Orcas, Blackhearts, and Animal Welfare for Thanksgiving!

Oh Dog! Jen is sick!

caring for a sick human is a tough job!
caring for a sick human is a tough job!

There was no blog post yesterday. Buggie and Hissy Fit Jones were unhappy, and asked that at least we talk today about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Surely you’ve heard about how animal welfare made a stir in what is otherwise seen as wholesome, family entertainment?

First, animal welfare advocates are going to protest the parade because of a Sea World float that they call, “A Sea of Surprises.” What has protesters so upset? It’s the depiction of orcas playing in the sea, courtesy of a company that does not at all promote that image. Despite protests, the float is still scheduled to roll.

Photograph by Gerard Lacz/Animals Animals—Earth Scenes
Photograph by Gerard Lacz/Animals Animals—Earth Scenes

A second controversy involves musician Joan Jett, who is a PETA supporter. Jett and her band, the Blackhearts, were to perform on the South Dakota tourism board’s float, but she was removed after protests that she should not represent a state known for its’ animal agriculture.

Macy's does, however, like cows.....
Macy’s does, however, like cows….. on their dinner table, that is.

So let me see, if you protest someone who supports animal welfare, you can get something done with Macy’s, but if you support animal welfare, you don’t get diddly.

I guess Macy’s is banking on the hope that your distaste for PETA will be greater than your distaste for their lack of support for animal welfare.

Perhaps it’s time those of you who support animal welfare let Macy’s know where YOU stand. Nothing gets a company’s attention like a lighter pocketbook.

29 thoughts on “Orcas, Blackhearts, and Animal Welfare for Thanksgiving!

  1. Rumpy give Jen some TLC and a big slurpie kiss on the face..it is a great way to check her temp and clean her if she is too sick to wash…a good post as always but Jen needs to post herself to bed!!! hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. Thanks for bringing all of this to light! I just recently watched “Blackfish” and “The Cove” – I recommend anyone who cares about marine mammals needs to watch these two films. It is eye opening to say the least! Macy’s as well other giants need to be shown for what they really do. I won’t support anyone or any organization that advocates killing or harming any living creature.

  3. Macy’s is a pain in the butte as far as we’re concerned, anyway. We are trying to go “paperless” (yep, we’re “Tree-huggers”, and proud of it!) and we couldn’t get Macy’s to stop sending snail-mail. Every week there would be something (even huge catalogs). We called management, we emailed, we even traveled to the store and told the store management that we needed them to stop the mailings. Each time, they agreed to stop mailing us but told us that it would take 3 months for it to stop. After 3 months, do you think it ever stopped?!?….NO! We tried to stop their mail for 3 YEARS! Finally we gave up and threatened them with a lawsuit and cancelled our credit card. That finally stopped their mailings. So, Macy’s is on our “bad boy” list. You go get em’!

  4. like their executive producer for the parade said: their goal is to entertain,sadly at any price. I will buy my stuff at other stores, they have a sale too. Please get well soon, Jen.

      1. they really removed her for being vegetarian and not a fan of their lifestock production. I just read more at cnn… and I’m horrified about the comments people made there.

  5. Just as well there’s no Macy’s here.

    I have never liked Seaworld, and when I took my son to the Gold Coast, did not visit it (though it’s big there). I also didn’t take him to see any tigers in Thailand, or elephants that do tricks. I just do not agree with it.

    I LOATHE Seaworld ever since I learned of that whale they kept penned up, the one who killed a trainer making it do stupid tricks for dumb gawking people. I wonder, actually, the fate of the whale now. Do you know?

    Love you Rumpy.

  6. Take care of Jen, Rumpy. I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving together.
    The only thing that any of the large corporations take any notice of is money. If we had a Macy’s I would add it to the list of places that won’t get any of my money.

  7. Nothing gets a company’s attention like a lighter pocketbook. I love that quote, you can really vote with your buck.. in the end they all do it for money anyway.

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