Dog Poems for Friday Fun!

Oh Dog! It’s finally Friday! I am so excited!

Today I want to share you some of my haiku with you. There’s more than one poetry-writing dog in town! *giggles*



What can ruin my nap?

Cat taking a stinky crap

Near by. Ugh! *holds nose*


Lying at Jen’s feet

patiently waiting for her

cuz that’s what dogs do.


Poop in the back yard

Sniff for clues to its owner

then quickly eat it!


Advice to young pup

never run toward the scent

of a skunk. Trust me!


It’s raining outside

Don’t want to go out there! I

need a litter box.


Got any poems you’d like to share?

Enjoy your weekend!


29 thoughts on “Dog Poems for Friday Fun!

  1. Great Haikus Rumpy! Like Easy says, we missed your Haiku so much!

    “Oh Haiku Rumpy’s Haiku
    We’ve missed you so much
    You’re precious like Friday! ”

    Have a happy weekend! 🙂

  2. Golden LOVE it! We enjoy writing poems too. Got one posted on our blog (friday post). check it out and join to win some tasty treat too. Oh you get a chance to see my balancing trick too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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