Today We’re Listening to Our Elders

Today is Black Friday, the unofficial day of mass shopping hysteria to encourage you to buy stuff. For those of you not swept up in the consumerism that is this day, today is also the National Day of Listening. It’s a day for you to sit down and actually listen to the stories of your family and friends. You know, sometimes we THINK we know people, but we truly don’t.

Today I’m going to talk with Bubba Cat. He and June Buggie are the senior kitties here at the Rumpydog household.

Jan pics 037
Bubba enjoying a warm, sunny spot

Bubba: It’s a bitch getting old. These young cats want to run the place and run me and Junior off to hide in another room.

Rumpy: So how old are you, anyway?

Bubba: I’m guessing about 15 human years. I feel a lot older. I was a mere babe when a friend of Jen’s found us and brought us to Jen, so we’ve been with the same human almost all of our lives.

Rumpy: And how are things for you now. I know you have some arthritis and don’t get along as well as you used to.

Bubba: It’s hard, but am still able to jump and climb, and I have a healthy appetite. But it’s those younger cats that give me fits. I have to fuss at them all the time. Then Jen gets upset and has to run in and see if there’s really a fight or if I’m just hollering again. Jen says I can be quite annoying, but hell, I’m old. I SHOULD be annoying!

Rumpy: I’ll give ya that. Now you’ve always had a love of labs. Tell me about your friendship with DeDe.

a familiar sight around our household
a familiar sight around our household

Bubba: Ours is a friendship of convenience. She is big. She is warm. And those young cats aren’t going to mess around with me when I’m laying beside that dog. I know the dog sometimes gets annoyed with me, but I also leave her food to eat, so it all works out.

Rumpy: Mmmmmm…. cat food. But the litter box? Now you have your own special litter box because you won’t always use the other cat boxes.

with rival and arch nemesis, Junior (AKA June Buggie)
with rival and arch nemesis, Junior (AKA June Buggie)

Bubba: When I’m not feeling well, I won’t use the other litter boxes out of fear. So Jen has an open box with towels in. I use that. I use the other boxes too, but it’s nice to have special accommodation for an old guy like me.

Rumpy: Well, Bubba, it’s good get a view of our world from your perspective. I hope you give those young cats grief for years to come.

27 thoughts on “Today We’re Listening to Our Elders

  1. Hey Bubba – at your age, you are allowed to me grumpy and hey if the “youngins” start bugging you, slap them aside the head with your paw (do not extend claws). They should get the message.

    Headbonks and purrs

  2. Great story Rumpy!!!!! I enjoyed listening about Bubba’s story and what he was thinking in his life! Wow! Now I feel like that I’d love to the other kitties’ stories, too! Very interesting! Thank you very much, Rumpy and Bubba!
    You and June Buggie look gorgeous! 🙂

  3. It was really nice learning more about you Bubba. We don’t hear from you often. Rumpy, thank you for talking to Bubba and letting us listen.
    Hug and licks, BJ Pup

  4. Yow Bubba it iz lubly to get to nose ya!! Ya haz such purrsonalitee!! Soundz like Miss Jen iz a grrreat Mum to ya n she makez shure ya iz comfy….bery impawtent fer us older kittehz. Me lubz how ya snugglez wif DeeDee…
    N we learned June Buggie iz ackshully named Junior…we did not nose dat 😉
    Yer quite da handsum mankcat too.
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo

  5. Hey Bubba…I think I may need some help on how to manage younger felines…I am not as senior as you I years, but is really need my purrsonal space to be respected…or else my “shadow” problem will need to go

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