Some Things Just Boggle the Mind!

So yesterday Jen is driving down the highway to do a home visit, and guess what she saw? A sign advertising puppies for sale.

But these are not just ANY puppies! These are a breed of dog she hasn’t heard of before!

Do you want to buy a dog from someone that can't even get the breed right?
Hmmmmm….. I wonder what kinda dog this is?

So she decided to share with you another sign she sees every day on her way to work. She took this on the way home, so it’s kinda dark….. AND she needs to clean her windshield!

This guy is exploiting undomesticated cats to make himself look big and bad.

Yep, that’s a wild cat he has standing on his shoulders. He has other billboards with the cat in other poses as well.

I think it’s safe to say we would NEVER buy a vehicle from this dealership.

You know, when you open your eyes to the ways animals are exploited, it’s easy to see it all around you.


In other news, we had another break in at our house yesterday while Jen was at work.

Uh oh! someone stole a scrubbing pad!

That HAS to be what happened, because who among us would chew open a box of scrubbing pads?

What a sneaky thief! He dropped this on the back porch, most likely while making his escape.

Some things just boggle the mind…….

52 thoughts on “Some Things Just Boggle the Mind!

  1. Our Eich was a least I think he was..perhaps I was wrong…I have also heard of the Rockwelter and Rockwheeler…god bless him he was a beautiful boy no matter what breed..i worry about the care factor of the owner if they don’t know the name of the breed……just saying

  2. So sad and silly. I read a sign which I wish I had taken a pic of where someone was selling

    “ginney pigs, 3 colour cavees”

    I believe they meant tri colour guinea pig which are cavies or three guinea pigs. It’s difficult to tell. I hate to think someone who cannot even spell guinea pigs breeding them when breeding is so very dangerous.

    ~ Amy

  3. I do not judge people who buy pets from breeders, however, I think there are way too many cats and dogs at shelters that need a good home and I would not feel right abandoning those in need and paying money to a breeder so they can continue what they are doing, thus depriving more shelter animals from good homes. That may be the longest sentence I ever wrote. 🙂

    1. I do judge them. If only they knew what conditions that “pure-bred” dog they shelled out hundreds of dollars lived in, they might think twice about that shelter dog.

  4. Hope the dogs aren’t really Rocker :o) I agree with you, I wouldn’t buy a car there… ahmmmm and “bob40” means he is 40 years old (the time), right? Who is the guy who likes scrubbing pads?

  5. Oh dear. What are those!!! Rockweiller? Are they a new AKC breed? This should be breaking news!

    By the way, thank you for dropping by our blog and checking us out. It was an awful week for the Filipinos. Most of the ones affected by the typhoon is now slowly rebuilding their lives.

    1. It’s very sad to know people are suffering in that way. I guess lots of people don’t realize that your country was once a territory of the US, so we have much history between us.

  6. What da KAT iz a Rockweiler??? Sumbody iz not too smart…me n Mum had a guud laff over diz sine. Da Bob cat hu’Man iz stoopid n we wuud not buy a car frum him at all…we do not like when any animalz are xploited to make money….
    As fer da Brillo Bandit…hmmm diz iz suspishuss fer shure!!! 😉
    Lub Nylablue xx

  7. I saw an ad on an online classified ad web site that was offering “Weenie Puppies”

    I didn’t call, since I was looking for a female, and had to assume they were all male. 🙂

  8. one of my sons suggested putting a scrubbing pad in a small hole in my garage wall to ward off rodents, but clearly that doesn’t work, based on your photos … thankfully, the other son suggested installing a small metal plate over both sides of the hole, and even showed up with his screw gun in hand … guess I’m glad I went with Option 2.

  9. Rockweiler? Wow. I wonder what the combo is there? LOL!
    Sad though to see these signs. The owner of the St Paul Petland sits on a stool over by my mother’s house and advertises puppies and kitties. No joke. Just makes me so mad. Guess he’s been losing business since the protests started and he’s desperate.

    Re: the second sign – isn’t that a domesticated housecoat on his shoulders? Not sure why that would be an issue if it is his own cat. Hard to tell from the picture on my phone.

    1. When Jen was a kid, her old aunt called her brother’s penis a doodle (when changing his diaper, so don’t get upset!). So whenver I see that breed…. however it’s spelled….. I laugh!

      1. Oh that is hilarious. I used to call them diddles for some obscure reason. Now when I see a labradoodle I am soooo going to have trouble not roaring with laughter…thanks Rumpy…that story made me laugh so hard I spilled my coffee

  10. Breeding should become illegal, as long as animals lose their lives in shelter around the world, for me this is not up for discussion, I have no understanding for those who buys animals from breeders, shops and co.!!!!

    1. And yet, here in the US breeding continues. Most people here obtain their companion animals from a neighbor or friend or the animal shows up. That is due to backyard breeding.

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