!

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen….. and dogs….. and cats….. another preconceived notion about a cute animal blown out of the water!

41 thoughts on “Rumpydog: Secrets Revealed!!!!

  1. My dog is the same. If he wants attention, he comes to me and hugs me. If I go to him first, he glares and gets up and leaves. My old mutt is 18 and the older he gets, the moodier he gets!

  2. You have such an innocent face. No one would ever guess. We’ll just pretend June Buggie didn’t reveal that little piece of information! If we send you a virtual cuddle, would that be OK? If not, then June Buggie has our permission to give you the Thunderpaw. (just kidding!)

  3. There you go 🙂 it’s a personal space issue that a lot of pups have ..Forrest is fine with lying next to him..until he has had enough then you get the kybosh,he does not like being cuddled firmly,he is a gentle soul and we respect his personal space when he wants it.Doc is more snuggly but also has times he wants to be left we all do…neither of the boys care if the cats snuggle…:)

  4. Hai June Buggie!!! *waving*
    I understand Rumpy! Me too, if mom lies beside me wherever I am, I move away immediately!!! I hate getting hugged and cuddle, either! You like them, June Biggie?

  5. Oh Rumpy, I hear ya! I only cuddle with Mama, for a little bit, unless I want to sleep. Nalle, however, is a big teddy bear (that’s what her name means) and cuddle bug, and she also likes to lick! Wooooowooooooo!

  6. Of course, lots of dogs don’t like to cuddle. I imagine Rumpy just wants to make sure Jen gets the best view of him. After all, it’s hard to see how handsome he is if someone is slobbering all over him. 🙂

  7. G-A-S-P! Horror of horrors. We can’t believe Rumpy isn’t cuddly. Are you sure you don’t have him confused with another dog, June Buggie? No? sigh. You’ve burst our bubbles. WE’ll have to go see if we can snag a treat to help us recover.

  8. June Buggie, disclosing secrets could be thought of as bullying and from the look of things Rumpy is way bigger than you. Rumpy just shows his love for Jen in other ways.

    BJ is getting less cuddly as he’s gotten older. Just let him hear thunder, and he’s on my lap squeezing as close as her could. I have to admit, I’m not sorry that there is thunder.

  9. LOL! My Sephi hated to share the bed or couch with me too. Sometimes she wanted hugs but most of the time she just tolerated them. See, if you’re going to be my dog, you have to tolerate hugs and kisses on the nose.

  10. Oh, but he looks so cute, sweet and cuddly sweet June Buggie. Since you have told a secret on sweet Rumpy you better watch out what he says when he posts. : ) He may know some secrets about you he is waiting to tell. Do you like to cuddle? Hugs and nose kisses

  11. Typists cairn is exactly the same, so long as he is being touched on his terms he is happy! Her collie generally curls up on top of her in an evening and cuddles as close as he can get!

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