Oh, This is Gonna Be So Much Fun!!!!!

Ah…… the holidays! 

It’s that time of year for holiday-themed decorations and music. And advertisements already seek to warm the cockles of our hearts in order to get us in the mood to buy! buy! buy!


But some of the things out there they want to you to buy are just ridiculous.

So I got an idea. Let’s have a little friendly contest to find the tackiest animal themed holiday gift!

Hunting Dinosaurs? What the heck is THIS?
Hunting Dinosaurs? Really? Yes, you can buy this at Winn Dixie Supermarket!

It’s easy and it’s fun! Simply take a photo of your find, tell me why it’s over-the-top (along with the name of the store where you found it), and email it me at  Rumpysanta at gmail dot com. We want to stick with products that are somehow connected with animals. Like the sets above, that promote the hunting and killing of animals for the thrill of it.

Am I the only one that finds toys like the one below just a bit creepy (I saw this at Wal-Mart)?

No prize will be awarded, but we will post some of the best here each Saturday between now and New Year’s Day. So find that crazy gift and share it here with the rest of the world!

I especially hope to hear from some of my friends outside of the US!

This is gonna be fun!!!!

Remember,  take those cameras and smart phones with you and send those photos to Rumpysanta at gmail dot com. 

29 thoughts on “Oh, This is Gonna Be So Much Fun!!!!!

  1. Way cool idea for a contest Rumpy……I’ll keep an eye out for something truly tacky. Meanwhile, my Mom says what immediately came to her mind is that OLD OLD, much used, much joked about picture of the dogs sitting around a card table playing cards. Tacky maybe but I bet they were having fun….HAHAHA

    Happy Saturday, Sammy

  2. Rumpy will keep my eyes peeled..i must say the creepy kitty may be the best pet option for some peeps 🙂 think I would freak if I heard that in the middle of the night!! hehehe hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. I think that I’ve seen some of those products here, too but don’t remember where exactly it was…..I’ll bring my iphone to get their pictures to send you !

  4. About 20 years ago, I wanted to buy a Christmas present for my 4-years old cousin when I was in Germany. In a toy shop, I found a plastic dinosaur skeleton. The task was to put the ribs on the backbone. If you weren’t careful enough, the dino threw off his ribs, while its eyes were glowing and there was some weird sound effect, too. I didn’t dare to buy it…

  5. Hi Y’all!

    Oh dear, Christmas…seems everywhere and the Humans haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving!

    Once the stores get busy my Human won’t go near them unless they are totally out of anything to eat!

    In the mountains here some of the neighbors have their Christmas lights up already! Christmas music is playing in the stores and on some of the radio stations.

    Lookin’ forward to seein’ the weird stuff y’all find!

    Y’all come by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. No, those toys are creepy.. some of the ones that make noise are especially creepy… but children have a high tolerance for creepy.. higher than adults I think sometimes!

  7. I don’t go shopping much (thankfully) but I’m sure the Irish shops have a bit of madness you won’t see in the US!

    I have a bit of a dog-photo contest over at my place if anyone wants to play at making a meme? Sorry to doggie-jack but I have no creativity for funny captions, I need help!

  8. Creepiest thing I saw today involving animals was in a shop called Hawkins Bazaar. They are selling creepy crawlies for people to have ‘bush tucker trials’ like in a tv show called I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Mealworms . . . crickets . . .

    I don’t know if I am just really squeamish but it felt totally wrong seeing that and they were offering testers. *shudders*

    They actually have a range – http://www.hawkin.com/i-m-a-celeb-bush-tucker

    All I’m saying is I hope that nothing like that appears in my stocking this year

    ~ Amy

  9. ummm…gee Rumpy and DeDe…that would mean Mom would have to actually “go” into a store at this time of year…we don’t give ChrissyMouse gifts so we don’t have to shop. Our furramily makes one donation to a charity and then we tell all our human friends we have made a donation in their name and the charity/rescue gets to send information to our chrissymouse list of family and friends. Anywho….Mom said she would try *shudder*

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