June Buggie: Just Say NO! to Pet Costumes!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

Don't you DARE put a costume on ME!
Don’t you DARE put a costume on ME!

Americans will spent $7 billion dollars on Halloween this year. It’s gone from a cute night where kids dress up and walk around the neighborhood begging for candy to an adult money-making bonanza.

And $330 million of that money will go to costumes for…. yep- companion animals. It’s a market that’s growing every year.

Oh, it’s not enough that people stole the holiday from little kids so they could have yet another excuse to dress up like a slutty…. well, everything. Now  they want their dogs to get in on the act. And some of you dare to dress up your…. CAT????

Look, far be it from me to spoil all your fun. I know some of you dogs have a more extensive wardrobe than your human. If you want to wear a costume, go for it. 

But if your dog or cat does not go for the dress-up thing, then for Cats’ Sake, DON’T DO IT! Halloween is stressful enough on an animal, what with door bells ringing and all the visitors at the door. Don’t make it worse on your animal friends by trying to make them wear costumes. I wouldn’t let Jen set a birthday hat on my head. Do you honestly think I’m going to let her put anything else on me?

Remember, pet costumes are all the rage NOT because someone thought that was a good idea for animals, but because someone thought that was a great way to make some money. 

If you MUST spend money on animals this Halloween, how about investing in some treats to pass out to the neighbors for their doggies.


48 thoughts on “June Buggie: Just Say NO! to Pet Costumes!

    1. Our vet’s office is having a pet costume contest with free heartworm meds for the best dressed dog and free flea preventative for the best dressed cat. So even those charged with caring for us don’t always see how foolish an idea this costume thing is.

  1. People spend a lot of money on really stupid things, Halloween costumes being one of them. I agree with bumpyroadtobubba, our anipals are perfect in whatever “costume: they were born with. I do admit, I have a few coats for BJ – my rationale –
    1, he lives inside, therefore his body and coat are not appropriate to go outside in extreme cold;
    2. he is mostly cream color with longish curly hair and when it snows his four-legged snowsuit keeps him warm and dry and CLEAN;
    3. see #2 for why he has he has a raincoat.

    It was a standing joke when I was a kid: my sister and I would dress my dog up like a ghost and my father would give him some change. Pepe needed that to buy his ice cream. Actually, when we lined up for our allowance, Pepe was last and my father would give him some pennies. He spent it on ice cream. My grandfather didn’t think it was as funny when we put Pepe in line when he gave us Hanukkah bonds.

    I would hope that if people have that much money to buy a costume that our pets probably don’t like, they would spend some on putting needed clothes on kids who have nothing much less a costume.

    1. Like i said, I don’t have a beef with you putting a costume on an animal that is used to it. But those that buy at Halloween just because everyone else is doing it is subjecting their companion animal to cruelty. That’s just wrong.

  2. I am also not happy with pet costumes. The one time I had to put a jumper on a piggy to stop him scratching a wound on his back (vets orders) I felt like the worst person ever because he obviously hated it. I don’t mind the balancing hats on pets for photos, or little doggy and cat coats in cold weather but the ‘guinea pig tuxedo’ and ‘guinea pig hot dog’ costumes drive me round the bend. Some of the hats are a bit mean too, with tight elastic that make the guinea pigs photographed look absolutely miserable.

    Some coats and simple things are fine but others, just don’t.

    ~ Amy

  3. My former boss had three Yorkies that she would dress up in matching little dresses and then put them in a stroller and push them into work. These dogs did not go outside but had pads that they pooped and peed on. If someone reading this does this to their dogs, I don’t mean to be insulting but I think that is just plain stupid. Dogs need to be dogs. Let them run around outside. Throw them a stick. Play with them but don’t dress them up and drive with them on your lap or bring them to the grocery store or church (I’ve seen it).

      1. I see it all the time. I even see a woman bring her dog to church with her. I don’t think it is allowed but I think people turn a blind eye to it.

      2. There are quite a few stores out there that are pet friendly. Most pet stores allow well-behaved leashed dogs, same with some hardware stores (like Home Depot), and feed stores (like Tractor Supply Co.) In fact our banks even allow us to bring our dogs in, they know they aren’t service animals and we’ve asked before-hand of course. Our dogs go everywhere with us that we know they are allowed. They love being with us wherever we are, and they love the attention and treats they always get. We even have a Pub nearby that has two patios, one outside and one enclosed but separate from the main building, and they are allowed in both, in fact it’s one of their favorite places to go with us because, they don’t get doggie treats they get a bite or two of bacon! lol

  4. Neither of my boys would love being dressed up so we don’t do it. If the pets don’t mind, I see no problem with it, but if they DO mind, I agree, DON’T DO IT!
    About passing out treats for the pets, I don’t agree with that either unless you KNOW the people you are receiving them from or they are in SEALED manufacturer packages. There are sick-o’s out there (sadly) who would do the same things to animals that they do to children (razor blades in apples)……I say just keep the pets OUT of Halloween….PERIOD!

    1. ok just re-read what you wrote, you DID say to pass out to the neighbors, so I am assuming you meant neighbors that you KNOW, which is what I said. Just was afraid that others wouldn’t understand and would just accept dog treats from strangers.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly, JuneBuggie!! And with BJ PUP’s Mom, too. I’m one of those who would not blame a dog — or cat — for biting any human who tries to dress them up in a Halloween costume (or any other costume). Like BJ Pup, all 3 of my dogs have a raincoat. They don’t particularly like wearing them, but tolerate it knowing I will take the raincoats off of them as soon as we get back into the porch where it’s dry. (They’re good girls!). Other than that, their only costumes are an occasional bandana. There’s a Halloween party at Ducky’s daycare again this year. She’s going as herself, and with those ears she looks like a miniature, black Yoda anyway. 🙂

  6. My mom once thought that she wanted to dress me up but I didn’t let her do, so she gave it up. I agree June Buggie, wearing costumes sometimes become very stressful for us animals….mostly it is human’s satisfaction, I think.

  7. I LOVE clothes. I love costumes. All of us furkids in the house like them. Scooby Doo begs for sweaters in the winter or fall when the temps drop because well he is a chihuahua and ma won’t turn the heat up. Me I like that attention I get. Put a costume on me and i strut my stuff. Jenny Sue has been wearing shirts and dresses since she was 7 weeks old so to her its normal.
    I do agree if your pet doesnt’ like clothes then don’t force them but just like boots to protect the paws from snow and ice , it takes time to get used to them and they won’t be thrilled the first time they wear them. Its just like if a human had to wear a cast on their arm. They don’t like it at first but after a few days they get used to it.

    The black sheep (poodle) in the blogpost

    1. No. You make a good point. I simply think that people who are only dressing a pet up to be impressing others has no business doing so. Of course, I doubt those folks read this blog.

  8. Ernie and I actually LIKE to get dressed up… we think it helps us HIDE from the thingys that THEY do to us… BaaaaWaaaah. BUTT…. if we DIDN’T like it…. we KNOW mom would NEVER dress us up. THAT would be mean and she loves us too much to do somethingy MEAN.

  9. Me & MYself luvs my Howling Weenie Costumes and wearing them all this week cuz I makes people smile – and sending smiles across the miles makes me purr. Youza gonna smile too if youza visits THE GUIDO GAZETTE this week. BOO!

  10. My niece dog Killer, a teacup Yorkie,loves dressing up but even she is not up to dressing all the time. We can take a hint from each anipal as to how they feel about it. However,most don’t like it for all the time. Short times for photos is enough if at all. As feisty as she is,I think Killer looks and feels better in her own fur. One can tell b y the way she moves—or doesn’t move when she’s dressed. There are dangers to getting all caught up in clothing including choking hazards. One of the things that put me off Halloween,and I had to grow to this, is it’s origins and that when I lived in a certain part of Florida there were certain cult rituals practiced on Halloween where pets needed to be watched and/or locked up because this certain cult would captured and fatally sacrifice them.This same cult also had the local police on guard at cemeteries as part of their ritual included obtaining a human skull for some practice at Halloween. So we have an Octoberfest at our church and the kids don’t need to dress up or be concerned about dressing their pets. They get to play games, skate, bowl make crafts and have a blast. IN other words, we take back the night for God and sanity–because what I see from those who say it’s a fun holiday for kids, is a bunch of adults acting way too out of the box for what they claim should be fun for kids.

    1. I see lots of churches providing celebrations for the children in the community. It’s safer for many reasons. But I confess I like having neighborhood kids stop by for trick-or-treating.

  11. My dog loved to wear costumes, but you couldn’t get a hat on her at all. I guess if the animal seems to like it it’s ok. I once knew a dog who had a closet of clothes and outfits. Each morning his owner would stand by the door and ask “What do you want to wear today?” The dog would pick out an outfit and he’d wear it all day. LOL

  12. I always feel bad for the pets who look miserable in their costumes. I confess to putting my first dog in doll’s clothes when I was 7 but I grew up and realized that it’s just not nice if they hate it.
    HufflePup’s got his first “proper” costume this year: A nice piece of costume satin I hemmed into a BatDog cape for him and he’s happily lounging in it. I wouldn’t make him wear it if he objected but he doesn’t!

  13. The Mr. always says that we don’t dress dogs! Maggie and Duke look really sad if we try.
    They only wear their winter coats when it’s snowy or rainy and really cold, then they like them.

  14. LOL – I won’t be dressing up our dogs or cats. Halloween is actually my boyfriend’s birthday so I’ll be celebrating with him instead 🙂

  15. Apawz Junebuggie!! Ya put it so well!! Mum told me she wuud neber try to ‘dress me up’ cause me iz beeuteefull as me iz n she finkz it iz a bad idea fer poochiez too…
    She did do sum Pizap pix of me wif purrmisshun which iz guud enuff fer me!
    Nylablue xx

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