Wednesday Housekeeping

Happy Hump Day! After today, it’s downhill toward the weekend!

Jan pics 020
Why Jen’s bed never gets made

Some of you told me that you haven’t been getting email notifications. Of course, that means you’re probably not reading this. But in case you are…….

1) check your spam folder. Sometimes email accounts like to play that little trick on you. I know Gmail is bad for that. You can stop that from happening by adding the email address to your address book.

2)That didn’t work? Well, you can always sign up again! I won’t mind, and neither will June Buggie!

3) Stop on by anyway, because we’re here most every day. And if we’re not, there’s always yesterday’s post to read! *giggles*

Jan pics 049
We may not be awake, but we’ll be here!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an important nap to get to!

27 thoughts on “Wednesday Housekeeping

      1. So sweet of you…………☺ & Thank you so much. always ♥pleasure is mine♥ & my best wishes to you

  1. We get the email notification of your post without any problems! Always can’t wait for the new post! 🙂

  2. I signed up again. I’m reading this so everything is okay. Rumpy do you, DeDe, and the cats allow Jen any space to sit and sleep? You all look so comfy.

  3. I always look forward you your posts. It’s always nice to hear about life from YOUR perspective. By the way, your bed looks amazingly like mine and your sofa is EXACTLY like mine. Both wear numerous felines and canines constantly. I don’t know why I ever bother to make the bed in the morning! Happy Hump Day to you!

  4. We follow you through Feedly, so we read every day (even when we don’t comment). 🙂 Enjoy your nap! 🙂

  5. Awww the pictures are so cute. Do you ever letz the hoomanz on the bed or the couch?

    We are getting your emailz through Yahoo mail. Yeah!!! Love, Cali, Andy,Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  6. Hello Rumpy! I’ve missed your blog lately, but I’m catching up now. Our zoo has had some major changes lately… starting with the loss of a leg for our little rat terrier and the addition of a baby boxer to our mix! But my bed looks almost just like that one, full of fury little friends that feel the need to snuggle with me. 🙂

  7. Thanx for stopping ’round and reading the story and looking at the pictures of me that I had my human post. He’s let me catch your scent at a couple of places – mostly that FrankAngle guy’s site, I think. I seem to recall the odor of Cincinnati Chili. Humanz eats funny stuff. 😉

  8. Yow me n Mum haz not had any nooteeficashunz fer a few dayz so we came on over n see we haz missed a few fingz….ya all lookz so pawsum snuggly on da bed n da couch pickture iz purriceless!!!
    Doez yer Mum sit on da floor??? MOL/BOL..
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

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