Rumpology: I See a Crack in Your Future!

Rumpology: Telling your future by reading your butt.

What? Are you kidding me?
What? Are you kidding me?

Oh yes, there are humans who claim they can actually do that!

Can you tell DeDe’s future?

Are you a Rumpologist? Want to hone your butt-reading skills? Then this series of photos is just for you!

Little Girl says, “Come closer to get a good look.”

Want your future told by a Rumpologist? Send a photo of your butt along with the standard fee (which can be pretty expensive) to the Rumpologist of your choice.

Buggie says he'll read your future.....
Hmmmmm….. I wonder what Buggie’s butt says about HIS future?

Or send the money (in cookies) to me, and let a TRUE Rumpster tell your future!

Talk to the tail!
Can you see a cookie in my future?

34 thoughts on “Rumpology: I See a Crack in Your Future!

  1. Oh! I guess June Buggie’s butt says that he would be the most famous cat in the world in his future!
    Thank you very much for these pretty butts, Rumpy! πŸ™‚

  2. In our house, our cats believe in this rumpology stuff. They constantly stick their butts in your face. I always thought it was so we could smell it to identify them (what happened to the old fashioned way?). Now I know they want their fortune told.

  3. Bella would be easier for you Rumpy, her tail curls up and shows her disgusting-you-know-what. Me, Max, I can barely lift my stub but for you I’d try harder. wag wag, Max & Bella (our ridiculous biped is still laughing as she punches those black keys on her machine).

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