I Wanna Be Tupac. But I’m Not.

When I look to see what is my niche in the blogosphere, I first look at the myriad of animal-related blogs out there:

  • product review blogs
  • blogs that want to teach you stuff
  • blogs that are all about being cute
  • blogs that are all about the horrific things happening to animals
  • blogs that have fantastic photos of animals
  • blogs that steal stuff from other sources, I call them “warehouse blogs”

So which category best describes me?

WARNING: Blatant cuteness
WARNING: Blatant cuteness

I’ve tried product review. At first it was nice to get free stuff in the mail. But if you don’t give glowing reviews of products, you don’t get asked again. My new policy is, if you only want me to advertise your product, you’re going to PAY me to advertise your product.

I see myself as a teacher. But I’m not like the coach that was supposed to teach health but instead kept everyone entertained with stories of football glory days. I’m more like the teacher that, try as she might, can’t get you to share her fascination with world history.

I admit it. I do use the cute card. A lot. But I’m not a very good photographer, so I either need to buy a decent camera or get better at the funny material to go along with those photos.

I do talk about the horrific stuff. I try to do so in a way that’s palatable, in a way that encourages you to do something about that horrific stuff. I don’t know I’m very good at that. But I hold out hope that seeds are planted.

Fantastic photos? Nah…… see two paragraphs above.

At least I have a photogenic dog!
At least I have a photogenic dog!

Steal stuff? I might get my idea from you, but I do my own homework.

In other words, my dream of taking this blog public and making a living off of being what i am today is probably not realistic.

I am like A. E. Housman when I want to be Tupac. Famous? Only among stuffed-shirt academics. Even Housman saw the writing on the wall. 

‘Terence, this is stupid stuff: 
You eat your victuals fast enough; 
There can’t be much amiss, ’tis clear, 
To see the rate you drink your beer. 
But oh, good Lord, the verse you make, 
It gives a chap the belly-ache. 
The cow, the old cow, she is dead; 
It sleeps well, the horned head: 
We poor lads, ’tis our turn now 
To hear such tunes as killed the cow. 
Pretty friendship ’tis to rhyme 
Your friends to death before their time 
Moping melancholy mad: 
Come, pipe a tune to dance to, lad.’

34 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Tupac. But I’m Not.

  1. We’re our own worst critics, sternest judges and most heartless editors. If I didn’t like Rumpydog, I wouldn’t read it every day. 🙂 Just keep doing what ever it is that you’re doing.

  2. I think you are doing a great job of mixing everything up. You have days of information mixed with days of cute. I enjoy reading Rumpy daily even though I usually do not comment. I feel the need to comment today because I think your blog is great and as Stanze said about Tupac is now “pushing up daisy’s” so to speak and I really did not know what Tupac stood for. My only impression of him was gang member.

  3. I’m pretty sure it is every dog blogger’s dream to make a living off writing about their precious pups! Keep at it, white what you love and it will come. Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  4. I think you are very good at being you and you have very photogenic pets….all of them! You get good traffic and that’s what it’s about. As for making a living from a blog, I’m not so sure that’s easy to do. Although I get a lot of emails from people wanting to help….for a small fee.

  5. Your readers enjoy your blog, so don’t stress out over it. And believe me, no company that insists on “glowing reviews” in exchange for free stuff is worth the effort of even a decent review. Like you said, if they want to advertise on your blog, they can PAY for the privilege. As for cute, well, you can’t go wrong when your subject is a beloved pet! I’m no great photographer either, but Callie, Shadow, and Ducky are cute no matter what. And so are Rumpy and his “siblings”!!

  6. The pictures you post of Rumpy, DeDe, and the cats show them off beautifully. I read your posts because I get the Hisses offset by the Purrs, the antics of Rumpy and DeDe, and your knowledge of things dogs and cats. I do sometimes get confused about who’s who in your cat world. June Buggie and Hissy Fit Jones look very much alike, and you rarely talk about the other cats. Thank you for posting.

  7. We all have our blogs fur our OWN personal reasons… Some have Lofty Goals and Agendas… others just wish to have FUN… The interesting thing is that we all are respectful of each other and are FRIENDS.

  8. Your doing something right because you are one of the very few blogs I read whenever you post. And your pictures are actually better than you apparently think. Much better.

  9. Okay, first I do enjoy reading what you have to say. In particular the hisses and purrs! I don’t always comment but I do read daily, and I have to admit today’s snippet from Housman actually gave me a chuckle!

  10. Jen, you do a wonderful job with your blog. My favorite is the hisses and purrs as its great knowing about animal welfare around the world. I also enjoyed ready about the vegan food. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Jen, you have a great blog. Perhaps it is great because of the mixture. It’s the difference between a store dedicated to one item or one type of item, and a department store that has a wide variety of items available. All quality stuff, I might add.

    As for making a living from your writing, join the crowd. It’s easier than ever to get your work out there, and harder than ever to get paid for it. People are used to things free from the internet, which makes it very difficult to ask for payment from them. However, you have a wonderful base of readers who appreciate you a lot. If you came up with a service that would benefit us dog and cat lovers, I bet a lot of us would really consider it. Just a thought.

  12. I have to wonder, What’s going on Jen? Without really understanding that my comment is vapid. Let me say this though, 1. the critics inside our heads are not accurate, 2. I’m a fan of yours, 3. You’re an incredibly talented, passionate writer, with a hell of a lot of integrity (that’s how it comes across), 4. Followers gravitate to you and your’re very popular soooo 5. if there’s a dream, a passion, something you want to do, stay the course, the journey, and don’t let the expectation of a goal, ideal, there-there, stop you because it hasn’t materialized. (unless it’s stressing you or your burning out). If I’m totally off target with my 22cents then here’s my disclaimer, delete it. Nothing going to stop me from being your, Rumpy’s, et. al. fan. Love, Paulette & gang

  13. Most definitely your an ADVOCATE for animal welfare and issues in saving our Dogs & Cats and all animals who need rescue. I also feel deeply when you DO SHARE the Ugly stuff, as people can be cruel to animals. If people don’t Speak up and Speak out, these issue’s will never be exposed. SO THANK YOU for blogging ALL of it! The Cute, the good, and the not so good, and for all you do for animals. *Catherine* 🙂 xo

  14. ditto to what Paulette from Mildred Dunlap said…we know you have marketable concepts and even have some things written already. No one does this for you…anyone making money, and I mean money enough to live relatively well on, through their blog…spends time on it just like it is a full time + job. And we are doing our last product review because they take too much time and all we are doing is free advertising for someone else making money. So like you, they want my opinion of their product, pay me for advertising it on my blog. My review, no compensation so I can be straightforward…however…I hear if you actually post a bad review…likely that blogger is crossed off the product review list…just sayin’…you know your blog has changed my life and the lives of my Mom and Dad. If you want to have a bigger punch of influence in the animal welfare universe and make a living doing it..you have the writing skills and talent and brilliance to do just that. paw pats, Savvy and Mom Linda

  15. Just remember that A.E. Housman lived a long life and supported himself financially. Tupac died young and most of the money his legacy earns is going to other people.

    Keep speaking your truth.

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