Rumpy Wishes Companion Animals a Safe Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

day of the dead

I hope you humans enjoy the day, and I hope all of my animal friends stay safe.

Remember, animals become stressed by a change in routine, and having strangers come to the door and beg for food is not a normal evening for many of you.

At our house, the kitties will be on the enclosed porch and I will be with them. Jen will be in the living room and DeDe will be nearby behind a barrier gate. Jen is leaving me with the kitties because they find me a calming influence, and DeDe is near Jen so hopefully she won’t bark if she sees what’s going on. If she does, she can go into the bedroom and relax.

I encourage you to consider not take your dogs with you when you trick-or-treat. Sure, your dog is well-behaved, but do you know the dogs at the homes where you’re visiting? Not all humans realize the stress this night can put on their companion animals. A stressed dog seeing your dog at the door might perceive your dog as a threat.

Here’s a cute video for you that’s in the spirit of the day, courtesy of the Muppets.

Happy haunting!!!!

38 thoughts on “Rumpy Wishes Companion Animals a Safe Halloween!

      1. Good for you..we have dressed up in normal clothes hahaha no one is coming up here it’s too out of the way…if they did I would need a barrier to hide would scare the daylights outta me hhahaa πŸ™‚

      2. We live in town now, and there are many children in our neighborhood. Of course, they may choose to not come here because many churches in the area hold celebrations.

  1. Happy Halloween to you too. Our cat Puck gets a little stressed with strangers but he has a “safe room.” It is under our bed and up and inside our box spring. Chris, on the other hand, loves strangers and enjoys the chance to run out the door to greet the strange looking creatures.

      1. Well…we don’t actually celebrate Halloween here….only display some pumpkin stuff and stickers at home.
        Although it’s getting much more well known event in Japan, still many people don’t know what Halloween is.
        Foreign people who live in Japan wear costumes and walk on the streets on the day, which is very much fun to look at!

  2. Whee are scared of the sound of the doorbell and with the fact it would go off so many times tonight the hoomans have disconnected and put up a sign say please knock. That way whee won’t be frightened ^_^

    Simple things like that can really help

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  3. We haven’t seen any trick-or-treaters in YEARS — our road is much too busy for the little ones, and the big kids have parties with their friends — which is okay cuz it cuts down on the destructive mischief. But I do miss seeing the little ones in their costumes.

  4. I do not give out candy or participate in Trick or Treat. I shut my light off. After two years of kids telling me they did not like what I have and can they have something else, older teenagers coming around dressed like hookers, I decided not to participate anymore. Also, Isaiah becomes very nervous and upset, hides for days and it is just not worth stressing my baby boy out.

  5. We hear ya, Rumpy. Halloween may be fun for humans, but it can be pretty darned stressful for companion animals. We’re staying in at our house!

    Happy — and safe — Halloween to you all!

  6. Happy Halloween! You give good advise. Halloween is very scary for animals. There are lots of kids, lots of strange costumes and lots of commotion. The best idea is to give the furkids a safe and quiet place to hide out until it is all over. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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