Dallas Safari Club: Warrants More Than Just Hisses!

Welcome too this week’s edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie run down the good, and the not-so-good, news about the plight of animals around the world.

This week Hissy Fit Jones is furious! Read why!

This cat is mad, and he oughtta be!

Hisses to KuKu Farms and Creekside Grove Farms of Alberta, Canada. Last week Mercy for Animals released undercover video of the conditions animals are kept in. Included on the video were dead chickens rotting in the cages and chicks smashed against hard surfaces and then thrown in trash bags. McDonald’s was called out for doing business with the two farms, which it denies, but does admit to doing business with Burnbrae Farms, which buys eggs from Kuku farms. Burnbrae denies any eggs bought from Kuku Farms was sold to McDonald’s. Sounds like a minor technicality to me.

Hisses to the FDA, who announced a proposed strict new safety rules regulating the manufacture of pet food. Why the hisses? Because this came only after the latest pet food scare. Since 2007 at least 600 animals have died and many more became ill after eating pet treats made in China. Only recently have companies that sold the treats (Milo’s, Waggin Train, and Canyon Creek Ranch) issued recalls.  Really? It took ya 6 years to do it?

And hisses upon hisses to the Dallas Safari Club, who is auctioning off a permit to kill a black rhino in Namibia, thanks to a permit issued by the Namibian government. The hunting club claims all money raised in the auction will go to the Conservation Trust Fund for Namibia’s Black Rhino. Sadly, many who care about animals have wrongly accused the Trust of being involved in the auction, which is far from the case. So it looks like the Dallas Safari Club is also pitting animal lovers against animal conservationists. Divide and conquer…. works every time.

Oh Hissy! I’m right there with ya kitty! I lift my leg and pee on the shoes of every member of that club!

Please, June Buggie! We need some good news!

Jan pics 069
Don’t forget, there is some good news out there too!

Purrs to the Kenyan Wildlife Service, who is placing microchips in the horn of every rhino in the country in an attempt to curb poaching. World Wildlife Fund is financially supporting the effort in a bid to save the rhinos and gather evidence to prosecute poachers.

Purrs to the Canadian province of Ontario, who last Friday announced animal welfare reforms, including more power and money for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, twice-a-year inspections of zoos and aquariums, and specific standards of care for the well-being of marine mammals. Not all in the province are happy, though. MPP Cheri DiNovo said the reforms does not go far enough, calling Ontario, “… one of the worst jurisdictions I can think of to be an animal in.”

Purrs to Governor Joko Widodo of Jakarta, Indonesia, who has banned macaques from being used in masked performances, called “topeng monyet,” on the city’s streets. The governor has ordered security forces to rescue the macaques and get them off the streets to stop animal abuse and prevent the spread of diseases carried by the animals.

*whew* That’s better! Thanks, Buggie!

Your turn. What hisses or purrs would YOU dole out this week? 

14 thoughts on “Dallas Safari Club: Warrants More Than Just Hisses!

  1. …and that WP-Gremlin, who damaged my comment :o) I think this auction is just sick, some people have NO heart and NO brain. Mc Dump is a liar, they tell only crap in their commercial spots, the truth looks like this two farms in Canada. They should change their slogan, that’s not really “I’m loving it” …

  2. I can’t believe any group calling themselves a safari club is still in existence in this day! What the heck is wrong with these people! I’m glad Ontario, Canada has reformed animal welfare for zoo animals, however both the US and Canada need to get on the stick about the maiming declawing practice on domesticated cats.

  3. Purrs to all the families of pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge recently. There have been a lot of pets in the online community that have influenced others to donate time or money to animal welfare causes.

    Hisses to te people and companies that fight amongst each other instead of working together to help pets. Shame on them for turning animal welfare into a popularity contest.

  4. This morning, we had a very sad and unforgivable news on TV that a burned dead cat was found at the park, who seemed to be fired when the cat was still alive…….it said that the crininal is still on the loose……. 😦

  5. I wouldn’t say Ontario is the worst for animals (unless maybe you’re a pit bull), but all of Canada is about even when it comes to room for improvement (IMO).

    Kudos also to CNN for repeatedly showing Blackfish this weekend!

  6. Hisses to the hoomans who left their kitties outside when the storm/hurricane hit the UK Sunday night. Two cats in the area were killed when the trees they were hiding up came down in the wind. One person’s defense? Cats are supposed to have nine lives.

    Mummy’s heart breaks for those poor cats and other animals who suffered terribly during the storm.

    Purrs to the wildlife workers who helped rescue more than a dozen birds, two hedgehogs, one fox and an escaped pet rabbit during the hours following the storm. They are truly angels.

    ~ Amy

  7. We iz furreeuss ’bout da chickn farm!!! So so sad…n me doez eat chickn butt me hopez none sufferz fer me…Mum neber eatz at McDonald’z either!
    As fer Ontario gettin all diz money n check-upz…finally!!!! We iz in diz province n da abuse n neeglect of 4 leggedz iz sad indeed…da SPCA iz mostlee useless n dey need all da help dey can get. Mum haz called em befur when she seez bad fingz happin butt no one really cared n dey say too buzy….she said hire more peeple den!! maybee dey will now…sowwy me got on me soapybox…me hop off now 😉
    Lub ya Junebuggie n HissyFit.
    Nylablue n Sherriellen xxxx

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