Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

Ah! Finally, some fall weather in the Deep South!

sleepover 004
DeDe loves fall weather too!

It’s cool outside this morning. The high temperature for today and tomorrow is only in the 60’s Fahrenheit.

This is an Arctic Dog’s dream come true!

Nothing like enjoying some time out in the crisp fall air!

And the best part? Jen is off today to share it with me! YAY!

What are YOUR plans for this weekend?

sleepover 046
What are YOU doing this weekend?

44 thoughts on “Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

  1. We are finally seeing some cool weather here in Florida too. This is my favorite time of year when it is a little cool in the morning and just slightly warm in the afternoon. The cats like it too. They seem to get more frisky in the cooler weather.

    We are having a cookout tomorrow afternoon with several friends. It should be fun.

  2. DeDe! Hide those girly parts! LOL Temps have dropped her in Delaware as well. Actually had frost on the grass and my truck this morning. Almost fell walking Titan. Whoops! 🙂

  3. Wooohoooowoooooo Rumpy! We are right there with you! The crisp air is so pawesome, it makes me want to run, run, run! Wooooooowoooooooooooooo
    p.s. Mama says you are so cute she wants to steal you! (but she wouldn’t really cuz you wuvwuvwuv Jen!)

  4. Hope you have a FABULOUS day with Jen. It’s cool and rainy here in southeast Alaska. It doesn’t keep us from going out every day, though. Waiting (somewhat patiently) for the first snow. Then the REAL fun begins. Happy weekend to you!

  5. I guess I’m an anti-Malamute because I can’t seem to get warm. If I didn’t have 3 dogs to cuddle up to, I’d probably never get out of bed.

    Glad you’re enjoying the cooler temps Rumpy. Hope you have a great, long weekend.

  6. We’re planning to work on growing our winter coats so we can go outside even when it’s colder. We’re glad you’re finally getting some weather that matches your furry coat. We thought that was a big bowl of watermelons in the background, but now we see one of the kitties enjoying a nap. MOL

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